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Top IT/Tech Consulting Companies To Look in 2019-20

Top IT/Tech Consulting Companies To Look in 2019-20

Friday September 06, 2019,

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As the world is moving towards globalisation, it is becoming challenging for businesses especially the startups and SMEs, to increase their sales in a short period of time when it is already very competitive. 

Hence, many business owners look to outsource top IT consulting firms to get this work done in order to save their efforts as well as the time. So, hiring best IT/Tech consulting companies has become a need of the present era. It will not only provide better customer experience to these businesses but also cut down the cost and optimize the overall work efficiency. 

But selecting a good company can be a daunting task because we are surrounded by a pool of such companies today. Keeping this in my mind, I have shortlisted some of these companies to help you choose the best one which offers high-quality IT consulting services.

I have checked the diversified portfolio, their tech teams, client’s feedback, reviews from sites like Goodfirms and Clutch before making this list. Now, you can check the list given below:

1) ITGix

Top IT consulting company

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Budget: Undisclosed

Employees Count: 11 - 50 

ITGix is an IT company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded in 2015, its team of around 10 employees offers IT management, cloud and SI consulting services, and IT consulting services. Your experienced DevOps team works together to provide stability and efficiency so that your customers can focus on your core business.

They believe that automation and DevOps are the future of IT infrastructure and focus heavily on those aspects. Most of the team has chosen to work together because they love solving problems and think they can add a lot of value to their customers' IT infrastructure.

Clients: Bata, Daimler, Melon, Dench

2) ValueCoders

Top IT/tech consulting companies

Location: India

Budget: 15$/hr

Employees Count: 900+

ValueCoders has been providing IT Outsourcing services worldwide since its creation in 2004. They have separate laboratories for different technologies such as web development, mobile application development, research and development, design, testing and other support departments for administration, resources human, finance, etc. This advanced infrastructure unit helps us offer only the best services in its class according to the varied business needs.

Your IT consulting services will help you focus on what you really need and simultaneously align operations and financial goals.

Clients: Estel, Dubai Police, Affle, Capgemini, Selectspecs, Grundfos

3) StackOverdrive

top it/tech consulting companies

Location: New York , NY

Budget: $10,000+ 

Employees Count: 11 - 50

StackOverdrive is a DevOps consulting company founded in 2014 and based in New York. With a team of less than 10 employees, it offers IT strategy consulting services, IT managed services, cloud and SI consulting, and big data consulting services for small, medium-sized businesses and businesses.

StackOverdrive was hired by a real estate company to help with maintenance and build a deployment pipeline and production infrastructure. The client infrastructure was modified with Django in Amazon Web Services, which had not been flexible enough.

Clients: Meltwater, ARM, University of Pennsylvania, Cross Country Home Services

4) IT Risk Managers

Top IT consulting firms

Location: Oakbrook Terrace , IL

Budget: $1,000+                            

Employees Count: 11 - 50 

IT Risk Managers, LLC is a leading information technology solutions and IT consulting services company that offers commercial value to customers through a combination of proactive technology strategies, technical excellence, quality assurance and service innovation.

ITRM has been optimizing business information technologies and creating efficiencies in doing so, for decades. And in this business, that's a lifetime. In the process, they have been pioneers in offering business-level IT services to small and medium-sized businesses like theirs.

Clients: The Charity Project of Chicago, Standard Engravers, West Suburban Accounting Associates

5) IT Horizons

Top IT consulting firms

Location: Grande Prairie , Canada

Budget: $5,000+                               

Employees Count: 2 - 10 

IT Horizons started its business to help customers achieve success through carefully applied technology. This is at its core and they live this every day.

They are not content with less than the best, but provide outstanding managed IT consulting services that will improve each and every business. This is what they do best, and only highly motivated and qualified nerds can do it.

The company works primarily with Canadian clients, as well as select US companies. It offers a variety of solutions that include managed services, cloud consulting and software integration, and IT strategy.

Clients: Seven Generations Energy, Advantage Oil & Gas, Trusted Dispatch

6) Aptitive

top tech consulting firms

Location: Chicago , IL

Budget: $5,000+                               

Employees Count: 11 - 50

Aptitive is an IT consulting firm based in Chicago with solutions focused on the management, design and development of data-centric projects. Our high aptitude consultants provide innovative technological solutions to your business problems.

With over 20 years of experience providing solutions for both Fortune 500 and medium organizations, we have developed a deep understanding of a variety of technology platforms.

