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Top 15 AI and Machine Learning Development Companies in USA To Watch in 2020

Top 15 AI and Machine Learning Development Companies in USA To Watch in 2020

Wednesday August 07, 2019,

13 min Read

Top 15 AI and Machine Learning Development Companies in USA To Watch in 2019

From iOS and Microsoft to Google and Amazon, every big tech firm is dedicating resources for the quantum leaps in Artificial Intelligence. Starting from the personal assistant like Siri and Alexa had made Artificial Intelligence a vital part of our day-to-day life. At the same time, the behemoth breakthrough like self-driven cars may not be the touchstone but are certainly within the reach.

In the present scenarios, the big guys scramble to imbibe their products with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, while many other companies are striving hard to craft their place in the list of top 15 AI and ML development companies in the USA.

However, in the last few months, many of the best AI/ML development companies in the USA cemented their footsteps in the digital landscape. And, to choose the best development team in the USA, is to make sure you hire the best Artificial Intelligence/machine learning developers in the USA. And, with the ever-increasing competition, it becomes a bottleneck for startups and entrepreneurs to pick the right choice for the success of their projects.

So, I have pocketed some important features in this blog to help you go down the line and hire the best AI/ML company in the USA. The list goes on:

  • Tried-&-Tested Track Record

  • Website Reviews

  • Technical Expertise

  • Experience

  • Varied Portfolio
Here is the list of best AL/Machine Learning development companies in USA | 2020:

1.Xicom (An Excerpt For The Best Artificial Intelligence Company In The USA)


Establishment : 2002

Pricing : $25-50/hr

Employees : 350+

Location : USA, India

If you are in the quest of searching for the best Artificial Intelligence development companies in the USA, Xicom is the one you are looking for. This is known as the excerpt for emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT and many more to the list, with the main focus to “Inspire The Next”.

Their service to hire the best AI developers make them the top choice among the global clients from the last 18 years. Their dedicated team of 350+ professionals dwells with an enriched technical experience of the web, hybrid, and mobile app development solutions. It has served from startups, medium - size, to the companies of the same or big size.

Moreover, Xicom is NASSCOM & STPI accredited and has been rated no.1 on Elance for 10 years. Their dedicated team and innovative methodology path it to the top among the other options with an excellent track record.

Services: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Web app development, mobile app development (iOS, Android), cross platform development, ASP.NET development, PHP development, Big Data & analytics, cloud computing.

2.Prolitus (Reliable Choice Among The Top Machine Learning Companies in the USA)


Establishment : 2005

Pricing : $125-149/hr

Employees : 250+

Location : India, USA

Prolitus Technologies is a ten year old strong IT company that turns up as a dynamic choice in the best AI & Ml development company in the USA, having served almost all types of industries. The company overcomes every challenge that comes before it and provides top-notch solutions delivering the unforgettable user experience.

Having more than 200 seasoned techno-geeks allows this company to provide satisfactory and scalable solutions giving clients the utmost satisfaction. The company aim to become an entity that helps transform business through leading-edge technologies with continuous investment in R&D to stay ahead of the curve.

Offering industry-oriented artificial intelligence solutions, they help startups and SMEs in automating processes and utilize the best from machine learning tools.

Services: Artificial Intelligence solutions, Machine Learning solutions, Blockchain development, E-commerce platforms, cloud solutions.

3.Endive Software (Among The List Of Top Artificial Intelligence Companies In The USA)


Establishment : 2008

Pricing : $75-90/hr

Employees : 80+

Location : USA, India

Endive Software is the finest example of professionalism, expertise, and dedication, that makes in the list of the best AI/ML development company in the USA. It is a considerable potential business service provider. It's quality services bespoke to skyrocket and give clients the utmost satisfaction.

Its renowned team of adroit professionals has achieved expertise in emerging innovative technologies. The company ticks the boxes of all the business-specific needs for a diversified spectrum of companies. Their dedication and professionalism have built the timeless foundation making them one of the best choices in the technical industry. Their input defines their solution for every enterprise specific needs.

Services: Artificial intelligence, mobile and web app development, salesforce integration.

4.Focaloids Technologies (The Trusted Choice For The Best Machine Learning Companies in the USA)


Establishment : 2012

Pricing : $125-149/hr

Employees : 100+

Location : India, USA

This is more of a digital solution that provides the company the focus required to develop value-added technology solutions with alluring designs. Often, their service addresses enterprise solutions that focus on building reliable, entrusted, and cost-effective solutions. Since, their inception they have been empowering brands from the different verticals of industry.

