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How I wrote My First Blog Post by creative thoughts

First blog post: it will be the best and special activity to experience something out of the box. Writing is an art and art will be done only by creative thoughts. So do you wanna start your first blog post? Let’s get started.

How I wrote My First Blog Post by creative thoughts

Monday July 27, 2020,

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How I wrote my First Blog Post

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We all know ART is all about design, structures, colors and lines. One of the most important characteristics of art is that it should be perceptible. I am good at drawing, crafting, coloring and sketching. But whenever I draw something with paint colors, it usually doesn’t work for me because they’re not something that I am comfortable with. Throughout my childhood, I mostly stuck with pencil-sketched works.

Drawing is a part of art. similar to writing. TO WRITE is an art that can give you confidence, self-motivation and self-empowerment. At first, I wasn’t so sure about my skills due to my lack of knowledge in words, understanding of grammar and most of all, confidence. Nevertheless, I kept journals throughout my college years and started writing down all the small events that happened in my life. Although journals can hardly be considered as writing for a digital platform, I am confident that I can write blogs and articles too.

My Journey with Digital Platforms

I was familiar with some digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, which I’m sure everyone else uses to share every single action and event in our life, maybe even adding in a few inspiring captions here and there to our photos. I wasn’t so different.

When I started working on my job, I became more familiar with other social platforms like Medium, Reddit and Quora. This gave me an avenue to post both short and long articles. I posted my first articles on a subreddit dedicated to sharing content and on Quora.

“Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s a part of success”

Someone said it right. On Medium, I ran into some problems because of their terms and policies. Whenever I posted a fresh content and article on Medium, it would get blocked by their team. So there are certain terms we need to follow and apply whenever we write blogs, which resulted in me implementing certain practices whenever I write. I’m still trying to get rid of those practices, and I WILL. Change is always scary but I am excited because I am entering a new chapter in my life.

How to Write a Good Blog Post

Choose your topic wisely and provide content that your users will consider helpful. Ask yourself some questions: Are they going to read this? Will my blog be helpful to them? Make sure your blog article is inspirational and interesting to make it attractive and readable.

  • Be sure about your writing and have faith in your words
  • Choose your TOPIC and research it
  • Create your content/blog post/article
  • Choose your platform wisely and take into account the users who will see your post
  • If you wanna create or start your website, make it user-friendly. Give a proper navigational menu.
  • After choosing your topic and platform, START Writing with simple words and share something that will support your messages` like statistics and figures.
  • Give some related quotes that support your post. Quotes are frequently used in digital platforms!
  • Try to cover all words or queries that users often search for. Doing so will boost your blog post and get you loads of organic traffic.
  • Try to post or share your blog on social media platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others.