Clients: Omron, Healthstream, MoreCare, The National Safety Council

7) BlackPoint IT

Top IT/ tech consulting firms

Location: Kent , WA

Budget: $5,000+                               

Employees Count: 51 - 250

Based in Kent, WA, they are one of the largest IT services companies in the Seattle metropolitan area. They are passionate about their clients, profession, community and each other. Its objective is to provide strategic, reliable and secure communication and IT solutions.

A business services company that emphasizes the privacy of customer data found that they needed to increase their computer security to maintain a high level of privacy. BlackPoint IT now monitors the network for security threats and implements preventive measures.

Clients: Seaport Steel, P.S., Bader Martin, Healthcare IT Solutions

8) Stratosphere Networks

Top IT/Tech consulting firms

Location: Evanston , IL

Budget: $10,000+                               

Employees Count: 51 - 250

Stratosphere Networks is a multi-faceted IT consulting services provider focused on providing comprehensive technology services and solutions to meet and exceed diverse and ever-changing business needs for all industries.

They provide complete maintenance and support services ranging from desktop support, business continuity, disaster recovery, remote and on-site support, proactive network monitoring and continuous maintenance services.

Clients: Accredited Business, Stevie Awards, Crain

9) Fidelis Cybersecurity

Top IT/ Tech Consulting firms

Location: Bethesda , MD

Budget: $5,000+

Employees Count: 251 - 1,000

Fidelis Cybersecurity is committed to helping its customers detect and respond to the advanced threats of today and tomorrow, with powerful technological solutions and IT consulting services that provide security professionals with the precision and context to make faster decisions and informed.

They look for the best talents with bright minds, the skills and the drive to excel, and the passion to defeat the toughest opponents. With Fidelis, you can shape your future, succeed in a highly entrepreneurial environment and have fun in the process.

Clients: Barclays, Hanes, Microsoft, U.S. Air Force

10) VirtusaPolaris

Top IT consulting/ tech consulting firm

Location: Westborough , MA

Budget: $1,000+                               

Employees Count: 1,001 - 10,000 

At Virtusa, they accelerate business results for their clients through their expert IT consulting and outsourcing services. They support a wide variety of Forbes Global 2000 companies with services that span the entire spectrum of the life cycle of IT services. Its industry-leading solutions transform companies not only for a better today, but also for a better future.

He developed a fully automated answering machine that the customer still uses to this day. The customer was impressed with the reliability of VirtusaPolaris and the success of the answering system.

Clients: Pegasystems, JPMorgan, AIG

11) Intellectsoft

Top IT/ Technology consulting firm.

Location: Palo Alto , CA

Budget: $25,000+

Employees Count: 251 - 1,000

Intellectsoft offers cutting-edge engineering solutions, IT consulting services for global companies and Fortune 500 with the mission of helping companies accelerate the adoption of new technologies, untangle complex problems that always arise during digital evolution and orchestrate continuous innovation .

He maintains his advanced domain experience through five dedicated laboratories: Cognitive Computing, Decentralized Applications, Internet of Things, Premier Customer Experience and Mixed Reality.

Clients: Eurostar, Jaguar, Universal Pictures, Harley Davidson

12) Standing Tech Company

Top IT consulting, tech consulting firms

Location: Erbil , Iraq

Budget: $5,000+                               

Employees Count: 2 - 10

Standing Tech Company for Information Technology Services and Solutions is a software company that offers web design and web development, GPS tracking, fleet management, business software, database applications, ERP development, hosting and domain, cloud computing, security services, mobile application development, E-Commerce development, payment integration, online payments, online shopping.

Your expert IT engineers and software developers can help you create the best software and implement customized information technology solutions for your organization.

Clients: Paytekht.com, Galiawa Group, Waterlilyco.com

13) Ideamine

top IT consulting/ tech consulting firms

Location: Kochi , India

Budget: Undisclosed

Employees Count: 11 - 50

Ideamine started in 2007 as a server management company in a small space and was limited to two employees. Today, it is a confluence of more than 100 employees who work meticulously to meet the needs of a bouquet of customers. They deliver awesome IT outsourcing & consulting services.

They have expanding offices in Kochi that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because they know their customers can call them at any time. Ideamine has partnered with Amazon Web Services and system administrators certified by Microsoft Azure to trigger their standards and lead the server management industry for example.

Clients: Clients from E-Commerce, education, media & entertainment industry

14) InsITe Business Solutions, Inc.

Top IT consulting/ Tech consulting firms

Location: Zeeland , MI

Budget: $1,000+ 

Employees Count: 2 - 10 

InsITe Business Solutions, Inc. is an IT service provider based in Zeeland, Mich. Founded in 2008, the team of 7 specializes in cloud and SI consulting, IT consulting services and IT strategy consulting.

