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Top 7 Careers In Computer Science [ With High Paying Jobs]

Read About Top 7 Career in Computer Science with high Paying Jobs. Get all information about starting your career as a computer engineer

Top 7 Careers In Computer Science [ With High Paying Jobs]

Saturday May 16, 2020,

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Career in computer Science

Computer science is one of the most rapidly developing fields and has been a great career choice for students all over the world. With the rapid development of the internet, mobile application, robust software these technologies are growing at a large pace. From a small shopping mall to a large software industry all businesses are dependent on computer technology. Let’s explore the endless possibilities of computer science and career in this field.  During the evolution of technology computer science has emerged as a giant of information it is bringing people together providing ease in business, making teaching strong, and predicting what to happened next hour.

Do you know! according to the source, Facebook's revenue grew from 7.87 billion in 2013 to 70.7 billion US dollars in 2018 just in 5 years. Microsoft has shown record-breaking performance and has earned $125 billion in the year  2019. Google has marked $8.92 billion only from google’s cloud. With a lot of potentials and bright career opportunities, computer science is a growing popular and high demanding course in the universities. Setting up businesses with computers and software dependent. You cannot imagine a big company without the use of computer technology This is the reason why most computer-related jobs are the highest-paying job in the market. IT industry is the highest-earning industry in the globe. 

All the data are enough to drive a fresher to choose computer science as a career choice but there are some questions which you need to ask with yourself before choosing this field as a career choice.

Does working with computer gives You Fun?  Do you like solving logic and codes? Do you ever wonder to know how the mobile applications or software are operating or did you ever tried to know the fact behind the working of the internet or computer and does learning computer gives you passion? If it is so Computer science is the best career choice for you.

What you will learn in Computer Science

Computer Science students learn about the working of computers and various software and programming languages. This is one of the most demanded fields these days, computer science is widely popular and competitive.

There are many ways to enter the computer science field but the most common one is the Bachelor's degree in  Computer Science. Other courses available are a bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer Engineering (CE). In the bachelor’s degree course in computer science, students learn about computer, math, mechanical, and electrical sciences (with some unrelated general education requirements courses peppered in).

There is one well-known misconception – computer engineers are stuck behind a computer and have no human interaction computer science requires teamwork and quite interesting at all.


As Computer science is one of the highest rising innovations, there are varied an enormous number of vocation choice in this field. With the different ways prompting a vocation in the software engineering field, there is similarly the same number of potential goals. If you are keen on considering PCs or innovation, you might be pondering: Which software engineering profession is directly for me? Picking a software engineering way truly relies upon the individual, however, perhaps this rundown of a portion of the top software engineering employments can assist you with narrowing down your alternatives.

Types of Computer Science Careers

Computer scientists work with computers in different ways based on that 7 different career options have been mentioned here.

Software Engineering

Programming in Software is one of the most sought after and quickest developing field. Silicon Valley has become a hotbed of movement, where a blast of capital-upheld innovation speculations into new companies has raised programming architects to hero status, permitting even section level contender to catch $100,000 every year positions. Consider this work preview for programming designers in San Francisco and San Jose, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For every 1,000 occupations in the locale, programming designers represent 82 positions – that is 8.2 percent of the whole workforce. In this field, you will learn about the working and programming of different software. The well-known languages in Software Engineering are C++, C, Java, etc.

Web Development

Web development is fundamentally the errands related to creating sites for facilitating using intranet or web. The web improvement process includes website composition, web content turn of events, customer-side/server-side scripting, and system security setup.

A web designer is a developer who has practical experience in the advancement of World Wide Web applications utilizing a customer service model. They are additionally liable for planning, coding, and adjusting sites, from design to capacity and as per a customer's particulars.

The salary of the web developer increases with their experience. The system design industry hires more web developers than other industries. An experienced web developer earns $70,447 average annually. Here is the full report.

Average Salary of Web Devloper

Data Source: Payscale

According to their specialization in the field, There are three types of Web Developers

  • Front End Web Developers—A front end web designer use dialects like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to construct the noticeable pieces of sites (think "forward-looking") you see when you visit with an internet browser. Front end web improvement is a powerful and adaptable approach to break into tech since front end web engineers accomplish everything from work for set up organizations to outsourcing all alone and working up their abilities while working for singular customers.

  • Back End Web Developers—While the front finish of a site incorporates everything the client collaborates with legitimately, think about the back end as the"under the hood" portions of a website. Clients don't see this work, yet back end web engineers cause the parts they To do see run easily. For instance, back end web engineers use "server-side" programming dialects to demand information from a web page's web server, which at that point shows up as HTML yield on a client's screen.

  • Full Stack Web Developers—Combine the ranges of abilities of a front end web designer and a back end web engineer, and you get "full-stack." Full-stack designers are software engineers who have involvement in front end web advancement and back end improvement (and remember that "web" can be filled in for "portable application" or "application" advancement in this depiction, as well, henceforth why you'll see work postings for full-stack application engineers).

