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Top 5 Best Customer Satisfaction Software in 2019

Customer Satisfaction Software have become a crucial asset for every business to evaluate if their customers had a good experience and left satisfied. Here are the top 5 customer satisfaction software of 2019 that you can leverage to improve your customer satisfaction.

Top 5 Best Customer Satisfaction Software in 2019

Monday September 09, 2019,

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Enabling a healthy relationship with the customers is what all businesses thrive for. It has always been necessary to satisfy your customers for running a good business to churn out profits. The main ideology of every enterprise is serving the customers and making sure they get what they want. This is why customer satisfaction software have become a crucial asset for every business to evaluate if their customers had a good experience and left satisfied.

By gauging customer satisfaction, enterprises can evaluate the feedback and find out the areas they need improvement in, and work on them. Quantifying your customers’ satisfaction has become an important practice to improve your capabilities and scale up your business. Using a customer satisfaction app, this can be done with a lot more convenience than traditional methods.

Here are the Top 5 Customer Satisfaction Software of 2019 that you can leverage to improve your customer satisfaction:


piHappiness has established industry standards for capturing customer feedback and using it to improve customer satisfaction. Offering many distinctive features like multi-lingual support, multi-channel support, compatibility with SaaS, Android, and OS, and much more, piHappiness’ customer satisfaction software leaves no leaf unturned in analyzing a customer's journey.

Robust analytics, complaint monitoring, real-time feedback, and many more features offered by piHappiness ensures that your customer satisfaction is high. Distinguishing customer demographics is also a prominent feature that helps your business cater to all kinds of customers efficiently. Simple to install, easy to use, and value for money pricing, this customer satisfaction software is one of the best choices for your business in the marketplace.

piHappiness incorporates all the features you could ask for and more in its customer satisfaction software and helps your business improve its customer satisfaction significantly.

Spark Chart

Spark Chart is a full package, that helps in not only evaluating customer satisfaction, but also many other verticals of a customer’s journey. This customer feedback software is compatible with SaaS systems, and provides 360° monitoring of feedback for the users. Moreover, Spark Chart’s customer satisfaction app closely monitors complaints, analyzes reports from customer feedback, and provides a 360° feedback to the businesses about the areas they need immediate improvements in.


Flexible and powerful, Zendesk’s customer satisfaction software has been a prominent player in the industry for a while now. The software has the ability to collect customer feedback through its integrated customer feedback app, and helps in calculating customer satisfaction score as accurately as a software can. Additionally, the software also has many attractive features like complaint monitoring, survey management, call reporting, and much more. With real-time feedback, the users get an advantage of leveraging the live feedback from the customers and improving heeding to their complaints to improve their satisfaction.


Tidio has established itself as one of the best cloud-based live chatting customer feedback software. Tidio’s customer feedback app allows you to chat with your customers live and get feedback and suggestions that you can take care of instantly to improve customer satisfaction.

The app is compatible with Saas, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices, and also offers the users a free trial version with all functions to test out its effectiveness. This software is particularly suitable for eCommerce enterprises, so they can interact with their customers engaging from different cities or countries online.

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is one of the most prominent figures in the customer survey and customer satisfaction software industry. Used by many huge enterprises, the software offers its users with many features like data analytics tools, offline response collection, survey management, feedback collection, 360° feedback, generating NPS, and much more.

The software has multi-channel support, and comes with various variants for enterprises and businesses to choose from, each of which provide specific features to the users. Although a bit expensive, Zonka’s customer satisfaction software makes sure your investment is rewarded with smooth functioning, plethora of features, and detailed analytics to help you improve in the areas your enterprise might be lacking in.