They believe in a deeper meaning that drives our team's passion for excellence. The company's mission involves being service leaders and impacting people through their passion and talent. InsITe is “Created to serve,” and they do their best every day to build our company with a service mindset.

Clients: Plascore, Gilda’s Club, Montina Manufacturing

15) Welcome Networks

Top IT consulting, tech consulting, software consulting firms

Location: Burnaby , Canada

Budget: $5,000+                               

Employees Count: 11 - 50

Welcome Networks has been helping companies like yours with advanced IT consulting services and technology solutions since 1999. Beginning by providing services to companies in the Greater Vancouver of British Columbia, they have expanded their services to extremely happy clients throughout Canada and the United States. .

They provide managed IT services to small and medium businesses and optimize the administration of their systems and reduce IT costs. With Welcome Networks, server and network blockages are a thing of the past, since they implement next-generation real-time problem correction and detection systems.

Clients: Aylett Grant Tax, Chun and Company, Pinnacle PAC

16) SumatoSoft

Top IT/ tech consulting firms

Location: Belarus , Belarus

Budget: $25,000+

Employees Count: 11 - 50

SumatoSoft has delivered software solutions that really work for customers, making your business easier and more profitable. Their values help them provide the best IT consulting services in the field.

SumatoSoft created a new website for an e-commerce startup with Ruby on Rails, HTML5 and JavaScript. The new market increased sales and audience reach. He also received positive comments for his design.

Clients: Toyota, Cornerstone, Sous Kitchen, Nectarin, RivalFox

17) Creative People

Top IT consulting/ tech consulting firms

Location: Attika , Greece

Budget: Undisclosed

Employees Count: 11 - 50

As creative people, they focus first on the strategic business needs of their customers, to determine the technological capabilities necessary to support their short or long term goals.

They help companies to confidently address technology-related decisions and ensure that their operational models are agile and effective, eliminating noise from fleeting technology trends to create lasting results.

They are simply the kind of people who wake up in the morning and live on what they love most. Creative People professionally manages IT strategic planning, the challenges of the operational and digital model, the development of business architecture, the wide range of data analysis, IT outsourcing and outsourcing, IT organization and governance, Metrics and IT panels.

Clients: Oyema, Hoboj

18) Leveldesk

Top IT consulting/tech consulting firms

Location: Brooklyn , NY

Budget: $5,000+                               

Employees Count: 2 - 10

At Leveldesk, they have been supporting small and medium enterprises for more than 10 years. They offer a complete set of technological services including IT consulting services to meet the business needs.

They have more than 10 years of experience providing companies with managed IT services. Their technology services team works with companies in various industries that encompass education, entertainment, nonprofit, industrial and commercial industries, government and civic organizations and more.

With Leveldesk Managed IT consulting services, they pride themselves in their ability to provide a clear and concise solution that addresses the specific needs of the business.

Clients: N/A 

19) Core-Effect

Top IT Consulting/ Tech consulting companies

Location: Honolulu , HI

Budget: Undisclosed

Employees Count: 2 - 10

Core-Effect has been helping its clients with effective IT consulting services since 2004.

They work with their clients to produce better results using tools that support more effective and intelligent business processes throughout the organization.

These tools include functionality in the areas of accounting and finance, inventory, project management, customer relationship management, customer service and support, marketing, website and e-commerce, order management; partner management; human Resources; and collaboration

Its clients operate in various business areas, including distribution, services, education and electronic commerce.

Clients: Qahwa, Ltd., Sunetric, Hawaii Business Magazine, Ink4All

20) Sysbee

Top IT consulting, tech consulting firms

Location: Pula , Croatia

Budget: $1,000+                               

Employees Count: 2 - 10

Sysbee is a group of systems engineers and infrastructure architects dedicated to bringing DevOps culture to small and medium-sized businesses, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of web services and cloud hosting.

Provides IT consulting services for a broadcasting and media company. The client needed IT experts to help with the organization and maintenance of their AWS infrastructure. As a result of this project, the media company saw an influx of new users and improved its market position.

Clients: IKEA, Infobip, Atheneum

Final Note:

So now we have seen the list of top 20 IT/Tech consulting companies globally. The above list would surely help your business grow in the right direction. You can now choose the one that suits your business requirements. This will also make it easier for business owners to make an appropriate decision when choosing the best IT / IT technology consulting companies among the largest companies in the world. You will save time and money.