They provide the best to hire AI/machine learning developers in the USA to help your business grow, transform, and achieve the business objective. Broadly, their service include mobile & web platform solutions, enterprise solutions, and many more added in the list. So grow, transform, and achieve your business objective with Focaloids.

Services: Machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud development, cross-platform development.

5.Unicsoft (The Excerpt For Artificial Intelligence Company In The USA)


Establishment : 2005

Pricing : $125-149/hr

Employees : 200+

Location : USA

Unicsoft is a blockchain and AI/machine learning development company in the regions of the USA with 12 years of international market experience. Their team helped more than 70 companies to meet their IT requirements seamlessly. Their dedicated team proffers affordable yet reliable solutions in time and within budgets.

Their techno wizards can easily analyze the data and get reliable insights coming with a single click. Moreover, their team act as your caring partner for web and mobile application development process. Whether you are looking for technical consultation, product support and maintenance, or making a difference in the digital vision, look no further than Unicsoft.

Services: Artificial Intelligence, Technical consulting, UI/UX design and consulting, software product delivery, product IT support and maintenance.

6.CloudeDots (Among The Top Choice For The Best Artificial Intelligence Company)


Establishment : 2018

Pricing : $125-149/hr

Employees : 50+

Location: India, USA

Do you need Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Apps solution?

Rely on Cloudedots to customize your idea into a reality with avant-garde digital solutions for AI, IoT, Cross-platform apps.

Cloudedots benchmarked as the best AI / Machine Learning companies in the USA providing cross-platform and native web apps, mobile app development, software applications and Internet of Things (IoT) services. The company team's expertise in the ability to make your idea into a dynamic reality.

The company aspires to help your business make sky-high profits with their excellent user interface, bug-free, intuitive designs, leading-edge, better scalable and simple maintainable technology and tools with expertise.

Services: Artificial Intelligence, mobile and web app development, IoT, UI/UX design

7.QBurst  (Known As The Best Artificial Intelligence Company In The USA)


Establishment : 2004

Pricing : $125-149/hr

Employees : 250+

Location : USA, India

QBurst - The best artificial intelligence development company in the USA, is known to provide unparalleled web and app services and consultation. It’s well-known for building mobile and web applications with experience in Artificial technologies and emerging technologies.

The company inculcates more than 850 employees including creative designers, experienced mobile app developers, UI/UX engineers, quality assurance proficients, and project management experts. Their full service solution provider works with clients to maximize the effectiveness of their business through the latest digital technology.

Their team aims to give the best software solutions that help its clients to harness the unscalable heights and achieve their goals in today's digitally competitive arena.

Services: Artificial intelligence, web and mobile app development, quality assurance and testing.

8.Cygnet Infotech  (One Of The Top Deep Learning Companies In The USA)


Establishment : 2000

Pricing : $50-99/hr

Employees : 200+

Location : India, USA

“In the world of Digital disruptions, they led with purposeful innovations” - that is Cygnet infotech for you. Cygnet infotech is an entrusted technology partner with a proven track record of more than 18 years and delivering more than 1400+ projects to their global clients. Cygnet experts constantly exceed client's expectations based on its expertise on comprehensive technology stacks like Cloud, Java, CMS Platform, etc and emerging technologies blended with an experience that spans diverse industries.

As a pioneer for the best deep learning development company in the USA, they lead with purposeful innovations. Their digital transformations strategies and agile business models enable clients to digitize and transform your business into high performance one.

Services: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT.

9.Cyber Infrastructure Inc (A Considerable Option Among The Best Deep Learning Companies In USA)


Establishment : 2003

Pricing : $85-100/hr

Employees : 250+

Location : USA

“We make it possible“ is what Cyber Infrastructure inc aims at. The company has established itself as a leading name for exceptional technology solutions. Their services are customized to accelerate your business to the next level, minimizing the gap between you and the heights of success you are ready to accomplish.

However, being a top-notch among the best deep learning development company in the USA, their approach, excellence, and values are offered at an affordable value makes them a considerable option. With their 14 years of experience in the digital space they are known to build a mutual beneficial and long-term relationship with their clients.

Services : Artificial intelligence, IoT, mobile app development, web app development

10.GoodWork Labs (Among The Best Deep Learning Company in the USA)


Establishment : 2013

Pricing : $75-99/hr

Employees : 50+

Location : India, USA

GoodWork labs is an avant-garde and leading software lab and design studio that gratifies with impeccable end products and solutions to clients across the globe. Their next-gen technology solutions make them mark a niche in the list of the best deep learning companies in the USA. Their experts provide cutting-edge technologies which set-up your business for potential success with advanced digital solutions.

