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Top 5 Best Customer Feedback Tools for Spas & Salons in 2019

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to good spa and salon feedback software solutions. We help you make the right selection by detailing the main features and benefits of 5 top customer feedback tools.

Top 5 Best Customer Feedback Tools for Spas & Salons in 2019

Monday September 09, 2019,

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In this competitive digital age, it is vital for your salon or spa business to keep your customers satisfied and happy. You can achieve this by hearing and addressing their complaints as quickly as possible. Client feedback applications help to instantly capture valuable opinions and comments and are much more efficient compared to old-fashioned pen and paper feedback forms. This shows the importance of a quality customer feedback tool for spas.

Instant feedback facilitates fast decision making and you can immediately solve the customer’s concern if possible. Learn about customers’ opinions about your salon or spa utilizing a real-time customer feedback tool for salons so you can swiftly address their problems without delay. In addition, you can use the software to engage new customers and update existing ones by providing them information about the recent events and developments in your salon or spa.

Leading 5 Customer Feedback Tools for Salons and Spas

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to good salon feedback software solutions. We help you make the right selection by detailing the main features and benefits of 5 top customer feedback platforms.

1. piHappiness

piHappiness is a cloud-hosted feedback and survey system that offers capabilities such as survey management, action management, feedback management, customer segmentation, trend analysis, sentiment analysis, real-time notifications, and others. This application presents emoticons you can use to assess consumers’ happiness levels and it shows NPS (Net Promoter Score) in a central dashboard. It also permits you to define and adjust service reasons and segments behind user feedback.

With the Customer Demographic feature, you can capture and store user data like name, gender, age, phone number, and email address. The software can be accessed from any place using Android and iOS devices, and also offers custom analytics and reporting tools. You can opt for an annual or monthly subscription and the vendor provides support via web FAQs and email.

2. InMoment

InMoment is a salon feedback app that collects customer opinions and comments in both unstructured and structured formats to assist businesses to enhance the overall consumer experience. The program leverages text analytics to assess consumer information in the form of recommendations, comments, feedback, and surveys. It filters pertinent info and gives you real-time insights on your customers.

InMoment uses sophisticated listening techniques to obtain high-quality information. You can incorporate this valuable data into your salon’s customer experience plans and make them available across your business. This ensures your different teams get the specific info they require to improve.

3. Try Chameleon

Try Chameleon is a reliable customer feedback tool for spas that consolidates elements like data management, marketing efforts, and campaign management in a single system. The key aspect of this software is adaptive consumer experience. It offers email marketing tools and real-time customized messaging that are sent to the customer during an interaction. The goal is to deliver targeted experiences to the user while minimizing missed opportunities for marketing to them.

In addition, Chameleon presents real-time analytics to boost the productivity of business teams and enables them to optimize the customer experience.

4. Crownpeak Digital Experience Management

This is an established customer feedback tool for salons whose most interesting feature is quality management. The functionality does the work of a quality governance and control team within the system. It helps you deliver a consistent digital consumer experience on all your channels.

You can select the frequency of checking elements like violations, misspellings, broken links, SEO, compliance, and others. Apart from the pre-made checkpoints, you can also produce custom checkpoints to improve quality control. By providing a uniform and consistent digital experience on all channels you can enhance the consumer experience.

5. Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager provides a slew of features to help you deliver personalized experiences to all your customers. The software leverages data, machine learning, and AI to assist you to identify customer preferences and offer content relevant to those preferences. You can use functions like smart crop, smart imaging, and smart tags to create content according to each user’s viewing traits.

Adobe Experience Manager also presents a hybrid CMS which permits you to gather your content in a central platform, optimize it, and provide it across multiple channels. The benefit is you can deliver a seamless experience to your users as they shift between channels.