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Top 5 Event Marketing Startups

Top 5 Event Marketing Startups

Thursday July 18, 2019,

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Engaging event tool is the boon companion for the event organizer to generate the highest revenue and top engagement rate. Brand expansion, event awareness, and product promotion are the trickiest parts of event marketing & promotion. Whether your event date is coming soon, or the date is far away, it is always suggested to develop the promotional strategy for your event immediately. The following are the event marketing Startup Software built with the latest technology that may lead you to rethink on your event promotion activity.

Top New Event Marketing Software

Event list software in IPAD

1 EventTitans

EventTitans owns the powerful and flexible event marketing tools to reach the target audience on digital media, i.e. the platform connects with your prospects through popular digital channels such as social platforms and email marketing platforms. The experts of EventTitans have dished the key marketing insights through their exclusive event product, Event Analytics. The marketing tools of EventTitans is automated everywhere, thus opening the doors for a convertible communication of your event.

2 Bizzabo

Bizzabo is the well-known event marketing point that offering easily customizable editor and allows publishing the event on the target landing page, assists ticket sales and registrations, and connects with event involved stakeholders from the back end. Bizzabo meant to fill the end-to-end event marketing requisites that your event desires.

3 DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch delivers simplified event apps that eliminate complexity to create and manage the event through the app and subscribing to the DoubleDucth event app is considered as the productive step to generate an event for modern event organizers. A simple, user-friendly and engaging event experience is acquired by creating an event on DoubleDutch app.

4 Spingo

Spingo is the marketing and ticket selling website empowered with event promotion solutions. The platform acts like an event search engine that includes user-submitted event content and event specialist’s information. Spingo asks event inputs and publish the event(s) on your website and then builds a robust and flexible event database that immensely helps in exposure and discoverability.

5 Event Farm

EventFarm Team works on in-person meeting setup and management and they build the event management software by considering the event planners to create memorable event experiences. They call the event planners to start marketing on their first call in terms of event promotion and branding. EventFarm enables to manage the attendees and make quantifiable experiences. 

Consider the above list when a promotional plan is needed for your upcoming event. Happy Promoting Event!