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Top 5 Leading Digital Experience Platforms in 2020

By Pinakin Darji|21st Feb 2020
There are a lot of advantages of digital experience platforms beyond developing an omni-channel customer experience.
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Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) helps the users control and optimize their customers’ digital experiences across all the touchpoints. With the right DXP, you can manage product information, digital commerce, digital assets, and web content to deliver an engaging experience across the entire customer journey. Digital experience platforms accumulate and assemble customer data throughout the different digital channels. Enterprises need to develop, maintain, and personalize the content available to the customers.

There are several products in this category that can contribute to managing the best digital experiences for various platforms. For instance, a DXP may include individual marketing, ecommerce, data analytics, business intelligence, content management, and a wide range of customer experience products. DXP suites from different vendors may contain distinctive components. It may be difficult for business owners to compare the products directly and choose the right one that addresses their requirements.

A Big Problem Faced by Different Brands: Customer Obsession

Customers expect great experiences like Google, Facebook, and Apple from everything they invest in. Digital channels have become the dominant platforms that helps companies interact with their existing and potential customers. Using customer data insights and social media strategies, businesses are focusing on delivering a highly personalized experience to the customers.

The need for Digital Experience platform in 2020

There are a lot of advantages of digital experience platforms beyond developing an omni-channel customer experience.

1.Build stronger relationships

Digital experience platforms are engineered with the main goal of helping agencies build good relationship with their audiences.

2. Organizing Omni-channel experiences

DXP offers the ability to deliver the right content across multiple devices including desktop, mobile, social media and more.

3. Multi-touchpoint management

It helps to address the customers’ requirements across different touchpoints of the customer journey, right from branding to conversion.

4. Enhanced integrations

When you select digital experience platform, you can integrate it with existing and new data to optimize the content to match the customer needs.

It’s time to make the transition to a DXP depending on your marketing and branding goals. If your business relies on high levels of customer personalization, then upgrade to a DXP in 2020 to make your business stand out of the competition.

5 Most Popular and Trending Digital Experience Platforms in 2020


Liferay Digital Experience Platform is a popular open-source, cloud-based framework that helps to build custom digital solutions. This enterprise-grade platform helps agencies to create personalized digital experiences across all the touch points. Liferay was founded in 2004 to cater to the growing demands for Liferay Portal.

As of now, Liferay houses a huge professional services group offering training, consulting, and enterprise support services to clients worldwide. Organizations can categorize and compare the products with different components for a DXP. Liferay has different applications and tools in the form of portlets to enable customization. Enterprises can integrate their digital experience management strategy to support unique customer experiences.

IBM Experience Manager

Being a combination of IBM Digital Experience and its Watson Content Hub, it helps enterprises manage and publish content to a multitude of devices. Organizations can create and deliver engaging omni-channel digital experiences to all the audiences.

You can deliver outstanding service to your channel partners with integrated applications using IBM Experience Manager. With the help of powerful and flexible tools, business owners can manage and create better content while the IT staff would be freed up to focus on other projects. The IBM DXP offers several out of the box for personalization to create engaging customer experiences.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe’s digital experience platform helps you manage large volumes of content across multiple sites with an easy to use drag-and-drop features and multi-site live copy features. It combines digital asset management with content management to provide personalized experiences to the market with fast turnaround time.

Global companies having multiple websites for different brands or regions can use Adobe Experience Manager to focus on consistent branding across all the channels.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce DXP Community Cloud help the IT, customer service, marketing, and digital marketing teams to engage their clients. It can be used for creating self-service portals, channel management solutions, responsive account portal, and customized business solutions to deliver personalized digital experiences.

Salesforce Community Cloud can also be used for building CRM powered, AI-driven personalized digital experiences. It can also be integrated with your CMS or external database management systems to avail the maximum benefits out of customer data.

Sitecore Experience Platform

This is an end-to-end marketing platform that integrates content, personalization, commerce to allow marketing teams deliver customized experiences to the users. The Sitecore Experience Platform provide the ability to tweak ML engines and algorithms to suit your exact business requirements. It focuses on technologies that support customer acquisition.

Investment in this scalable architecture will surely pay off good returns as it adds credibility to data-driven marketing strategies. Sitecore Experience Platform can be the right choice for organizations that are looking for all-in-one package for fulfilling their marketing-centric vision.

To Wrap Up

Choosing the best digital experience platform in 2020 allows faster innovation. If you haven’t switched to a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) , you should adopt the most flexible and suitable platform for your business. If you are considering DXP for 2020 for your business enterprise, Liferay can be the most viable option.

Industry experts expect continued advancements in the open architecture to drive the industry forward. Let’s wait to see the additional upcoming benefits it brings in for all of us.