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Top 7 Chatbot Development Platforms To Build Powerful Bots For Your Business

Top 7 Chatbot Development Platforms To Build Powerful Bots For Your Business

Saturday November 30, 2019,

5 min Read

In today’s age, where personalized marketing is crucial indeed, chatbots have been emerging to serve a one-to-one experience to the users or customers. Most of the brands today are integrating chatbots into their website or chat systems. For instance, Facebook and Telegram have already ensured their move in this arena by creating & deploying their own chatbots.

With the steadily elevating popularity of chatbots, many businesses are in rivalry to launch chatbots or AI-equipped virtual assistants to seamlessly manage their customers, offer reliable support, ameliorate or improve their product offering, and sustain customers with life-long efficiency.

When it comes to developing a chatbot, often business individuals seem in a dilemma about selecting a right chatbot development platform, tool or framework to seamlessly drive their determined goals. So, this blog will let you unfold the list of popular chatbot development platforms to build intelligent and productive chatbots supporting your business to escalate and drive profitable results.

Microsoft Bot Framework

This chatbot acts like a talking bot that enables developers to develop a highly engaging platform to seamlessly communicate, serve, and support customers’ queries. It is equipped with a comprehensive emulator to simply debug your bots and hence, all the features & functionality of the chatbot can be validated significantly.

Microsoft Bot Framework helps developers to develop, publish, and manage chatbots to ensure smart and interactive user experience. You can also utilize pre-built models such as Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger or your website to interact with your customers or users more efficiently and effectively.

IBM Watson

The next name that reserves its value position in this list is IBM Watson. This is such a platform to build smart chatbots comprising the capability to efficiently collect, process, and respond. Leveraging the power of machine learning, this bot platform responds to natural language inputs on a multitude of platforms like smartphone devices, websites, messaging applications, and robots. With the help of this platform, developers can build powerful bots within a stipulated time frame

RASA Stack

RASA Stack is considered an open-source framework that works embracing the machine learning capabilities with two main components that are RASA NLU and RASA Core. RASA NLU works on natural language processing of the chatbot while RASA Core acts on the inputs based on intent & entities.

RASA Stack exhibits its smart caliber to manage contextual dialogues, connect your APIs, identify intents & extract entities with full data control to serve better and support better to the users.


Chatfuel is a kind of chatbot development platform whereby anyone with less technical expertise can develop and launch smart chatbots for Facebook Messenger to deliver a sound experience to the customers while engaging them by adding content cards and automatically sharing the same to the followers. This chatbot is equipped with AI techniques to ensure scripting interactive conversations with the users. Few of its premium users are MTV, Adidas, Volkswagen, and British Airways a few names to give.  


Botsify is introduced as another platform to develop Facebook Messenger utilizing the simplified drag & drop functionality such as easy integration with plugins, AI configuration, machine learning & essential analytics. Users with less technical know-how can create a basic chatbot but to integrate AI and machine learning capabilities, they have to take recourse of expert developers. Like other bot development platforms, Botsify also comes with free (with limited usage) and premium features.

Flow XO

This bot development platform comes with distinctive capability, for instance, you can perform more than 100 integrations seamlessly while imbibing the simplified and visual editor. Embracing Flow XO, you can create once and utilize for multiple platforms as it eliminates the need of creating a distinct chatbot for the distinct platform.

Siphoning the Flow XO can be a proven smarter deal for your business. A free version may not offer you a remarkable solution but yes, a premium version opens a door and extend your caliber to drive the up-to-mark conversations with the users.


The next bot development platform that exhibits its capability to remain on this list is Wit.ai. This platform is considered a cross-platform bot development platform that demonstrates its compatibility with both the web and mobile applications. This platform is just not limited to create bots, this also offers its caliber to develop an automation functionality for wearable devices, voice-enabled interfaces for mobile apps, and home electronic hardware to simplify or support the comfort life.

Summing Up!

So, this was the smart list of chatbot development frameworks or platforms to build smarter, intelligent, and conversational bots to uplift your day-to-day operational process while gratifying your customer base. 

Among the above-mentioned bot development platforms, you can choose the one which is best suited to your business and can support your business to determine its true values. If making the right decision is a tough task for you, Infoxen can help.