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Top 5 Startups in Gurgaon

Top 5 Startups in Gurgaon

Tuesday March 26, 2019,

3 min Read

Gurgaon, the city of skyscrapers is feeling the temperature rising with numerous startups coming up. Gurgaon has got all the amenities that are required to come up as a startup consultant. Along with other cities, Gurgaon has helped India become the third largest startups hotspot in the world. We studied some of the startups in Gurgaon and here are top 5 companies in the startup category that we have shortlisted for you:


Through FITSO you can connect to the people who are fitness freaks . Not just connect socially, the platform also provided opportunities to the people to participate in many contest and win exciting prices. It also helps in getting coach for personal fitness regime.

The company was founded in the year 2015; this received a push after getting funding of about $20000 in the year 2017 by several renowned names of the entrepreneurial world.


Staqu Technologies Pvt. Ltd is like a fashion consultant app that helps in searching products by capturing the image, shows comparable products, and lets you know about deals and offers. It is based on Artificial Intelligence. It makes use of the image related data as a lot of data on the internet is in the form of image.


It’s a website that is engaged in making good quality healthy breakfast and salads and most of the other food, at an affordable rate. The presentation is catchy and the details are presented along with pictures and preparation methods.

It delivers food to all locations in Gurgaon and delivers free above the order of INR 200. Frsh has gathered popularity through the working population in Gurgaon who have no time to cook at home.


One of the products of One97 is Paytm which is something each and every Indian is aware of and also uses. Today Paytm has gathered about 80 percent of the m-commerce control in India. There are other brands that are coming up but the way Paytm has captured the market, it look like to play monopoly for a long time as of now.


If you want to get some household service without stepping out and searching for service then this is the right place you must be coming to. UrbanClap is application is available on internet and can easily be downloaded.

The platform offers trustee verified professionals from different categories that are going to get you the day to day services with just one click. You can get salon services at home or get your fan serviced as Ayushman Khurran says.

Through UrbanClap a lot of people have got opportunity to enhance their business and get in touch with their customers through UrbanClap. It has generated employment in many cities through its hiring process.

Gurgaon provides great startup opportunity. People in search of having their own company try to go to Gurgaon as the life there is faster and the entrepreneur skills get better exposure. The business hubs are helping in shaping up these young minds that are enthusiastic about business and commerce.

In this regard startup consultants in Gurgaon can also be a good business opportunity. If you have required industry experience and expertise then you can set yourself up as business consultant.