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Top 6 innovative IoT products you must try in 2019

By Malav Kargathra|4th Jun 2019
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Internet of Things

A smart research is to see what everybody else is doing or adopting and to think what nobody else has thought.

Many of us get stuck in brainstorming about :

  • Which business concept will work magic or which solution will actually prove beneficial for mankind?
  • How to find, gauge, and seize opportunities?
  • What technology is highly adopted by people?

Talking about one such giant niche of technology, IoT (Internet of Things) is gracefully developing our liking and smartness for the gadgets surrounding us and rapidly transforming the environment we are living in.


Almost all the devices, products, and appliances that people use are made more and more convenient with IOT technology.

It’s highly important to stay updated with the unique IOT products already launched or are upcoming in the global market.

That said. Grab a chair and enjoy the interesting read!


An EdTech Robot that shrinks the gap between the technology and it’s access
Bucky: EdTech Robot

Bucky- an edtech toy for kids is developed for self-directed learning about robotics, IoT technology, and programming. It will help children to learn the foundation of these technologies.

This innovative IoT product allows the kids to improve their mathematical and conceptual thinking, develop their making abilities, and also get skilled in ‘problem-solving’.    

It fine-tunes the connection and becomes a bridge between the digital and the physical world.

Benefits of Bucky to mankind

Bucky is specially designed for children who do not have proper access to technological education.

There are very rare or you can say no IoT platforms designed for such children. Also, Bucky is for girls and women who are distanced from learning science and technology due to gender differences.

It is easily implemented without much of the infrastructure and no need to attain specialized skills to operate the Bucky.  

The mechanism and functioning of Bucky

It connects the hardware with the programming app named ‘Bucky Aventura’.

What makes learning more interesting is the ‘Bucky Aventura’ - a programming app that gives mission and helps children to solve these missions through an interesting story and an innovative programming system.

What are these game stories about?

These stories have a game developer girl, a scientist, and two kids. Their mission is solely to discover about Bucky - what it is and where it comes from.

With the completion of every mission, the user (children) obtains an interesting clue for solving the mystery of Bucky.

On the other side, the hardware used in Bucky involves color changing LED, ESP32 microcontroller, light sensors, touch sensors, speakers, motor parts, an inclinometer, a rechargeable battery, wifi, and Bluetooth connection.

This type of IoT products has all the capabilities to self learn, expand, and compete apart from the reasonable price.

Also, the designing of bucky is multiplatform. It allows children to build their own robot with the materials they like. Such as the plastics, Lego, cardboard or other toys of their choice.

Bucky provides the best way to develop ‘creative making’ abilities with the help of technological collaboration along with the trial n error experiences through which the children can learn IoT and programming.  

Who are the creators of this IoT product - Bucky?

NOUS has a team of designers that are experts to craft multidisciplinary designs. They develop projects with robotics, electronics, IoT, multimedia, and software. Bucky is their creation. An innovative project from Mexico City, Mexico.


specially designed to take care of your loved ones who are prone to wandering and are suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer or Autism.

LocateMotion is an IoT solution that’s integrated with a watch. Through the GPS and tracking system, the caregiver and the patient can stay connected with each other 24/7.

It is a real-time solution in which the person wearing the IoT watch can be easily monitored by the caregiver.

Making calls, tracking patient location, taking a photo, geofencing feature, checking the health records of the patients at any time are few riches of LocateMotion.    

The benefit of LocateMotion to mankind

In North America, the ratio is very high of people going missing due to Alzheimer and Autism. These people have high propensity to wonder.

LocateMotion will help the caregiver to track the patient with real-time monitoring the moments as well as the health of the patient.

Who are the creators of this IoT product - LocateMotion?

Nauman Jaffar, who started a passionate entrepreneurial journey with LocateMotion after fetching 20 plus years of corporate experience in big giants like Shell, Siemens, and PWC. The new mission of this entrepreneur is solely to solve the health problems using the latest and emerging technologies like IoT.

Raksha SafeDrive

smart safety while driving
Raksha SafeDrive

Raksha SafeDrive is one of the IoT products that can be connected in your car. And it’s the smartest road security platform to help people be safe during their road drives.  

This IoT product is an automobile gadget that has smart features like:

  • Automatic crash detection.
  • 24/7 network connection for emergency services like police, medical, fire or breakdown
  • Single touch emergency button
  • Smart panic button
  • GPS based tracking of location
  • Instant notification to friends & family to notify emergency through the message or calls
  • Reporting telemetrics
  • Driver performance evaluation system

The benefit of Raksha SafeDrive to mankind

Mostly, all of us use roads to reach our routine destinations. Roadways are convenient and faster for people to compute.

But with it comes the tricky driving and dangerous accidents. This is so in many of the developing nations like India.

Raksha is specially designed for the safety of people while driving any vehicles on the road.    

