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Top 5 Advertising Trends To Focus On In 2020

Top 5 Advertising Trends To Focus On In 2020

Saturday March 28, 2020,

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Top 5 Advertising Trends To Focus On In 2020

Every year new advertising trends come up in the market and are adopted by all the major advertising agencies across the globe. Some of these trends can stand the test of time and continue to appear every year. The starting of 2020 means new advertising trends to look forward and adopting them in your campaigns. Also, as digital advertising takes up most of the share, expect the digital spending to be greater than offline advertising. The digital advertising spending is expected to increase to $517 billion by the end of 2023. These figures are a clear indication that you will have to focus more on digital advertising campaigns.

Let’s have a look at the advertising trends of 2020 that all of the top advertising companies will adopt:

Artificial Intelligence

AI has managed to capture the attention of everyone. AI has become a part of people’s everyday lives without them even realizing it. In the year 2020, it is expected that AI will be at the heart of every industry. A simple example of AI is personalized shopping experience online. Don’t know what personalized shopping online is? Well, there are multiple times when you searched for a product online and later start seeing ads for the same or similar products everywhere. These ads are not the same for everyone as not everyone searches for the same things. Thus, Google Ads are the perfect example of AI in advertising.

To show its wide implementation, following are some of the areas where AI is already being used:

-      Basic communication

-      Product recommendations

-      Creating content

-      Personalized Emails

-      eCommerce transactions


It is a known fact that today customers expect an immediate response to their queries. Also, not every business can afford to hire customer care executives round the clock. In such a situation, chatbots are the way out. Chatbot is an AI-based technology that uses instant messaging to chat in real-time with your customers at any time of the day. Chatbots are already implemented by businesses and they will continue to hold importance in 2020.

According to GoodFirms recent chatbot research, customers also prefer chatbots as they respond 24/7 and also provide answers immediately and accurately. These virtual assistants provide brilliant service by living up to customers’ expectations and automating the repetitive tasks. Some popular brands using chatbots are:

-      Lyft

-      Sephora

-      The Wall Street Journal

-      Pizza Hut

-      Staples


If a business is to sustain in the competition in 2020, then personalization is the key. Personalized marketing will include personalized content, emails, products and much more. The best examples that show the power of personalization are Netflix and Amazon.

Amazon shows a curated list of recommended products on the basis of previous orders or recent searches. Netflix works in a similar manner. It will show recommended shows and movies on the basis of watching history. There is no doubt about the success of Amazon and Netflix! Other famous names that adopted personalization are:

In short businesses that will provide more personalized targeted shopping experiences to consumers will boost their revenues.

Visual Search

Visual search is meant to take the user experience to the next level. Visual search works by uploading a picture to find something and getting more specific results. Pinterest and Google are the two major names in the industry that have started using visual search.

●    Pinterest Lens

It is no surprise that Pinterest is already on the visual search bandwagon. Pinterest’s Lens is a visual search tool that will allow the users to click a picture of an object and search options to buy it online, look for similar products or see pinboards of related items. Since the launch of its beta version, Pinterest is constantly updating its functionality.

●    Google Lens

Google Lens is a visual search engine by Google that recognizes objects and landmarks with the help of a camera app. Apart from the general search features, Google lens can provide a lot more information about an item in the picture. For instance, if it is the picture of a book, Google Lens will provide its summary and reviews.

Shoppable Posts

The initial way of promotion on social media was sharing an image and shopping link in the post for people to visit a site. The process has become streamlined with clickable images or images that provide information about the product including cost.

Instagram now lets users shop from the app itself. With the shoppable post feature, users get the seamless experience of viewing the product details and finally shopping without leaving the app. Instagram has already perfected this option, but other social media platforms are also expected to follow the lead in 2020.

Wrapping Up on Advertising Trends!

The best way to predict the trends is to follow some big names in the industry and keep a track of their advertising strategies. Also, studying the competitors is another way to know and implement the right advertising strategy for business.

The only way to find the most suitable advertising trend for a business is to analyze the trend as per the business’s niche and then implement it. Furthermore, the latest technologies in advertising will not only improve the brand visibility but also provide means to track the progress. Implement the above mentioned trends to sustain in the market and beat your competitors this year!

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