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Top 5 Tips to Brand your Dream Startup in 2019 - Don't Miss

Top 5 Tips to Brand your Dream Startup in 2019 - Don't Miss

Thursday August 01, 2019,

4 min Read

While there aren’t any inhibitions while you are creating a start-up from scratch since your heart thumps at each step of the way. But the anticipation of what lies ahead can induce anxiety, this is unavoidable if you are looking for the future. So, you’d need to strategize or at least find plausible tactics that will strengthen your brand.

With the obvious saturation of start-ups in modern markets, your brand needs to be standing on a strong foundation and to do that, you can follow these 5 tips below.

Here's What you can do for Brand Development:

  • Regular audit visits to track brand consistency:

Your brand development might be continual, but tracking the progression should be out of compulsion. Forming a habit of checking brand audit, at regularized intervals keeps you updated with your brand consistency. A visit per six months or once annually should suffice.

This is essentially an internal process which will ascertain the progression recorded and will help you align your business as you see fit. But being serious about the report should cumulatively affect your integration, helping your brand grow holistically. These reports will be the reflection that will help you strategize further and introspect the things you’ve missed out formerly.

  • Every Brand Has a Story:

A great product is not a great story, which is why it can’t be an inspiring pitch for sales. There should be something appealing which can place the brand within the proximity of everyone’s attention. So, tell your customers a story they’ll remember. Use that to build a context, strong enough to work as a pitch for brand awareness and problems that it can solve for people in its ensuing years. Give them a reason to think, but it mustn’t sound like an exaggeration.

The story is to provide accessibility, not to invigorate a sense of exclusion. Your brand should be able to start conversations between human beings, it should sell while banking on the emotion it harbors amongst hearts.

  • Creating Your Brand Environment:

The fundamentals of visuals must contain typography, logo, and colors that will help the brand play in its creative sandbox. The key to building a branded visual, lie witha small start which eventually might erupt as the brand progresses. Regardless of the magnitude, your business operates on, the brand guide should curate a comprehensive visual that exudes the brand, starting from the photo you select to the newsletters designed.

It should always stick out from the convention and be easily recognizable at the same time. Always be at par with your goals, and be sure to use color schemes, themes et al which will create brand individuality.

  • Maintaining Consistency:

When it comes to maintaining consistency, the story always needs to stay constant, so that a customer skimming through your brand portfolio finds a resemblance to your overall aesthetics and recognize it without putting much effort. Marketing, which is followed by good content is also a part of your structure. It lets you scale with long-term campaigns and marketing tools. But marketing is easier on foundations that have already been laid, like varied ranges of designs, actionable guidelines and on-brand marketing texts.

  • Maintaining Transparency:

You must acknowledge first, and as a brand, it is one of the most fundamental things that you should head out with. While mistakes are only human, you must have a preemptive outline to tackle them as well. Your brand can be at the highest point but one slip can denigrate your success. But to be able to recover would require expert PR tactics and management skills to start over again. Ignoring, suppressing and avoiding the issue will only funnel trouble for your brand, which is why some brands fail to recover. Vanity can be marketed but not when it creates a negative impact. Your brand can be anything but condescending.


It is very easy to grab attention when you are starting out. So, shape your brand, but with a system that has all the fundamentals covered from marketing to maintaining brand visibility. There will be struggles but your success will also be in that struggle if you can incorporate it into your brand story. The power, either way, is in your hands as well as the ones getting affected by your brand.