Who are the creators of this IoT product- Raksha SafeDrive?

Prasad Pillai is an entrepreneur and an experienced product developer. With his interest and high experience in developing consumer electronics and connected embedded systems, he developed Raksha SafeDrive. A super cool IoT connected car gadget to help people be safe during their road drives.


Making your toothbrush an interactive smart brush by connecting the device with the real-time brushing data app through the Bluetooth.

This IoT product is to make tooth brushing more interesting and effective to stay away from dental problems.

SmartBrush is a device that needs to be simply connected with the toothbrush you use. The device analyses your brushing style and this real-time data is gathered through the IoT app.

IoT development of this product is done in such a fantastic way that whole family can check and see how all the family members are brushing.

They are notified in case of any tooth cavities, decays or other dental problems suspected through the SmartBrush.

Other IoT app features integrated into the SmartBrush:

  • The IoT app notifies and guides on proper tooth brushing techniques.
  • Real-time recording of your brushing habits.
  • Frequency and pressure of brushing are easily tracked.
  • 3 axis gyro sensor, force sensing resistor, and 3 axis accelerometer module.

The benefit of Smart Brush to mankind:

It’s a common phenomenon to feel the task of toothbrushing a boring one. Many also don’t know the correct way to brush their teeth.

This has badly affected the oral hygiene and overall well being of many people across the globe.

So SmartBrush is a Bluetooth ready, easy-to-integrate, and portable IoT device to help people take care of their oral health.      

Who are the creators of this IoT product- SmartBrush?

Benjamin Schmill is the first creator of this IoT product. Being a father of two girls, he noticed his girls are facing issues brushing their teeth and taking good care of their oral hygiene. This gave him the gusto to develop an educational and a practical tool to improve brushing habits. And he creatively came up with an innovative dental IoT product.

Tittle X

Ultra affordable Golf simulator
Tittle X

Tittle X is an IoT device that is connected with the TruGolf e6 software edition to let the users experience life-like 3D golf playing in their own comfort zone. At their home, office or at any place.

Any children, adult or aged who love playing Golf or want to learn Golf can easily attach this device on their golf stick and start practicing or playing golf.

This type of IoT product will help them to analyze instant swing, swing speed, carry distance, swing type, and swing path.

Be it playing Golf indoor or outdoor and be it with the ball or without the ball. The 3D effects on the IoT app ‘TruGolf e6 edition’ gives a real-world golf feel to the users.

Well! It is resourceful for the users.

This IoT product development is equipped with prestigious golf course library and these golf courses are supported with the lighting modules, physics, and terrain textures for the players to get great user experience.

The benefit of Tittle X to mankind

People new to Golf or people who cannot afford the Golf training or parents who want their children to learn and practice Golf need an affordable and effective solution for the same.

Tittle X delivers all the necessary Golf solution to all the people of any age. There is also no need to develop special skills to operate it.

This IoT product development is a highly affordable 7.9 gram device connected with an IoT app which has more features than just entertainment.

User can track their performance and improve playing Golf through the real-time tracking and educational tools featured in the IoT app.

Who are the creators of this IoT product - Tittle X?

The team of ULike Creative Inc understood the intricate needs of people to play Golf easily. They came up with Tittle X, one of the affordable IoT product for people to play, learn, and enjoy Golf to their fullest.


A smart car device to enhance ownership and safety experience of your car

It’s very simple. Just plug-in the miaLinkup to the data port in your car and pair it’s IoT app on your Android or iOS mobile.

Your mobile and your car will be connected seamlessly even if the car is off or the car is on.  

It’s totally free, without any monthly or yearly subscription fee or recurring fees.  

The unique features of miaLinkup are:

  • Managing fuel cost
  • Tracking and navigating trips
  • Diagnosing the car
  • Monitor and avoid unauthorized movements
  • Protection to teen drivers
  • Battery monitoring
  • Find your car feature
  • Smart music control
  • Two-way voice communication for easy commands and easy notifications
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Remote access feature and much more.

The benefit of miaLinkup to mankind

People world over are highly investing in smartphones and cars. People usually use the smartphone in their car to play the music of their choice, get traffic status, and navigate their trips.

No doubt using smartphones while driving a car can prove to be time savvy, cost-effective and convenient. But by some or the other ways, the smartphone is not connected with the car.

So miaLinkup is a cost-effective and solid solution to this problem.

This IoT device provides safety and a high level of convenience to operate and monitor your car even when your car is off or far away from you.  

Who are the creators of this IoT product - miaLinkup?

Ashot Avetisyan CEO and CTO of miaLinkup had a concept of IoT product for consumer-oriented automobile device. He wanted to deliver an increased user convenience, safety, and information delivery system for the vehicle owners or drivers to manage their car. The combined efforts of his team made it possible to create such type of smart car solution for the users.

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