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Top 09 Things to Eat On Your India Tour

In India Tourism offer you will find a lot of world-famous monuments, beautiful places that will seduce you with their natural beauty and traditional food that has become popular all over the globe.

Top 09 Things to Eat On Your India Tour

Thursday November 14, 2019,

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Diverse cultures resulted in a mixture of cuisines whose authentic dishes are unique to their regions and flattered by replicas elsewhere. Some popular regional dishes are also widely found all over India, and remain unique to India. India Tours- you always anticipate vibrant sights and exotic sounds but do not forget the tantalizing tastes that are yet another fascinating facet of this incredible land.

01. Naan


This leavened flatbread is popular in the northern region of India. It is traditionally cooked inside a special cauldron, whose curved surfaces are where the flattened dough is placed to cook the bread. What was traditionally considered too elaborate to prepare at home, recipes have been adapted in a way that Naan can now be baked in ovens. Served with tandoori dishes, or spicy thick gravy, Naans can be flavored with garlic or cheese and delight any food lover.

02. Pilaf / Pilau

Pilaf - Pilau

The vegetarian version of Biryani, this is a rice dish that has many variations to tantalize any gourmet. Basmati rice is usually used and cooked in ghee with a mixture of nuts and raisins. Aromatic spices with almond silvers, chopped cashew, and raisins cooked in ghee and mixed fluffy Basmati grains make a delectable delight. Served with Dhal or meat gravy, eating this rice dish with clean fingers is an experience that cannot be easily forgotten.

03. Dosa


Sometimes called the Indian pancake, this is widely available in almost every region of India especially in Southern India. Making the Dosa is not as time-consuming as the preparation of the batter. Urdu Dhal and rice are soaked separately for at least half a day and then ground together to form a smooth batter. Scoop of batter is then poured on a hot pan and flattened into a circular shape. There have variations with inclusion onions, ghee, and even cheese. The most popular version may be the Masala Dosa where a spicy mixture of vegetables is scooped onto the cooked Dosa and folded in half. A healthy and filling one-dish meal is then already. Dosa is usually served with gravy and chutneys.

04. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri

An iconic yet humble snack from the Western region of India, and unique to Mumbai, this crunchy spicy street food is made with boiled potatoes, puffed rice and Sev, which is fried crumbled noodles made from besan flour. Usually, it is served as Chaat, which refers to an assortment of savory snacks and accompanied with assorted chutneys, depending on the cook and region it made. Tangy tamarind sauce is another common accompaniment for this savory snack which tastes best when eaten immediately upon preparation. The beauty of this favorite snack is the flexibility in adding other ingredients as they cook fancies. However it may vary, an explosion of tastes awaits the diner who will be thrilled with the combination of mild to spice in this deceptively simple snack.

05. Tikka / Tandoori

Tikka - Tandoori

Fresh meat such as chicken, mutton or the all-time favorite goat meat is marinated in a tantalizing mixture of spices, yogurt, and herbs for long hours. The prolonged marinating and unique cooking method, Tandoor- cooking the coated meat in a clay oven over an open fire, results in the most succulent meat that simply melts in one’s mouth. Served with rice dishes or Naan, this delicious meat dish is an all-time favorite for all those who Travel India.

06. Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

Some call it the king of Indian dishes or at least the king of Biryani. With the exotic combination of flavoring and aromatic spices, curd taste of yogurt and the rich ghee with tender meat of chicken or goat, one’s taste buds will be engulfed and teased in this potent dish. There are two methods of making this luxurious dish- the Kacchi Yakhni and the Pakki Biryani. The former is the more traditional method where the raw meat is marinated in yogurt and spiced and cooked in layers, together with the rice grain mixed with spices. Pakki method requires a shorter time to marinate the meat which is cooked before mixed with the aromatic and flavored rice. Whichever method is used, this is a one-dish feast befitting royalty. Do not miss the opportunity to try this wonderful dish while on your India Tour Package.

07. Assorted Indian Sweets

Assorted Indian Sweets

India boasts hundreds of varieties of sweetmeats, hailing from the different states. With main ingredients sugar, milk and condensed milk, Halwa, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Kesari, and the likes are heavenly spread for all with a sweet tooth. There are certain sweets unique to certain regions such as Kheer, which is rice pudding flavored with pistachio and Cardamom, and Savayin from Andhra. Variations of these can also be found in other regions of India. Rajasthani Moong Dal Halwa and Kesari are exotic sweets with the incredible taste of almonds, cashews, and raisins. Wherever one may travel in India, it is not possible to miss these sweet desserts in every rainbow hue, especially when it is the festive season.

08. Tea


Whether it is world-famous Darjeeling tea or the common chai tea found in every other street corner, India is the homeland of this exotic caffeine, and before it became a trendy afternoon beverage at its past colonial master land. The fine and premium Darjeeling is the choice beverage for many tea lovers all over the world. The humble cousin- chai tea, hot and spicy with the ginger touch is not any less exotic or aromatic. Strong in flavor and sensual treat in every aspect, chai tea is a must-try for all on their India Tours.

09. Lassi


A cool refreshing smoothie of yogurt blended with ice cubes. Either salted or sweetened, this is one refreshing drink welcomed in the hot and sometimes extremely humid weather in India. While plain Lassi can be commonplace, equally widely available is the mango Lassi where fresh mango slices are pureed with yogurt and ice. Intriguing and chockfull of probiotics, this yummy drink is relished anytime by the locals and visitors alike.

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