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Top 5 Cloud Hosting Service Providers in 2019

A list of small cloud hosting companies. You must take a look before buying one.

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Service Providers in 2019

Friday June 28, 2019,

5 min Read

cloud hosting service providers 2019

Want to buy cloud hosting to run your online business?

Finding a cloud hosting is little bit hard due to high range of service providers. All service providers offers high uptime guarantee but most of them are failed in many cases. Basically proceeding a cloud hosting plan to run a website is one of the hardest decisions for entrepreneurs. You need to know almost maximum entrepreneurs prioritize cloud hosting service to handle their online platforms.

Learn How does cloud hosting work

As per the industry experts, cloud hosting is considered better hosting solution in the bunch of hosting plans. Here you can take a look on best 5 cloud hosting companies.

#1 Hostnetindia Web Hosting Company



This web hosting company provides powerful cloud based solutions to the business owners. That cloud hosting is supported by endless (27*7) technical support services. This technical support team contains highly effective and well-trained experts which are accountable to provide the right solution to boost up the cloud performance. Hostnetindia was established in 2006 and since then this web host is continuously increasing brand images and a strong relationship with clients. More than 12 years’ experience helps the hostnetindia to understand the clients’ requirements and appropriate solution.

Mainly, hostnetindia offers managed and unmanaged cloud hosting plans along with free SSL Certificate and free domain. Buying cloud web hosting is a good deal because you get such free assets. Entrepreneurs prefer cloud hosting as per their product, Linux and Windows and what software they are running.

Main Website -

Main Products – Linux cloud, windows cloud, cPanel cloud, repaid deploy cloud, VPS hosting, dedicated server and SSL Certificate.

Established year – 2006

Contact Details:– +91-637679270

#2 Esteem host


This web hosting company offers cloud based web hosting to the clients. Esteem host headquarter is located in Jaipur city and this web host providing domain registration, web hosting and SSL certificate along with cloud hosting service to worldwide clients. Esteem host dream is to become top list providers in the country. But this company founders know so well that they cannot achieve this goal without offering high performance cloud hosting service. This web host is accountable for technical support and managed services.

Well if you get the advantage from this company you need to visit the official website or directly contact their sales department.

Main Website -

Main Products – Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server and domain registration

Established year – 2011

Contact Details - 91-7357-228899

#3 Server.firm

Today all entrepreneurs are experiencing a term “struggle” and the founders of server.firm know this it well so they are emphasizing on the product quality and client satisfaction. Mainly cloud based hosting is the essential product of but this web host is also contributing reseller hosting, domain and security products like SSL.

This company has a team of having Cisco and Microsoft certificates and experienced more than a decade. Such team has been delivering scalable products and increasing their brand awareness.

Contacting to is not hard only you have to visit the official website given below and dial a number.

Main Website -

Main Products – VPS hosting, dedicated server, domain name, SSL certificate

Established year - 2013

Contact Details - +91-9654016484

#4 Serverwala

Serverwala is fast growing datacenter located in Jaipur city. Serverwala has built a long and strong relationship between clients. This web hosting company offers cloud hosting solution with necessary features along with essential tools that are used to handle cloud infrastructure. In addition, serverwala provides fully technical support that includes the right solution for every issue. Moreover this hosting firm believes on the quality of products and their usability.

Well trained team always accountable to manage the large range of clients. Click on this link and visit the official website.

Main Website -

Main Products – Cloud Hosting, domain name, SSL certificate VPS hosting and dedicated server,

Established year - 2016

Contact Details - +91 9772222179

#5 Itmonteur

If you have taken decision of obtaining a cloud hosting solution then you cannot avoid this web hosting company. This web host one of the oldest but emerging service provider in the industry. This itmonteur offers complete solution such as cloud hosting, web hosting, SSL certificate, domain registration, and web design and web development service.

Just like other companies, this web host also contains skilled staff that always responsible for trustable service and client satisfaction. If you need to acquire cloud solutions from here than you have to visit official website.

Main Website -

Main Products – Cloud Hosting, domain name, SSL certificate VPS hosting and dedicated server, web hosting, web development

Established year - 2008

Contact Details - +91-9582907788

Conclusion – When you find service provider then gradually explore their website to know the all thing. Don't close the browser without reading legal terms and policy. Read carefully backup and refund policy and start healthy discussion with sales agent.