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5 Winning Tips to Increase Instagram Followers for Your Business

5 Winning Tips to Increase Instagram Followers for Your Business

Monday June 03, 2019,

5 min Read


Instagram is not just a fun app now; it has become a platform for business where you can build a network and sell your services and products. Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, Instagram is a great place for getting exposure. The whole game that affects your business is the follower base. Seeing people growing overnight with tons of followers seems fascinating, but it is not that easy. All we see is their success but not the effort they put.

While you are here reading this article, I assume that you want to grow your Instagram followers. And without a doubt, I would say that you are in the right place. Going forward in this article you will get great insights on how to increase your Instagram followers.

We are going to discuss some effective and proven ways that you need to know for growing your Instagram account. But before we go ahead with this, as I mentioned above that getting Insta followers is not easy and is a time-consuming process. Don’t expect quick results, just keep following the path to reach a certain follower milestone. But yes, having a good number of followers initially will boost up the process. For this, you can take an alternative way and buy followers on Instagram, while you are working on the tips below.

So, let’s begin and equip you with these winning tips to increase your “Insta-Fam”:

  • Putting an interesting Bio

The first thing people see on your page is your Bio, from which they know about you and your business. Yes, those one or two lines can get you a lot of followers. It should be attractive and crisp. Don’t try to exaggerate it unnecessarily, few good and engaging words are sufficient.

The audience will not be interested in you and click that follow button if they don’t get an idea about what you offer. So, telling people about your business in a few words is very important. You have to be really tricky and don’t take it lightly.

  • Create quality content

Quality content is the “BOSS”! Don’t even think of getting success on the digital platform without good content. By quality content we mean, it should be attractive, engaging and on point. Your audience should be hooked with what you post. Putting lengthy posts, which are boring and uninteresting to the audience is a BIG NO.

Yes, writing too many words takes a lot of effort, but what is the point if the audience is not able to connect with that. Instead, put your efforts in the right direction and create a content plan. Research on what you exactly need to put. What type of content will best define your brand, who is your targeted audience and what kind of content do they like or dislike? Once you are done with this, start creating the content that can attract followers for you.

Content is not only about text form but it can also be images and videos. And when we talk about images and video, never compromise on their quality. Video content especially is very engaging if created properly as people get more connected to it. Remember that analysis is not restricted to one time. You have to keep track of every post and know which content is working for you. This will lead you to continuous improvement and will make your audience stick to your account.

  • Power of hashtags

Hashtags are really a game changer on Instagram. A lot of businesses are seen to grow or fall depending because of this. Using no hashtags, no caption or hashtags that are not relevant affects your success. Instagram is a whole different world and things happen here in their own unique way.

Utilizing hashtags is important because people surf a lot of content and material using hashtags. So, it increases your chance to reach the potential audience who might end up following you. You have to do deep and regular research to find the right keyword for your hashtags. This gives your post a chance to feature on the top. So, don’t put any random hashtag just for the sake of it as it can win you a hell lot of followers.

Always look beyond obvious, one-word hashtags. Of course, they are important and should be used but brainstorm a little and find something new.

  • Instagram stories

This feature is used in many ways. You may not post regularly on your feed, but you can follow the ritual posting stories on a daily basis. People are really hooked to stories and check them even if they don’t scroll down their feed. Insta stories are very popular among all and can drive more traffic on your page.

After you reach a good number of followers, you can add links in your stories to redirect users to your official business site or other social handles. Instagram polling is another fantastic feature that lets you find specific information about your followers. So, you get a direct analysis of your audience.

It is also a great feature to make an announcement for the upcoming posts. This will create excitement among the audience and will give you must faster engagement.

  • Offer goodies and coupons

Well, who do not like free stuff or something that can save their money. Initially, you have a lower follower base, so you can collaborate with influencers to promote your deals. This is a tested method because as soon as people listen about free goodies and deals, they are highly likely to visit your page. And if you have worked well on good bio and quality content, then they might end up clicking that “follow button”.

Final Words

In concluding this post, I hope all you guys there have a better idea and a path to follow to grow your Instagram account. Now when you have the tips to make your business successful on Instagram, all you need is to implement them.

P.S.Never stop experimenting with new marketing techniques.