Hardware Engineering

Most passage level PC equipment engineers have a four-year college education in PC building, albeit a degree in electrical designing or software engineering likewise is commonly satisfactory. A PC building major is like a significant in electrical designing yet with a substantial accentuation on software engineering. Some PC equipment specialists can progress to become PC and data frameworks chiefs. They have an annual salary of $115,080 as an average. PC equipment engineers examine, plan, create, and test PC frameworks and parts, for example, processors, circuit sheets, memory gadgets, systems, and switches.

PC equipment builds normally do the accompanying:

  • Structure new PC equipment, making schematics of PC hardware to be constructed
  • Test the PC equipment they structure
  • Investigate the test outcomes and alter the plan varying
  • Update existing PC gear so it will work with new programming
  • Regulate the assembling procedure for PC equipment

Numerous equipment engineers structure gadgets utilized in fabricated items that consolidate processors and other PC parts and that associate with the Internet. For instance, numerous new vehicles, home apparatuses, and clinical gadgets have Internet-prepared PC frameworks incorporated with them.

Hardware engineers guarantee that PC equipment and its parts cooperate with the most recent and updated codes. Along these lines, equipment designs regularly work with programming engineers. For instance, the equipment and programming for cell phones and different gadgets now and again are created simultaneously.

Mobile Application Development

As cell phone innovation keeps on advancing, the requirement for talented portable application designers will become 19% among now and 2024. In this job, you'll make application programming for various working frameworks, for example, iOS, Windows, and Android. You'll require experience utilizing programming dialects like Java, C++, C, and Python, among others. As a versatile application designer, you'll flex your imagination as you work with item and configuration groups to comprehend client needs and make specialized arrangements.

The appeal of planning something new and new. The chance to have the option to rethink the manner in which portable innovation is utilized. Application designers can work anyplace – all they need is access to a solid web association and a decent SDK.

AI And Machine Learning

In case you're new to the field, you may be pondering, exactly what is Artificial Intelligence at that point? Simulated intelligence is the manner by which we make smart machines. It's a product that learns like how people get the hang of, mirroring human adapting so it can assume control over a portion of our employments for us and improve and quicker than we people ever could. AI is a subset of AI, so now and again when we're depicting AI, we're portraying AI, which is the procedure by which AI learns.

With AI, calculations utilize a lot of preparing information to empower PCs to figure out how to accomplish something they are not modified to do. AI furnishes us with innovation to enlarge our human capacities.

Artificial intelligence has across the board benefits. The two individuals and organizations profit by AI. Shoppers use AI day by day to discover their goals utilizing route and ride-sharing applications, as shrewd home gadgets or individual collaborators, or for spilling administrations. Organizations can utilize AI to evaluate hazard and characterize the chance, cut expenses, and lift research and advancement.

Systems Architect

System draftsmen devise, assemble and keep up systems administration and PC frameworks. They may introduce both equipment and programming during the arrangement and upkeep of these frameworks. These frameworks work as a component of an organization foundation, and all things considered, this individual is liable for provisioning, designing, and working the system frameworks that permit the organization to work. The activity may involve specialized innovative work, the presentation of new applications for process improvement, or long haul framework road mapping.

Correspondence is a key aptitude for framework draftsmen; work obligations for this position incorporate guaranteeing that customer and friends' needs are met, offering specialized help and making establishment guidelines for clients.

Video Game Developer

An expanding number of universal understudies are settling on the choice to transform their affection for playing computer games into a rewarding profession in computer game improvement in the United States. Computer game advancement is an assorted field with numerous potential vocation ways. This article distinguishes various potential professions in computer game turn of events and their normal beginning pay rates.

With the flourishing condition of the computer game industry both in the United States and around the globe, one of the present most progressively famous fields of study among universal understudies is computer game turn of events. The purposes for a choice to contemplate computer game advancement change, yet most likely the outstanding possibilities for professions in computer game improvement assume a key job in attracting understudies to the field. Other than being the fantasy employment of numerous gamers, vocations in computer game advancement have high beginning pay rates, pleasant and loosened up workplaces, and flourish with innovative opportunity. Advancement groups are comprised of a gathering of similarly invested people all seeking after something very similar: to transform their enthusiasm for video gaming into a vocation.

The way toward making a computer game is a confounded thing. It is profoundly particular and runs on a division of work, that being the situation, computer game improvement employments take on an exceptionally unmistakable job in the bigger procedure of making a computer game. Be that as it may, global understudies inside the computer game advancement field ought to be very much aware of the expansion and specialization of the computer game creation process, as computer game improvement degrees are revolved around observing a venture through the various periods of creation and regulating a particular part of creation. This makes computer game improvement a half and half order, drawing from the fields of software engineering (programming, programming building, visual communication, and so forth.), arithmetic, and creation. This implies global understudies who study computer game improvement in the US will be a handyman on their advancement group, and frequently requested to start to lead the pack on a particular component of the undertaking.