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The five best tech blogs you must follow in 2017

A list of best tech blogs which you cannot miss

Friday April 07, 2017,

4 min Read

5 Best Tech Blogs Which You Must Follow in 2017

In medieval times, human beings used to live in small societies. They used to live, eat and hunt in pairs and their outreach was limited too. Connecting with the outer world was a distant dream.

But after so many technological advancements with introduction of internet, the whole scenario has changed. Right now, you can connect with anyone putting up in different corner of the world with just a click of a mouse. Introduction of internet was one of the best inventions, we can think of.

And with the introduction of internet, we have seen the evolution of a new species called "Bloggers". They are the type of species who have tried to outrun this information world with their vast informative articles. From product reviews, travel ideas, current and breaking news, technological advancements they are everywhere.

This new era of 'Blogosphere' has created a bunch of new bloggers adn websites, which tell us about new technological advancements, Softwares, Applications, Recovery and Repair manuals and so on.

Today, we will try to share you the five best tech blogs, which you must follow to keep a track on all these above mentioned topics.

1. Mashable



One of the best tech blogs, which you must follow is Mashable. It is a global company whcih is known for it tech news, entertainment, digital, lifestyle, Social Media and business related news. Millions of readers visit Mashable every day for their daily news.

Social Media Followers: 28 million

Monthly Inique Visitors: 45 million

Mashable was started by Pete Cashmore in Scotland in the year 2005. And by 2009, it has been named as the 25 Best blogs for 2009. In just 04 years, they have created a name for them.

Mashable Editions

Mashable Asia

Mashable Australia

Mashable India

Mashable UK

Mashable with France 24

Mashable Studios




In the second spot for best Tech Blogs is GIZMODO. which is primarily a tech, design, science and science fiction website which also post news and articles on politics. It was originally started as a part of Gawker Media Network and now it also includes a site named i09.

This blog was launched in 2002 by Peter Rojas and by mid-2004 GIZMODO was bringing revenue worth of 6,500$.

By 2005, GIZMODO has been launched across Europe.

In 2006, it was launched in Japan.

In 2007. GIZMODO Australia was launched.

In 2008, GIZMODO Brazil was launched.

In 2009. GIZMODO UK was launched.

GIZMODO has now become a global name which everyone knows. 




On the third spot for the best Tech Blogs is GIGAOM. If you are looking for a blog which publishes articles on News, Startups, Opinions, Technological advancements and emerging technologies then GIGAOM is the blog for you.

Started by Om Malik. After running it as a blog for several years he finally renamed it as an organization in the year 2006. Since 2006. GIGAOM has organized various events and meet-ups.

In 2008, it launched GIGAOM pro, which is a technology research service meant for subscription based.

Plus in 2008 only, they also acquired 'PaidContent'.

In 2015, GIGAOM was taken over by Knowingly Corporation.

4. ZDNet



ZDNet another tech blog, which for me should capture the fourth position of the best tech blogs. Founded in 1991 by CBS Interactive Media with the help of Tech Republic and Smart Planet.

Between 1991 - 1995 ZDNet was basically a subscription based dig. service company, which used to offer computing information to CompuServe.

But post 1995, the growth chart of ZDNet was worth watching.

They launched ZDNet News.

Launched ZDTV in 1998.

Incorporated in stock exchange in 1999.

Not only this ZDNet is also present in Japan and UK.

5. TechCrunch



And the final spot for the best Tech Blogs for 2015 goes to TechCrunch. It is an online publisher for startups and tech news. TechCrunch has its roots in UK, China and Japan. It had a french connection too.. but due to some issues it folded down.

So these were the 05 best Tech blogs to follow in 2017.

Apart from this, I would also like to mention one more blog as a newcomer, which might give these well settled sharks a run for their money.




You mightnot have heard about this blog but I would surely suggest you to have a look in it. If you are into Email management systems, Data recovery, Database repair, How to's and various unknown tips and tricks for various applications then EasyTechTools blog is the one for you. Started by Nishatn an IIT graduate, who loves to write about various Technical issues and problems.

Even his blogs have been referred by various industry Experts.

Hope you liked this article.