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Top Enterprise mobility trends to follow

Top Enterprise mobility trends to follow

Monday July 29, 2019,

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The year 2018 was a year of great advancement in mobility trends. We could witness technologies which enhanced our life to a great extent, adding on to the sources of entertainment too. So have our expectations increased and with passing years we look forward to a lot of inventions.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility adds on to the productivity level, helps manage costs more efficiently, plays a vital role in privacy maintenance, and also give a boost to the employee experience. But can we expect an enhancement in the said topics or are there going to be some new topics covered in this year? Here is what you can expect of enterprise mobility services in the year 2019.

1. The enterprise aspires for 5g

We have been enjoying the 4G services of mobile communications, and why not, it has majorly increased the adoption of internet-based services. But haven’t we outsmarted the 4th generation of mobile communications? Here is the era of the 5th generation and we are most likely to experience the 5th generation technology in the year 2019. With the adoption of the 5th generation mobile communications, the enterprise is going to be highly benefitted, so they are investing their effort to hire app developer for their esteemed projects. There are already a lot of heads up about the new update and it is expected to be released soon and deployment will be as quick as the release. It will actually be highly leveraged for enterprise networking.

 To be honest, 2019 is going to be known for the world of 5th generation mobile services and the mobile application development company. Though there aren’t any kinds of heads up for how exactly will the enterprise be benefitted by this new ultra-fast, low latency network. The possibility will be known only after the update is actually rolled out. After the enterprises get the technology in hands, is when there will be a determination of the uses it possesses.

2. AI will be ruling the mobile devices

Artificial Intelligence has made a mark in the point of view of almost all the mobile makers since the year 2017. It is since 2017 that, mobile makers started deploying AI into the devices build by them as enterprise mobility solutions. We see the change AI embedded mobile devices brought into our lives and this has led to the drastic increase in demand for such products. Yes, people yearn to have access to such devices and it is obvious, so will the enterprise.

Enterprise has greatly benefitted from the AI-based mobile technology up to this point of time, and so the enterprises likely to adopt any of the new rolled out updates. Credit goes to its ability to enhance efficiency and productivity. With the introduction of 5th generation mobile communications, the mobile industry will embark on a new era of AI-equipped devices which would make a change in the way things happen to work.

If we discuss of the obvious, the first enhancements will be made to the camera and video, and so will there be a lot of efforts in making the user of the device friendly, i.e. easy to use. After all, the AI is supposed to make life easier with the help of innovative mobile application development companies, isn’t it? Also, can we compromise with the security of our data? Definitely not and hence it would be obvious enhance too as security is really of major concern. 

3. Adoption of BYOD will be witnessed

Bring your own device, most commonly abbreviated as BYOD is just not a new concept and has been in the market for a while as of now as the most popular enterprise mobility services. You may know of it with the risks it is associated with but has it allowed itself be described by the risk it possesses? Definitely not. It is because BYOD, along with the risks it bears bring the major benefit of reducing the company’s expenses. 2019 is not the year of introduction of the concept but the year which will bring a lot of changes in the way it will be used. The adoption rate of the BYOD will witness a great height.


If predictions are taken into consideration, the stats reveal the BYOD market will take a leap of increasing by a percent of 17 in the approaching four years. BOYD might be the new solution provided to the mobile security and hence, will there be wide adoption of the same facilitating the security options.

BYOD would ensure the ends user’s privacy and also freedom, keeping a close watch on the company’s data by taking measures to keep it secure. There is also going to be a remarkable improvement in the BYOD laptops and we wish to look forward to how it would kick start this year.

4. Acceptance of UEM will fly high

When you hire app developer, and switch to the mobility services, With the advancement, it brings the challenge of securing oneself from the threats as there has been a lot more vulnerability of the security concerns. Hence, has the need to secure mobile device grown, and we now know why the organizations have been seeking out for Unified endpoint management, abbreviated to UEM. We agree the adoption rate of this tech has been low, as the rate stands to be somewhat of 11%. But, this is going to change as the adoption rate is to increase manifolds in the year 2019. A poll conducted, revealed the increase is going to be as much as 40%. 

There is going to be a ladder UEM is going to climb as it is almost ready to take off. It is because the technology has advanced and it will more likely provide sustainable security options to the security and management of the devices, along with achieving long term cost savings. There is also going to be an impact on the mobile service-related requests and so is it bound to improve the employee satisfaction.


5. Increased attention catered for the threat security option

MTD or mobile threat defense is the need of the hour for mobile users. Mobile has been greatly targeted as a medium of threat and so has there been an increase in the phishing attacks in the past year. This is the reason why there has to be an increase in the measure to protect mobile devices and MTD is one such effective medium. This is why enterprises are likely to put more resources into the technology to avail the benefits from it.


The adoption is really going to increase and so will MTD gain a great deal of popularity in the year 2019. It is highly believed to be better to take measure to prevent such mobile attacks rather than actually letting the threat hit us after which some solutions will be thought of. If enterprises of unaware of the tech and development, they may hire an app developer to avail for Enterprise mobility solutions.