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Motivational Videos for Startup Entrepreneurs in India

Motivational Videos for Startup Entrepreneurs in India

Thursday May 02, 2019,

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It is often said that 5% of the world population holds 95% of the total world's wealth. And because of this, much of the young talent of today's world are attracted to make a print in the business industry.

But not everyone has a long chain of a family business, which is why entrepreneurship is a dream of youth.

A dream should be practical and realistic. And to make it so, many entrepreneurs/motivational speakers are making an attempt to drive home this idea of not giving up. So, here on out, we will discuss some of the top motivational videos there is for young people aspiring for entrepreneurship dream. Not only this but also we will see some very distinguished lives lead by these young achievers. 

Top videos

Sandeep Maheshwari on how to think for business success.

  • In this video, a young guy asks the motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari on how to capture India market entrepreneurs. Remember to get ISO certificate in India using our best services to conduct standardized business.
  • A little bit of background on this guy's business- his firm (the books factory) launches a book on successful entrepreneurs every year and gets a handsome lump sum amount from the foreign market.
  • They market this book by using promotional strategies. But the Indian market seems like an untapped as Indian entrepreneurs aren't ready to pay that much amount to this businessman. What advice does Mr. Maheshwari give to this young talent?

How to do business by Sandeep Maheshwari

  • In this another video by Sandeep Maheshwari, he motivates people by using facts. Yes, motivating people by facts.
  • He gives a statistic where 90% of people who will try to do business in the future will probably fail. Want to know why? 50% will fail because they won't try at all and out of 80% of the rest 40% will fail because of lack of knowledge.
  • Before attempting a business, you should know some of the pointers. What are these pointers?

Ritesh Agarwal on How to build your startup?

  • Ever heard of OYO rooms? Ritesh Agarwal, being an entrepreneur in the hotel industry traveled across India, trying out cheap and affordable hotels. He had this clarity and commitment when he was very young to be an entrepreneur.
  • Talking of affordability, use our expert services to register your Private Limited Company at affordable prices now by going to LegalRaasta.
  • After he had his life journey with him, he heard of many complaints with many businesses in the hotel industry and the complaints were very varied, ranging from the bed was hard to the hotel not picking up.
  • These issues were not solved at all and not addressed as well. Who will be held responsible? And who will pay for such inconveniences? Will these conditions remain forever? He, who dropped out at 18, has a mission in mind.

Ankur Warikoo on fighting the world to be Build a startup

  • Now, this person is interesting. He was good at astrophysics and gained a scholarship to study abroad. From there he had a Master in Astrophysics. From there, he chose multiple fields to be explored in search of happiness. Almost succeeding in multiple careers, he decided to go for an online business Nearbuy.
  • This speech of his defines the true meaning of motivation. It was informative, inspiring, satirically commenting on the attitudes of Indian family towards the crazy choices we make in youth.
  • Everything he says will inspire you deeply and in the end, it is a person's life lessons which you will be learning who is named Forbs 40 under 40. Fight the world now, but don’t fight the law and register your LLP now.

Damini Mahajan on how she started her business with Rs.1,400 investment.

  • The title says it all. This is a journey of Miss. Damini Mahajan who came from a lower background and achieved heights of success.
  • She gives the idea where everything was not rosy for her, but yet she found a way. Learning from everyone who came along with her on the journey, she almost constantly stresses a point of leaving your comfort zone.
  • At the launch event, she narrates an interesting story that needs a definite hearing. Also, you could get public investment by registering a public limited company using our services.


So, in the end, you can get motivated all you want and be inspired by millions of other videos on youtube but in its totality, every effort is incomplete without action. So, it is suggested that you act smartly by gathering all the information you need and have faith in the process of learning. 

This article is written by Anubhav who is a Content Writer at LegalRaasta.

LegalRaasta is a platform that provides tons of registeration services for upcoming startups in the form of OPC registration, proprietorship registration or MSME registration.

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