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Top 7 Reasons Why New Bloggers Fail in their Career- Don’t be one of them

Top 7 Reasons Why New Bloggers Fail in their Career-  Don’t be one of them

Tuesday August 27, 2019,

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Remember the phase when we all decided to become a blogger to live a king-size life at a time, but things didn’t go well. Right? We all go through a phase when we think that blogging is cool and we start planning how we can lead our blogging career but as the time passes, things start to fade away and only a few can reach the finishing line.

Have you ever thought what could be the reason? Well, here we bring you the 7 reasons why new bloggers fail in their blogging careers and how to not be one of them:

1-  Not being passionate

You decided to opt for blogging because your favorite blogger did so or are just one of them who wanted to go with the trend of blogging? How can you expect to become a blogger if you aren’t passionate about something you are working on?

Always remember that blogging is all about passion and it is the vital element for a blogger to become successful. Your passion helps you to develop a strong affection towards your career and if blogging is not a part of your passion, then this might be the reason why you could fail as a blogger.



2-  Always thinks about the profit

“When will I earn?”  “How much will I earn?”, “I am earning so little”. These are some of the reasons why you failed as a blogger. You are running after money. When you don’t get the money out of it, you start criticizing the field. But, this is not how things work.

 It’s not a bad thing to be money-minded but not everything is about earning. When you take blogging just as a source of money, this is when you fail as a blogger. There might be times when you won’t get a single penny out of blogging but you have to keep doing things by all your heart and soul and it shall surely pay you back someday.


3- Not being creative                        

You are writing and posting and then, there comes a time when it becomes a daily routine norm. It seems like you are doing it as a regular work schedule and getting disappointed daily because you are not getting traffic and engagement through blogging.

 Your audience always expects something fresh from you and not providing creative and new ideas is a wrong turn in blogging. Make sure to keep the grip of new creativity and strategies to grab audience attention. Losing the creativity charm in your blogging is one of the basic reasons why you might fail as a blogger.


4-No patience

“When will this blog post rank?” “It’s been a month, why hasn’t it ranked yet”? “How much time is this going to take?” If you are not patient then, it is impossible to become a blogger. It takes days and nights to achieve success and when you want all in a quick period, this is when you fail as a blogger.

Blogging is not about getting success overnight or expecting quick results. It is more about giving your hundred percent and not expecting even 50 out of it in the beginning. We do agree that success is the only aim in blogging but expecting it, in the beginning, is not a good concept to go on.


5- Scared of Criticism and Harsh Comments

“What if the result doesn’t go according to the planning?” “What if people laugh on it?” What if I won’t be able to make it?” Being terrified of criticism is the reason why you might fail as a blogger. You are so much anxious with the possible negative outcomes that at the end you prefer, not to even publish the blog.  

Remember, no matter what there will always be people who will never stop to criticize others. People have different perspectives; some might like your blog some won’t. Just because of a few peeps, quitting blogging is not an option. You must know how to deal with the negative feedbacks.


6- Not providing Valuable Content

Whether it is about running out of topics or providing contents that are not- useful to your target audience, both are equal to “waste content”. Your audience needs blogs which can provide benefit to them and if the content isn’t based on their interests, then this might be the reason why you fail as a blogger.

Make sure that your content be interesting and related to the niche audience. Also, do provide logical and beneficial information in your content. The more knowledge your audience gets to gain, the more they will be engaged with your blogging.


7-  Not focusing on SEO

You could be following all the above steps but still, your content isn’t ranking? Then what’s wrong? It might be because you aren’t focusing on search engine optimization. Your blogging content doesn’t have the right keywords and this might be one of the reasons why you might fail as a blogger.

Search engine optimization is a vital module in Digital Marketing Course which helps you to rank your content on Google SERP. Doing SEO will help you to find the right keywords according to your niche with the right strategies and implementations. This will also help you to improve your blogging visibility.

Hope this article helps you enough to restart your career in blogging.