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Best Web Hosting Companies For Indian Websites & Types of Web Hosting

It will help you in choosing the best web hosting Providers for India Websites which may seem quite difficult for many people. At last, research through every web hosting plan in India and launch your business to new heights of achievements and glory.

Best Web Hosting Companies For Indian Websites & Types of Web Hosting

Friday June 05, 2020,

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Yes, when we are talking about the various industries, Web hosting companies in India will surely be brought into the limelight. If you are a businessman no matter a small scale or a large scale, it is essential to select the best web hosting in India

With the evolution of science and technology, this world has never been the same. If we talk about the present-day scenario, every industry has been paced in a fast track mode and fierce competition is ongoing in the present-day market. 

But with a cutthroat competition going all over, there are a variety of points that will help you select the best web hosting provider in India. Among several of the developed countries, India will surely be one of them. In India, all of their servicing has been top-notch and yes, we are talking about offline services. But, when we visit the online world, the competition gets a little tougher as every new day; a new company is surprising to serve the customers with their web hosting services. 

Hence, in this article, we will demonstrate you to how can you choose the best web hosting site in India. Hence, for a clear understanding and to make this work far simpler for you, let us look at the best web hosting services in India.

Top Big Web Hosting Companies In India

#1. BigRock.com

For users who are In search of a Best India company that has all of the latest technologies and features included in it, BigRock is the perfect solution to each of their queries. With many of the small-scale business who are in need of a company which has the best technologies inculcated in it, BigRock is the one to look for. As we all know that storage has been the most important component in any of the web hosting companies servicing. Hence, with bigrock.com, you can avail the benefits of SSD (Solid-state drive) for maximizing your storage performance.

Also with the SSD, the transfer speed is also increased drastically and all of your storage, transfer work can be done at a lightning-fast speed. In terms of security, they issue a special SSL certificate for each of their website. With such a strong security mechanism, any intruder or hacker will have to work really hard to get access in this site’s security and this makes BigRock set apart from several of its competitors. 

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#2. Bluehost.com

If you are a fanatic of customizations and want to experiment with your website, Bluehost is the best fit for you. In terms of customization, Bluehost has been on its firm grip and is still serving millions of users in India. In this web hosting company, you can choose from a range of different fonts and themes. Each of the layouts will deploy a magnificent look on your desired website and this is what every user wants. Also, they provide a responsive web design for your website. As a result of which, your dream website can be accessed on either a mobile phone or a tablet without any issue. 

With this, adaptability will never be an issue on Bluehost.com. In the end, if you are fantastic of customization and want your website to look absolutely attractive and classy, choose this brilliant web hosting India Company and outshine your business in this competitive cutthroat world. 

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#3. Hostinger.com

If you are the one who is looking for absolute professional servicing, Hostinger will be the best option for you. It has been a renounced company for ages and is serving its customers to the highest level of extent. Apart from their brand name, they are power-packed with tons of features which makes them the best of the lot. In addition, 

they also offer unlimited domains at an affordable price. You say and the required domain will be available to you within no time. Also, for those customers who are looking for world-class customer care service, this web hosting company will do quite a decent job. Even in today’s scenario, whenever anyone talks about the best web hosting in India, the name of green geeks will definitely be the word of mouth on a maximum number of people. With them, you can be guaranteed of smoothing service without any issues whatsoever.

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#4. Dreamhost.com

Dreamhost has been a boon to the small-scale business. In the current day scenario, thousands of the present-day small business has been benefited from this web hosting company. Also, they offer a range of simple tools which can make your web hosting build-up experience a lot easier. With them, you can get your website hosted in minutes and hurry! You can avail the benefits of their website and level up your business to the highest level of the apex. In addition, you can create your website with the drag and drop option. There is no need for a professional website designer or a developer for the building of your website. 

If we talk about affordability, Dreamhost is not that much costly and can be afforded by many small-scale businesses to make their small business brands achieve the highest possible apex no one would have thought off. In terms of mailing, they provide the servicing of secure mail which cannot be intervened by an intruder or hacker. All in all, if you are in search of the best hosting in India Company, Dreamhost will be the ideal choice for you without a single issue or confusion. 

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#5. HostGator.com

In 2014, a company came which disturbed every other company in its class. Yes, it is none other than hostgator.com. This web hosting company is a renounced name in the web hosting world and is providing web hosting services to almost all users of India and also other parts of the world. Besides fierce competition, HostGator is still in its firm position and is facing no difficulty whatsoever. If you are a businessman who does not want to spend much and avail the maximum possible benefits, this company will be the ideal choice for you. 

With so many brands upcoming in the web hosting industry, it becomes a bit confusing many times so as to which company to choose for expanding your business. Well, if you are an ideal businessman and have a widespread business, hostgator.com will help you expand your business a leap higher in your success road. Also, this company provides plenty of benefits to the Linux-based domains which can help any user to avail of its benefits.

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#6. A2hosting.com

A2hosting is one of the best web hosting companies currently available in the market. Well, the reason behind this brand’s success is quite simple. Unlike other brands that look to earn profits without paying any heed towards the user. This company pays excellent attention to its user's happiness and has kept users on their top priority list. Also, they offer super-fast web hosting services which can improve your site's load up speed and can indirectly enhance the overall performance of your website. Talking about servers, they are the most essential for the storage and transfer of data.

As a result of which the A2hosting has the best-shared hosting server in India and it has the capability of serving millions of clients at a relentless and effective pace. Also, they provide a WHM control panel through which a user can control plenty of functionalities of their website with an absolute easement and in a comfortable manner. 

