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Top Digital Advertising Concepts you need to catch up with today!

Top Digital Advertising Concepts

Top Digital Advertising Concepts you need to catch up with today!

Thursday April 25, 2019,

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top digital advertising concepts

Digital advertising has become more important than ever due to the increasing number of people using the Internet. Nearly half of the entire world is on the internet today. Among them, over 2.7 Billion people use social media regularly. Thus attaining knowledge about the top digital advertising concepts has become more important for businesses than ever before.

Promoting your brand on the internet isn’t easy. The Internet has various complexities and can give a sense of anxiety when you consider the scale of it. You’re leveraging the top digital advertising concepts to establish your brand presence in the midst of 1.94 billion websites- many of which are attempting to scale the same ladder as yours! Definitely that is overwhelming when you think about it.

But once you have hold of some important top digital advertising concepts, establishing your brand presence and promoting your business on the internet will no longer seem to be such a herculean task to perform.

  1. Influencer Marketing

top digital advertising concepts

Before the digital age, brands relied on celebrity advertisements to push their popularity and gain customers. TV ads involving celebrities were among the top digital advertising concepts back in the day. In today’s internet-fueled worth, that tactic is no longer enough to establish a brand presence.

Let’s suppose you owned a restaurant in Delhi 10 years ago. To become popular in the city, you may have had to hire an advertising agency in Delhi to set up billboards across the roads and streets to promote your business. Now if you happened to own a restaurant in the city today, all you’d need is a digital marketing company in Delhi that can use influencer marketing along with other top digital advertising concepts to drive customers towards your place.

So what is influencer marketing? It is one of the top digital advertising concepts involved with application of strategies through which a brand indirectly targets their prospective customers by making their products/services appealing to influencers (everyone and anyone who is popular on the internet/social media platforms and has established their presence through social media likes/subscribers/followers/views).

Influencer marketing is different from the old top digital advertising concepts such as hiring celebrities as brand ambassadors. Celebrities only endorse a brand in exchange for money, whereas influencers do so because it’s their work and lifestyle itself. For example, if you’re a tech enthusiast, chances are that the decision of your next smartphone purchase would highly be influenced by how a smartphone reviewer (influencer) reviews it.

Through influencer marketing, a brand does not directly market their products to customers like how it’s done through conventional top digital advertising concepts. Instead, they scout and target influencers, who in-turn spread knowledge of the brand to their followers.

While there are naysayers who say that influencer marketing will soon lose its place among the top digital advertising concepts, statistics tell a completely different story. Influencer marketing is expected to grow at a market value of nearly $6.5 Billion in 2019. In 2018, brands spent over $1.6 Billion on sponsored Instagram posts made by influencers.

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2. Data Analytics and Personalization

top digital advertising concepts

The second in this list of top digital advertising concepts is personalized digital marketing. Data analytics is at the core of personalization in digital marketing. PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising uses it to deliver ads on website based on your preferences, and many of the smart devices you may use collect your data to curate content personalized to your needs.

In fact, data analytics is what makes the application of top digital advertising concepts successful. It has a huge role to play in the fact that PPC accounts for 64% of clicks when users look for something on the web. Personalization through data analytics is crucial to the entirety of social media marketing. Facebook ads, Adwords, Adsense; each of these top digital advertising concepts rely on data analytics to reach the target audience and drive leads.

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This strength of data analytics and the traditional web analytics (consisting of views, sessions, CTAs, etc.) have given it a place among the top digital advertising concepts.

They’re making it easier for marketers to understand their audience and reach out to prospective customers quicker than ever before.

3.Content Marketing

top digital advertising concepts

Content marketing is one of the long-lasting top digital advertising concepts and is at the forefront of digital marketing. Trends may come and trends may go, but the relevance of content in marketing will likely exist for eternity. Mastery in content marketing is perhaps the only thing among the top digital advertising concepts that will always benefit marketers in spite of any ups and downs in the business.

Over 54% of marketers increased their spending on content creation, which is more than the spending on other top digital advertising concepts in 2018. Initially, content marketing was thought as a field focused solely on blogs, feature articles and other written content. But now content marketing has an incredibly wide gamut and covers everything from videos, posters, presentations to social media stories.

4.Search Engine Optimization

top digital advertising concepts

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is and perhaps will always remain one of the crucial top digital advertising concepts as long as search engines exist. Basically, SEO is the very first step to establishing a brand’s online presence. SEO involves all kinds of strategies and tactics that help a website rank on top of search engine results for specific keywords related to the services/products offered on the website.

SEO, especially technical SEO is an important part of a website’s initial development and a core element of digital marketing that is connected with nearly all top digital advertising concepts.

However, a major part of SEO revolves around Google, because of obviously- the google search engine. The various changes in its algorithms over the years have had a huge role to play in the evolution of top digital advertising concepts of today such as content marketing.

The current algorithm changes see Google prioritizing content quality along with its viewability, which leads us to:

5.Optimizing Page Loading Speed

Another one among the top digital advertising concepts is website optimization. What purpose does quality content serve if its not properly viewable in the first place? Google understands that, and as mentioned before- it’s search engine algorithm now prioritizes websites with good viewability across multiple device platforms. If you want to establish your brand presence online, your website needs to be as readable on a smartphone as it would be on a desktop or a tablet.

The ranking of a website on search engines also depends on other top digital advertising concepts such as page loading speeds. While more than half of the world uses the internet today, most developing countries still use low-bandwidth networks. Therefore it is paramount for marketers to ensure that the website they promote loads up in seconds even on the most congested internet networks.


This wraps up the list of top digital advertising concepts that you need to know today. With everything moving online, Digital advertising/marketing is set to reach an unprecedented level of significance. More and more businesses are coming online. The digital realm is only set to get more chaotic.