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Top 5 Unique Low Investment Business Ideas to Start in 2019

Top 5 Unique Low Investment Business Ideas to Start in 2019

Thursday May 09, 2019,

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You want to start your own business but you do not know yet in which sector of activity? This choice is quite difficult, we grant you. Especially since some environments are very competitive. The business plan is a central document in all business creation projects.

It has two main objectives, to establish the feasibility of a project by projecting to 3 or even 5 years the future strategy of the company and present the project clearly too all the partners related to the assembly. In other words, this document must be done with precision and rigor.

If it is now rather easy to develop and promote an activity on the internet, it is still necessary to find the right product or service to sell. Fortunately, the year 2019 opens up new trends, allowing new needs to emerge.

Here Are 5 Business Ideas That Could Quickly Become Profitable.

1. Virtual reality

The augmented reality market is expected to exceed $ 40 billion by 2020. As much as you can tell, there is work going on! Companies in this sector seek to offer ever more efficient products to immerse users in an immersive experience as realistic as possible.

The uses of augmented reality cover many areas:

  • Cinema with the appearance of 3D movies
  • Real estate agencies offer their customers to visit their future home or apartment in RV
  • E-commerce where it is possible to try products in VR
  • Video games

This technology with future and innovations continues to emerge. It's up to you to bring your ideas and knowledge.

2. Mealworm Farming

For 2019, three basic trends will punctuate the creation of startups, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain. But these ideas are not everything. For the success of your startup, you have to put the right ingredients in terms of execution, team and resources with out of the box ideas. Mealworm farming becomes that kind of an option.

In view of current world growth, insect farming is increasingly seen as an alternative to farmed meat to provide the world with protein. Indeed raising our 6-legged friends has many advantages. You can refer websites like Atbuz.com to read more about it.

  • The amount of protein of 1kg of worms is identical to that of 1kg of beef
  • They are rich in iron
  • They offer more B12 vitamins than an egg
  • They have the same amino acid profile as tofu
  • They contain more fiber than broccoli
  • They are simple to digest: fast and effective assimilation.

3. Teaching

If you are an expert in a field why not share your knowledge? From the youngest to the most mature, many people are looking to diversify their skills. Developing your business in this sector is relatively simple and requires little investment.

You can start by creating an e-learning site to offer your training online. By developing subscriptions and regularly expanding your training panel your business will quickly become profitable.

4. Translation

Companies have understood the importance of being visible on the web to attract new customers. Moreover, to increase their sales some do not hesitate to develop their international presence.

This internationalization, however, requires adequate communication. The content often needs to be translated into English, but also into German, Spanish or Italian. aIn short, requests for translation are exploding! If you have a good command of a second language, do not hesitate to offer your services.

Again the development of your business will require little investment. Create a site and promote your activity on social networks, or go companies.

5. Social Networks

Social networks form a privileged communication channel for many companies. These platforms are also the best way to keep in touch with their customers.

The problem? Developing a loyal and engaged community is not as simple as it sounds. This is time consuming work and the intervention of experts in social networking management is increasingly required.

Do you have a business idea and you want to embark on the adventure of creation? To take the plunge, you first need to test your motivation. A business creation project feeds on a day-to-day basis in the course of meetings and remarks by one or the other, relatives, colleagues, other project leaders, potential suppliers, etc.

It is thus frequent that between the first sketch of idea and the final project, things have evolved enormously! Indeed, opening a business is investing time and money without any assurance of success!