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Best Web Hosting India 2021

Many of us think that the entire web hosting companies in India have plenty of similarities and every company will be good for your business brand. But in reality, there are plenty of differences that just cannot be seen by the naked eye. For seeing the differences, deep research on every other company is essential to select the best website hosting in India Company. Every other company has its pros and cons and none of them are perfect, this thing has to be kept in our minds very strictly. Further, evaluation of every company must be done, find out their strong points, discover their weakness and much more. Also, with a bloom of plenty of web hosting companies all over, customers get really fascinated by seeing every other brand giving the best service than its competitor.

But, in many cases, these customers can be misguided and they can end up choosing the incorrect web hosting in India Company which can be absolutely detrimental to your business brand value. In this technology-oriented world, there are still many terms and web hosting strategies that are essential and everyone should know about them. If you will pay keen attention to all of these terms, you are bound to select the best web hosting provider in India successfully.

Best Types of Web hosting Plans in 2021

#1. Shared Hosting

For those who do not like to spend much from their pockets, shared hosting is the ideal option. In this type of hosting, one dedicated server will be present for every other work. A group of users will be connected to that server and the server-client model can be derived from this scenario. In such type of user, the users can ask for their required data anytime and the server in return will give that data to the user within the stipulated amount of time. Plenty of the companies provide the best hosting server in India which can provide efficient servicing and can also work with far more efficiency and reliability.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

Low maintenance With the shared hosting incorporated in a shared-based environment among various clients, the maintenance cost gets reduced to a great extent. For any failure to the server, every user is responsible for its maintenance and fixing that server to get back to work. Implementation Shared hosting has particularly two types of implementation- Name-based and IP-based. With such implementation, none of the complexity arises and hosting can be done in a useful manner.

#2. VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is often termed modern-day hosting because it has all the latest day technologies accompanied by it. In VPS hosting, there is an interlinked network of dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Also, in VPS hosting, you will not need a dedicated server for your working and all your work can be done on a virtual server.

Benefits of VPS

Privacy With VPS being one of the latest technologies, a tight security mechanism is levied in such mechanisms. Also, an SSL certificate is issued with every website which will surely prevent an attacker to enter and introduce some kind of malicious activities which can disrupt the whole functionality of the computer system. Customizable In every corner VPS hosting gives a lot more functionality for customization. With the inculcation of VPS hosting, you can use the Instances of different server applications such as PHP, Apache, No SQL, and much more.

#3. Cloud Hosting

For those who do not want a dedicated server for their operation, cloud hosting can be the best option for them. With cloud hosting, you can use the desired amount of resources on a pay-per-use basis. With such type of hosting, any of the resources will not be wasted and you can use the desired amount of resources far more efficiently and comfortably.

Types of Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud This type of cloud is for users who do not want a heavy blow in their pockets. However, in public cloud hosting, the speed can be compromised in many of cases. Private Cloud For private businesses, the private cloud is the most suitable option for them. It also brings with it some tight security constraint features which are of utmost essential for securing their data from hackers. With the private cloud hosting mechanism, data can be kept in a confidential manner with a tight security mechanism levied on it for maximum security.

#4. Dedicated Server Hosting

In a dedicated server hosting, any organization leases a server on their behalf for their private work. Thus, an organization that took that appropriate server will have the utmost control on their server and has the ability to manipulate it the way they want. You can find the best web hosting servers in India, if you do a deep research and then buy the appropriate one.

#5. Reseller Hosting

In Reseller hosting, any account owner buys a list of resources either hardware or software at a wholesale rate. Later, he lends it to various small-scale businesses that is in need of those resources. In this type of hosting, the owner makes a huge amount of profit which can be converted into a business and the supply can be done on a greater scale.

#6. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is termed as an open source hosting platform that is based on MYSQL and PHP. It basically used for content management and is serving over 60 million companies all over the world. It was launched in 2003 and since then, the content management functionality has improved a lot in terms of quality and readability.

What to look to Choose Best Web Hosting for Indian Website

#1. Server Location

For any hosting company, servers are an essential component. But, besides choosing any server, constant heed has to be paid towards the location of that server. They should be located in a clean environment far away from any hazardous substance. 

  #2. Storage

Choose a company that has the latest storage devices. Use of SSD will be the best option and if any web hosting company is using this type of storage, they will be the ideal option for you.

  #3. Uptime

The greater is the server runtime, the better will be the overall performance of the whole process. An uptime of 99.99% is said to be a brilliant uptime for any server.

  #4. Support

Choose a web hosting India Company that has customer support running for 24x7x365 and has the ability to resolve any of your issues in a useful manner. #5. Backup Every user wants a solid backup of their website. Hence choose the best web hosting in India Company which has the latest backup technology inculcated in it. 

  #6. Bandwidth

Before choosing any company, make sure to see their bandwidth capacity. The greater is the bandwidth, the faster data it can transfer and it will affect in a good way on every other process also. 

  #7. Number of allowed add-ons domain/sites

You can improve your site's trafficking by inculcating different add-ons. But, make sure that the add-on should not be visible by any user and it should be included in the code itself. 

  #8. Other Information to keep in Mind

Finally, whether a particular website hosting company fits your budget or not is quite important. Take a look at the best web hosting in India review, Best Server in India, and then come to a conclusion.

Final Words

In this modern age, every other company is giving a tough competition to each of their competitors with their price level going every passing day. Thus, follow the above article information and it will help you in choosing the best web hosting in India Company which may seem quite difficult for many people. At last, research through every web hosting plan in India and launch your business to new heights of achievements and glory.