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Top 5 Mobile Apps That Make Donations Easy: The Best Apps

Top Five Mobile Apps for Nonprofit

Top 5 Mobile Apps That Make Donations Easy: The Best Apps

Tuesday April 28, 2020,

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In this age, mobile apps play a vital role in every organization. Most Americans spend their time staring into a computer and using around on apps every day. In this digital world, an online donation app is important for people using smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets. There are already many donation apps for people and motivating them for making donations.

Today’s organizations can introduce their members to different platforms like online donation apps, donation pages, donation websites, peer-to-peer fundraising and other options for easing process of donations. Convenient, useful, and reliable, online donations are essential for any successful non-profit organization. Check out these best online fundraising apps for making donations.

Check these top 5 mobile apps that make donation easy:

1: Sodality

Sodality: The Best Mobile Apps

Sodality is the best app for non-profit organizations. It provides world-class features to support, engage and grow your organization. Sodality offers global membership organizations a unique way to engage with their donors and with their own branded mobile app. Through this app, you can easily create your event in-app for donations. You can easily maintain the record of your donors and members and it also offers you an attendance option for your donors. With sodality, your members will feel more connected with their beliefs through videos, religious texts, and event notification. With the use of this app, donations reach you faster and you can easily promote your community engagement.

2: Give Lively

Give Lively

Give Lively was created by philanthropists to provide free resources to nonprofits, specifically technology. Our founders have worked extensively with charitable organizations and seen first-hand the positive impact innovative tech can have on fundraising. They founded Give Lively in 2015 based on the belief that every nonprofit should have access to best-in-class fundraising tech. Our philanthropist founders cover our operating costs so we can focus on building fundraising technology to help nonprofits focus on their mission.

3: Charity Miles

Charity Miles

Charitymiles is a very interesting charity app for users. It is a running, cycling and walking tracker app that tracks how many miles you have covered during your day. You can easily count your footsteps by using this app. This app is not only limited to runners, it counts all kind of movement like a bike, dog walking, weight-lifting and cycling also. You just have to start this app before starting your workout routine daily. Using this app, you can also achieve your fitness goals, but also make a great impact across the world. Use this app more and start donating more.

4: CoinUp

Coin Up

Coinup is a good mobile app that “donates and rounds up” your credit/debit card transactions daily according to your chosen charity. This app is very trustworthy because it maintains the transparency between users. If you think about all loosing coins jingling around your pocket, this app is very useful for you. It converts all the transactions to your next dollar and donating the next money. This app is very convenient for making donations, but every donation you give is tax-deductible. I think we’ve hit the perfect shot with this one. Start using this app and make donations easily.

5: Be My Eyes

be my eyes

Be My Eyes is a simple and free app to help people see the world better, together. Be my eyes is a very supporting app. It connects people who are blind or have a low vision across the globe with a global community of volunteers. The app will send you a notification when someone requests your assistance, and directly connect you through with someone in need. This app conveys that you are using technology in a very productive way. This is one of the best international donations making app. It is available in various languages. This app is available globally day or night, helping people through video calls. If you have sharp eyesight, join the app and help blind people. Join the community and share your eyesight through calls.

Technology can easily support the charity for making donations, attracting donors and driving the campaign. By developing best donation apps, we can provide better opportunities for donors. If you want to choose the best donation app, then this blog is for you. Choose wisely and donate wisely.