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Top 5 Tips to Ensure that your Website Receives Good Conversion Rates in 2020

Top 5 Tips to Ensure that your Website Receives Good Conversion Rates in 2020

Wednesday March 18, 2020,

3 min Read

A well optimized website is just like being a 24/7 salesman. This sales person works for you while you dine, serve clients and spend leisure time with family. Every single hour or second of the day your site is helping you to grow your business. If it’s a high performing website, it’s working like a pro-salesman who is generating leads, inviting potential customers to fill forms, and conversing with them and closing sales deals.

On the contrary, if your website is slow and isn’t optimized well, the chances of high conversion rates diminish and would result in a big business loss. Whether you are in pharma, retail, logistics, manufacturing, construction, or any other services, there is a great possibility that your clients are finding you online. But getting known is only a part of the equation; what matters most is that the website is well optimized for sales and profitability.

In most cases, first time users are not willing to lay complete trust on your website. You need to have some catchy elements to build that level of trust and pave a foundation of goodwill and integrity in your online business.

Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Color Combination

In certain cases, it has been observed that few websites have benefited tremendously while thinking strategically upon color combination. It’s also good to do some ground research on what color suits the theme and branding guidelines. To rest on any color, first evaluate who your audiences are. A web design and development services partner can help you set the right color combination as per the exact brand guidelines.

2. Put the most important information on the limelight

A user would not want to visit your website only to get confused. So, it’s important to put the most vital information above the fold. Don’t force people to scroll and hunt for information for what they have visited your site. Keep simple navigation where users can find items easily and locate easily.

3. Place certifications to gain credibility

Badges from partner sites or review sites build credibility and foster a layer of trust. This would mean you can place awards symbol or certifications so to know about the competency your business holds. Likewise, you can also place testimonials and case studies to showcase these as well. Your end goal should be such so that potential visitors feel safe and secure while partnering with you for any related services or offerings.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are here to stay. More people prefer online chat than any other medium. These new developments in technology have opened avenues to a faster and convenient solution. A customer can converse with a chatbot and communicate his problem statement or get the answer in real time with chatbots thus considerably save the time of users. Chatbots are the future of customer experience.

5. Have we talked about product video

Product videos usually attract more visitors and they are generally considered best for increasing sales leads and conversions. Apart from incorporating product video, businesses can also use video to share their customer success stories or talk about their key differentiators.


If your business has a website which is well optimized then it simply means that there’s one more pillar of success is attached to it. So, if you want to build a website that resonates with your audience and fulfill your mission-critical requirements, then consulting with PHP website development services partner will help.