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Top 9 Recruitment Skills Every Recruiter Must Have

Top 9 Recruitment Skills Every Recruiter Must Have

Friday March 08, 2019,

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It is really important to have some great skills that will make you an awesome recruiter. As a recruiter, you have to hire the best talent to help you grow your business. It’s not easy to be a recruiter and hire the right fit in this competitive market. So, always adopt some new set of skills that will grow your knowledge and help you become the best recruiter.

Top 9 recruitment skills

Top 9 recruitment skills

Let’s find out what are the top recruitment skills which will help you to do your job perfectly:

1. Communication Skills: It is really important for recruiters because it will help them to recruit the best talent. As a recruiter, you have to communicate with candidates over the phone, email, and messages, etc., so it is essential for you to possess excellent communication skills.

2. Confidence: When you have to hire someone for an open position, you need to be more confident about that position. It is must to have a little bit knowledge of that position so that you can be more confident in the interview. Recruiters have to be more confident with their skills in front of the candidate.

3. Team Player: Being a team player is good for everyone, but for recruiters, it is a must. Do you know why it’s important for recruiters to be a team player? Because as a recruiter, you have to hire candidates for different positions so it will be beneficial for you. Whenever you have any vacancy in your office, you can learn more about its job profile, skills required from your employees, and you can ask them for referrals. So it’s always good to be a team player.

4. Marketing Skills: Filling up the job positions with the right skills has become a difficult task in this competitive market. Because sometimes you do not get the right resume with the right skills. Thus, it’s very important to have some marketing skills so that you know how to attract the right talent and fill up the open position asap.

5. Relationship Building: Relationship building is perfect for you whether it is with companies or with candidates. Sometimes you are not able to hire good candidates, but if you create a good relationship with those candidates they stay in your talent pipeline, and you can ask them next time or for their referrals. Whenever you deal with any company or any candidate, try to create a good relationship with them. Be in touch with them frequently.

6. Multitasking Skills: Filling up a job position is quite a lengthy process as it starts from posting a job to onboarding. During this process, there are many tasks you might have to do on your own. For example, when you post a job opening on job boards or social media, you start getting resumes, and you have to filter all the resumes with the right skills. This process goes on.  You should have the ability to perform multiple task to get the right talent.

7. Time Management Skills: Time management is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. But for a recruiter managing time with all the task is difficult. So, it is always good to set all day schedule with all the tasks. Sometimes you have to fill up positions on an urgent basis. So, set your time accordingly and make a plan.

8. Listening Skills: I have experienced this thing that everyone does not have listening skill. But honestly, everyone needs to have this skill. It is must to have the listening skill for recruiters because they have to deal with companies and candidates daily. Recruiters need to listen to the companies' requirements, and for filling up the position, it is essential to listen to the candidates with attention.

9. Patience: If you want to be an excellent recruiter, you must have a lot of patience. As you have to fill up the position with the same skill set, it is not possible that you get the right candidate. So you have to be patient until you get the right one.

You can follow these steps to be an awesome recruiter and hire the best talent. Also one can follow communities which are available only for recruiters to share queries, required skills, and other knowledge based discussions. Share your views about top recruitment skills. Drop a line below.