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Top 5 Ways to Market your Print Magazine Content online

Top 5 Ways to Market your Print Magazine Content online

Monday September 24, 2018,

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Your Print Magazine Content online
Your Print Magazine Content online

You have published an awesome print magazine with catchy titles, attractive images and well-written articles. Now what? How will you reach the millions of people over the internet? In this digital era it is very important to market your product well to reach the potential customers. Modern marketers are coming up with new marketing techniques as content consumption has evolved immensely over the years. This is the perfect opportunity for you to boost the growth of your print magazine and close more sales.

Here are the top 5 ways to market your print magazine content online.

1.    Start by sending it out for free.

I might sound crazy to you here. But distributing free copies of your print magazine to the target audience has its own perks. Sending rich, quality content out for free will allow you to build a user base and find organizations interested in your niche. Once the user base is formed, you can send them more valuable content for reasonable pricing plans. A valuable, feature-rich and informative content is loved by one and all. Just make sure that your content is catchy enough to attract the audience and make them like your brand.

2.    Email marketing with an added ‘E’lement.

Email marketing is one of the most evergreen marketing methods. It targets the exact audience interested in your niche and provides instant benefits. Add Emotions to it (a bit of personal touch for each customer) and rise above your competitors. It will help you make the perspective of your brand friendly. For example, offer your existing customers some exclusive discounts and coupons. You can categorize you email marketing list into potential customers, new customers and existing customers to formulate the emails accordingly. It is a considerable idea to greet your new customers with a welcome mail.

3.    Advertise your content.

Another evergreen marketing method is advertising. Modern marketers prefer displaying online ads in addition to the traditional methods like cards’ distribution and flyers. You can also make a whole new website about your magazine to tell the audience what you stand for and what your brand is all about. Along with displaying stuff on your website, you can consider buying advertising space on other blogs which are often approached by your audience.

4.    Conduct promotional events to tackle the boring marketing strategies.

Promotional events are quite useful as the modern audience is looking for new ways to connect to their favorite brands. Land on their expectations and entertain them by conducting promotional events. The events can have any theme. For example, you can organize a fan fest or organize one for a specific week celebration. You can attract more people by distributing free stuff (like your own merch) in the events.

5.    Expand your reach.

Connect with people interested in the same niche as yours through the social media platforms. It gives your existing customers an easy way to offer a feedback and expands your reach to millions of new potential customer. Choosing the right platform is very important too. For example, if your print magazine content is about tourism, it might be a better idea to get connected through Instagram instead of Facebook or Twitter. You can engage the audience with amazing captions and more astonishing pictures from all over the world.

 If you have a desire to reach millions of new customers or start engaging with the existing ones, then you need to follow these creative marketing methods. This is your time. Gear up and go! Let us know which one of these 5 ways you found the most helpful for your print magazine content in the comments below.