Their proficients provide cutting-edge digital solutions to overcome the obstacles of the project development process. Their agile development methodologies make them a new-aged outsourced product development company working on the latest technologies.

Moreover, if you are looking for options to craft your project with passion and developed to perfection, this could be your right choice.

Services: Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, big data technologies, mobile app development, software development.

11.DigiPrima Technologies (Among The List Of Top AI Companies in the USA)


Establishment : 2016

Pricing : $80-99/hr

Employees : 50+

Location : India, USA

DigiPrima Technologies is a trusted partner for software solutions that helps global organizations overcome the technical challenges of digital transformations. Their experts partner you in the digital revolution, accurately where and when you need them. Their expertise to deliver unveiling and demand-satisfying software solutions make them a strategic amalgam of deep-driven research, proffering consultation services and leading engineering technologies.

Their strong belief in embracing digital transformations makes them the leading choice among the best artificial intelligence development services in the USA. Their area of expertise bespoke their services with proven track record with their reliable team of right talented professionals.

Services: IOT application development, Artificial Intelligence development

12.Iss Art (The Trusted Choice For Machine Learning Companies in the USA)


Establishment : 2003

Pricing : $125-149/hr

Employees : 50+

Location : USA

What challenges you, inspire them. ISS Art is the entrusted choice for the best machine learning development company in the USA for a computer vision solution with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to satisfy the basic needs. Their customer software developers have helped global clients across horizons to turn their ideas into realities.

Their team offers affordable, efficient, and forward-looking solutions in the industry. To meet the client’s business requirements, they prepare customized solutions to fit in your considerations accurately and precisely.

Right from serving a myriad range of global clients from manufacturing to digital startups, their expertise has been serving high-end software solutions.

Services : Machine learning, IoT, Big data & Analytics, computer vision.

13.WebTunix (Among The Best Companies For AI in The USA)


Establishment : 2003

Pricing : $125-149/hr

Employees : 50+

Location : USA

WebTunix is known to provide the perfect blend of AI technologies to make it work for your business. Their expert's savvy experience with emerging technologies makes their path to the list of the best AI / Machine Learning company in the USA.

They are one of their own kind data science consulting firm helping other AI organizations to harness the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence to make the camera super intelligent. Their professional's craft AI solutions in your business to reduce the operational cost, maximize effectiveness, grow revenue and improves the customer experience. So, to turn your digital idea in a reality, this is for you.

Services: Chatbots development, Artificial development, deep learning, machine learning, data analytics

14.DigiFutura Technologies (In The List Of Top Machine Learning Companies In The USA)


Establishment : 2014

Pricing : $125-149/hr

Employees : 80+

Location : USA

The team at DigiFutura Technologies is committed to think digital, which led them to craft the position among the best machine learning development services in the USA. They are known to deliver a fresh perspective to digital demurs at the affordable price tag. Their experts bring AI and ML methodology for diverse verticals.

Their dedicated developers ensure your idea reaches the global market and has the first movers advantage without breaking your budget. Their passion and knowledge are committed to providing clientele with the best possible solutions and services.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to accelerate your business sales, then look no further than DigiFutura Technologies.

Services: Enterprise applications, AI and ML, custom software development, web development, mobile app development.

15.Cygnis Media (The Entrusted Name For AI/ML Companies In The USA)


Establishment : 2010

Pricing : $125-149/hr

Employees : 100+

Location : USA

They are a team of proficient developers and designers with a diversified skill set and years of experience across numerous industries. They believe in creating intelligent apps that add value via technology to your business, making them one of the top choices among the best machine learning development companies in the USA.

They dwell with experience to perfectly blend modern design principles with the latest web and mobile technologies, creating tailored solutions that add values to your business and connect the customer with the right platform. Moreover, they are known to deliver affordable digital solutions for business irrespective of their size.

Services: web applications, mobile applications, machine learning & Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software.


In this blog, I have enlisted the top 15 machine learning & Artificial Intelligence development companies in the USA region. You can select the one that is perfect for your project growth and success and that too without breaking your budget.

However, now you are in a position to decide the best AI/ machine learning development companies after reading this blog.

I am abiding goodbye by saying that putting the finger on the best artificial intelligence/ML in the USA seems easy, however, you must take all these points into account, evaluate for your own good and successful business.