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Push yourself out of the danger of “Comfort Zone”

You really don't want to get out of that chair because its too comfortable. Likewise, sitting in your comfort zone, you are definitely missing out several opportunities and personal growth by limiting yourself to your comfort zone. Discover some good reasons why you need to push yourself out of that comfortable chair. 

Push yourself out of the danger of “Comfort Zone”

Friday December 08, 2017,

5 min Read


As an entrepreneur, I am always under the pressure of performing extraordinarily. This doesn’t deter me rather this makes me more enthusiastic to look for ways to learn more and bring better business daily. I believe there is always something more that we can do to make processes better, no matter how successful we become in life. . And for this we need to stretch ourselves, as the road to success and happiness is probably not an easy one. Just like others, I often get inspiration from famous quotes like;

Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth. — Bryant McGill

But are we implementing it for our success? We all may nod blankly to such quotes but when it comes to taking a step we are usually laid back because of being surrounded by a zone, called comfort zone, that limits our growth. It is this zone where we feel a sense of emotional security with what we are doing. It is something that keeps us limited to things that we do every day from getting up at the same time in the morning everyday to reaching the office at the same. Boredom, excessive stress and anxiety could literally kill you.

That’s when you start to think - Is this comfort zone holding you back? We are all creatures of habits and we often get stuck in these things. But for me, it is something that inhibits my business success. And I believe many of you have the same story. What are you doing to push yourself?

Let me jump back to my story.

One thing that I do to stretch out of my comfort zone is trying to think of new images of memorable experiences, lavish life, exciting work, and lots of cash in bank account. And I know that these big things will happen to me only when I push myself into discomfort or let's say out of the comfort zone.

Why do you need to step out of your comfort zone?

To be at your best self you have to test the limits, and remember that “growth and comfort doesn't coexist.” That’s my secret of growth. As the world is getting competitive day by day, the reasons to step out of the danger of comfort zone are also growing. Look at these reasons that will convince you to take a step out of your comfort zone and it is the best thing that you can do for yourself today. Let me give you some good reasons for the same - ;

Challenge you to perform at your peak

Stepping out of your comfort zone will encourage you to take the challenge of living up to your fullest potential. The little push you give yourself will challenge you to give amazing results. How you think and what you think actually lays an impact on your every performance. Think big, bring new challenges that will push you to be more inclined to reach new heights, become the best at what you do, performing at peak to face with full confidence.

Trying new things will increase your creativity

Trying new things will increase your curiosity and curiosity will lead to creativity. Whenever I am in the middle of the confused state of not knowing what to do next, I start exploring things, read a lot, take expert advice and try new things that I have never done before. This brings out new ideas, stimulates my creative juices that transform into an excellent idea. And I am more able to do wonders to with projects.

You truly grow as you learn to take risks

It can be extremely risky to go beyond your limitations. But being a risk taker is beneficial as with every risk comes an accomplishment and with every accomplishment, you move a step ahead. Be sure about your dreams when you are taking risks. If you fail to take risks, you probably fail to overcome your fear. So, if you want to try something new, you will have to into an uncomfortable state that will surely involve some risks. Be ready to take risks for the things you dream about.

You get the experiences of life

Do you think you can ever get a challenging experience of life by staying in your comfort zone? With the fear of taking risks, with some anxiety and self-doubt, you can surely the best experiences of life that you can save it for others.

After being convinced by all the reasons to push yourself, did you just bother to think what actually stops you from stepping out of our comfort zone? Is it fear? Fear of failure in society most of the time makes us feel awkward but the key to overcoming the fear is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Do not predict your comfort zone to hold you back from awesomeness.

Leave your comfort zone and face the risks and anxieties that come along; they can be good. This is what distinguishes successful people from the rest. Take baby steps to enter a world that brings out the extraordinary in you. 

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