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Top Leading AI & Machine Learning Companies In India & USA for Startups, SME’s In 2020

Top Leading AI & Machine Learning Companies In India & USA for Startups, SME’s In 2020

Top Leading AI & Machine Learning Companies In India & USA for Startups, SME’s In 2020

Tuesday June 11, 2019,

8 min Read

Top Leading AI & Machine Learning Companies In India & USA for Startups, SME’s In 2020

From last few months,  a considerable number of AI and Machine Learning companies are becoming visible in the already established IT hierarchy, trying to mark their niche in the tyranny of the global market. And not to forget, with days passing by and new trends setting in artificial intelligence services in India, it is becoming an uphill task to make it to the list of top Emerging AI/ML companies.

Exponential growth in the usage of smartphones and digital equipment is being witnessed in the large segment of the population. Do you know anyone who still remembers images loading at a pace of single row at a time, the shrieking sound of the 56k modem, or the dominance of emerging web portals?

But with every passing day, you are putting a step forward for the first creation by an Artificial Intelligence company in India, and this proves to be the perfect time for technological entrepreneurs to cement their impressions in the trend. Possibly, robots and Artificial Intelligence are potential realities for tomorrow, which gave a right platform to endless forthcoming venture capitals and tech investors that are keeping an eagle eye on the technology spectrum for all the innovative and new ideas to turn today’s decision in tomorrow’s realities.  

After all,  there are an enormous number of Artificial Intelligence / machine learning company in India tossing every though and fro, straddling the fence

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A little difficult to imagine, but don't worry, I have made up my mind to save you from the potential danger. As an earlier impression of wizards motivates today's analytical mind, making it essential to have a glimpse at which of the internet whoppers have evolved to keep the first position and which are now a part of an internet myth.

Here, I have clutched the most promising AI & Ml development companies in India/USA of 2020 that are harnessing their success stories, exclusive of venture backed funding made by so far.

1. Xicom Technologies (Most Preferred AI development Company In India)


Location: India

Pricing: $25-50/hr

Employees: 300+

Established: 2002

Xicom, serving to the spectrum of IT services more than a decade, is benchmarked as an entrusted outsourcing software development company with an excellent and proven track record in the domain of digital development to hire best AI developers. Putting the best foot forward with IT adroit in software development services, mobile applications development, now being the touchstone in IT outsourcing striving after the hardship, the name evolved to stay at the top of the list without any compromise on quality.

They have been proving their value in the market since they started. Also, they provide first free 30 days work to their clienteles even after the software/mobile app has been successfully launched and if still, the customer has some constraints after the free trial period, they provide full assurance of money back guarantee.

2. Space-O Technologies (Top Machine Learning Company In India)


Location: India & Russia

Pricing: $90-100/hr

Employees: 250-999

Established: 2010

Space-O Technologies, a name heard for a complete quick-fix for all the requirement for machine learning application developments. The ship overcomes the behemoth waves with it’s one of a kind services igniting from an idea to development to marketing, and last but never the least maintenance is the final point which makes the title of artificial learning company in India adhere to them.

Moreover, the experts at Space-O Technologies has already commenced with the latest core ML features for Machine Learning App development that adds feather in their hat.

3. Prolitus (A Trusted Name For Machine Learning Company In India )  


Location: India & US

Pricing: $80-90/hr

Employees: 250-999

Established: 2005

Are you looking for dynamic solutions for your web project? Prolitus Technologies,  is the leading machine company in India that proffers platform for dynamic solutions serving to myriad needs of multiple types of industries. The company overcome almost every challenge that stands ahead of it with its flexible yet top-notch solution.

Their exclusive artificial intelligence solutions amalgamated with appropriate use of the best machine learning tools, make it the right choice for startups and SME’s in automating process.

4. Arstudioz (Among The Best Deep Learning Company In India)


Location: India & Germany

Pricing: $70-80/hr

Employees: 80-100

Established: 2017

Arstudioz is established as a state-of-art software development company building its footprints in deep learning services in India. The team here is a benchmark for creating user-friendly mobile applications to maximize viewer engagement and transaction, gratifying overall satisfaction with your customer.

So, if you have a promising idea, this is the right place to turn your rough sketch in an alluring reality. Whereas the million dollar names are concerned, such firms can uphold their services and status and step ahead with the help of Arstudioz.

5. Ipraxa Inc. (Among The Prominent Machine Learning Companies In India)


Location: US & India

Pricing: $50-60/hr

Employees: 50-249

Established: 2004

Ipraxa started with a simple idea and a team of five people in 2004, but with sailing right through hard times, at this instance, the company compromise of more than 150+ innovative and knowledgeable proficients, thriving the company as the best artificial intelligence company in India.

You think. You ask, and they deliver. Their team inculcate a pool of professionally experienced designers, quality testers, mobility experts and developers for providing the uttermost level of satisfaction to clients for excellent mobile applications and web development services.

6. Endive Software (Among The List Of Topmost Artificial Intelligence Companies in India)


Location: India & US

Pricing: $90-100/hr

Employees: 50-249

Established: 2008


Endive Software, an epitome for professional ethics, proficiency, and dedication in the field of AI/ML development companies in India. It is a valuable asset for the torpid business provider in the market. Their team's experience in delivering quality service assures your business profits to skyrocket and simultaneously provide clients with an unparalleled level of satisfaction.

Their bench of professionals has earned expertise in trend-setting innovative technologies. Counting from customized software application development to excellent blockchain solutions, the company solely fulfil all the business-specific needs of the clients.

7. AbsolutData Analytics (A Leading Machine Learning Company In India)


Location: India

Pricing: $100-149

Employees: 250-999

Established: 2001

The Absolutdata Analytics company provide an extended hand to its respective clients in making the right decisions by meeting their business needs with client specific requirements and reach their target without making it a tedious task.

The Absolutdata Decision Engineering MethodologyTM has withstood technology challenges with its tried and tested approach that aids the company use their data in a better and streamlined plan.

8. Focaloid Technologies  (An Entrusted Name For The Top Deep Learning Companies In India)


Location: India

Pricing: $70-80/hr

Employees: 50-249

Established: 2012

Focaloid Technologies, known as the new destination for your every startup demurs. It has propelled among the top leading machine learning companies in India shedding light on creating value-added technologies with inviting yet simple designs.

The team’s core mantra of working is to boost the client business for mounting new paradigm, harnessing technologies and give clients an unforgettable experience.  

9. WebNest Software solutions (A Top-Notch Deep Learning Company In India)


Location: India

Pricing: $60-70/hr

Employees: 80-90

Established: 2012

The company know-how to create application worth the praise. With every new ray, it is inclining towards being the fastest developing mobile application development company. Undoubtedly, its prime focus is on SME’s and startups.

New concepts, soaring high profits yet safe mobile development services are the exclusive add on for the company. Its developers are professionals in crafting mobile applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and a lot more.

10. QBurst (Regarded as One Of The Best Artificial Intelligence Company In India)


Location: India and United States

Pricing: $80/hr

Employees: 250-999

Established: 2004

QBurst is named renown to deliver one of its kind web application services and IT consultation. It's world famous for its mobile and web applications development method.

Their team promises to gratify customers with the best software solutions that give them a competitive edge in the digital field.

Final Thoughts…

Hopefully,  this blog assisted you with the right fit. I have lined up leading top 20 machine learning & AI development companies in India | 2020 to drive you to the right destination for your next big project. You can select any company as per your requirements and budget and start working with professionals.

Lastly, the time comes to abide you Goodbye, but be sure to pick the best artificial intelligence company in India by taking all the odds into the count and hire the best Artificial developer into account for your business growth.