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Top Brewpubs In India To Celebrate Beer Festival Oktoberfest

Top Brewpubs In India To Celebrate Beer Festival Oktoberfest

Thursday September 19, 2019,

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It’s that time of the year again when people go crazy about chugging down beer mugs. All the beer lovers are onto a single mission of transforming their country into Germany for a couple of days. Oktoberfest, the most popular beer festival in the world is coming your way. And as we know it is related to one of the most popular beverages i.e. beer, everyone loves it, not just the Germans.

Now that the brewery concept is finally merging in the Indian scene, we have some of the best places to celebrate the Oktoberfest in India itself. So, are you ready to celebrate the famed beer festival with the best brewpub in India?

1.     The Brew Estate, Chandigarh

With a rustic setting, this brewpub is all ready to host you for the year’s biggest beer event. As beer is the soul of Oktoberfest, you can expect to have a full blast at The Brew Estate because they are among the leading brewpubs in India. With special blue and white lightning theme for the fest, they are completely ready to set the mood right for you.

Last year, the brewpub celebrated the Beer festival in style with lots of fun activities like spot the Brew Car, distribution of goodies, etc. With their humongous efforts, they made the Oktoberfest a reality for all the beer lovers within the region. This year, the celebrations will be doubled with lots of new activities. This year, they will add three new flavours to their craft beer range and the decorations will imitate the authentic German Oktoberfest style. In addition, the Brewpub will bring the German culture right into the city of Chandigarh during the festival.

The festivities will commence on 11th October.The food menu will be inspired by many German dishes served during Oktoberfest, and you can expect a top-class food presentation. Also, no festival is complete without good music; hence, the best artists and bands in the town will be playing for you. And if you are up for some fun,you will be excited to know that the brewpub is organizing some exciting games just for you. So, why not head to The Brew Estate this year to experience the fun for yourself?

2.     The United Sports Bar and Grill, Mumbai

Germany’s most celebrated festival is also arriving at another finest bar, The United Sports Bar, Mumbai. With brewing equipment and tanks, it is one of the best pubs in India to partyyyy! Amazing beer offers along with contests and challenges will make your day better.

You will get the true vibes of Oktoberfest at this bar and the place is itself nothing less than a paradise for Oktoberfest lovers. This year, you can spend most of your days and nights at this pub and feel the German culture of beer. Get your gang ready to chug beer mugs down your belly.

3.     The Lost Caravan, Bangalore

Now that we are talking about a bar in Bangalore, we know this even has to be more special. After all, the credit of mixing beer with Indian culture goes to the city of Bangalore.

The tremors of the Oktoberfest are already hitting us and we can’t wait to hit one of the best pubs in India during the festival. With all the beer games such as beer pong, chug the big beer, etc., The Lost Caravan is going to offer the perfect party-festival experience of Oktoberfest.After the gaming session, you can also head for their tasty German food menu along with the best craft beer in the city.

As we have mentioned before, Oktoberfest is incomplete without amazing music gigs! So, head to Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore to get all the dosage of fun and beer at a single spot.

4.     The Irish House, Mumbai

All through the month of October, The Irish House is going to offer a whole lot of beers along with German delicacies and live music. The icing on the cake will be the local band who will be joining The Irish House to give a tribute to U2 and Coldplay. The special time for beer lovers need to be celebrated with a spirit full of beer and that’s exactly what the Irish house has to offer you.

They have carefully planned every aspect of the festival and we are sure they can never go wrong with the selection of beer and its companions (the chakhna). You will get the exact ambiance like the Oktoberfest beer tents in the Mumbai at none other than The Irish House.