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Top Skills: 5 Skills To Fuel Your Success In Career

Top Skills: 5 Skills To Fuel Your Success In Career

Thursday May 07, 2020,

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William Gibson, the popular American- Canadian science fiction writer, once said-

“The future has already arrived. It’s just unevenly distributed.”

We are waiting for that future which has already arrived. Here, William Gibson unveiled the present pattern accurately. His quote gives us an insight into the fallacy we are living in. Every sector in this world is pacing up quickly. Our advancement towards the era where the human mind will unleash every infinity.

We are the generation who will witness the Fourth Industrial Revolution by 2020. This revolution will demand major skills. The rapid advancement will lead to several disruptions in the demand of jobs.

According to Nick Van Dam, Global chief learning officer at McKinsey & Co., 7 million jobs will disappear from 2015 to 2020 with two million new jobs being created from these disruptions.

Certainly, current skills will become obsolete someday, that’s why we need to equip the most demanding skills to get an edge.


It is needed to acknowledge the future critically. On this note, Van Dam said: “Lifetime employment doesn’t exist anymore”. The moment you resemble with those of the olden days, you are of no more in the modern era.

You need to brush up your knowledge and master certain skills. Obviously, everyone wants to rule out their career but hardly few do it.

The difference is based on pursuing the most wanted skill at the right time. Here are the 5 skills which the experts recommend us to master:


#1 Cognitive flexibility:


Have flexibility in thinking.

Advancing with the era, it is self-evident to entangle into several problems. This calls for a unique solution which efficiently uses the resources be it money, material, time and human workforce.

The complex problem-solving ability plays a crucial role while dealing with modern day problem at every level. Industries and companies need employees who can efficiently resolve the problem by devising the perfect solution.

Cognitive flexibility is the most important skill to learn if you want a great future. It determines your capability to think in every dimension and devise an appropriate way to conquer it.

According to a report, nearly 36% of all the jobs will demand complex problem solving as a ‘core’ skill needed by the industry.

These are the following major points to take care of:

  • Evaluating the current strategy: Sometimes it is possible that the goal is proper but the execution is wrong. This needs the flexibility to bring some changes. Is it the task that is too vague? For that, you need to set clear goals and that’s where your intelligence is tested.

  • Regular assessment: Cognitive flexibility in leadership implies the ability of leaders to reflect upon the current plan and goals. It allows you to introduce better alternatives when necessary.

#2 Decision making:

Right judgment is important.


The persons at the top of the managerial hierarchy deal with the decision making. They formulate plans to set specific goals to be achieved by the organization. Decision making requires quick action. The current scenario is filled with a cut-throat competition where each second counts.

Therefore it necessary for the overall success of industry to take the adequate quick decisions. As a part of the organization you need to gulp more and more data and hence there will be a need for people to analyze and figure out plans.

When it comes to decision making, individual interests are subordinated because whole organization moves towards a common goal. The good judgment also involves fostering strong connections with marketers and other industries.

Having said that in connection with organizations, there should be no confusion about its importance elsewhere. You need to be a good decision maker in life as a whole. It will help you sort out your life’s problems.

This world is full of possibilities, it only comes down to making good choices. Your experience will always play a major role while making decisions. Head on and make the best choices!


#3 Marketing skills:

Marketing is crucial.

The number of industries and employees has gone up, due to the rapid advancement in the technology. To hold your true identity and remain in people’s attention, you need marketing. It’s not always related to selling.

The main objective is to sustain in this competitive environment by analyzing, evaluating and providing the right solution. You need marketing skills in your career, even if you are not a marketer. Those who cultivate this skill become active listeners. They analyze, evaluate and then act.

Marketing skills are directly connected to communication skills. It requires different tact to communicate with a specific audience. You will learn to engage people based on their behavior and mental state. This manifest a better understanding and stronger connection with the audience.

If you work with start-ups and small company, the need for marketing is very high but is restricted due to less money. Now you will have to figure out some efficient fast forward ways to market the product.

This is why digital marketing is growing so rapidly. It demands comparatively little investment and the results are quick. Devising the best way with limited resources available, to conquer the problem will make you an efficient person.

Marketing is that art by which you engage your audience’s attention towards you and your particular product, skill or service.


#4 Coordination:

Coordination serves as a basis of harmony.

Coordination is an arrangement between the people that maintain harmony between individual efforts to achieve a goal. Working together with flexibility will quickly help in achieving the objective. 

It is that force which integrates all the functionality of a management. It merges the individual experiences and knowledge to achieve the objective.

You need to have very good coordination skill because no company works with only one employee but many. People working unanimously will smoothly carry out different operations in a company.

Coordination –

  • Facilitates motivation.
  • Encourages team spirit.
  • Provides unity of direction.
  • Serve justice to individual opinions.
  • Therefore it becomes necessary to develop this coordination skill to fuel your success in your career.

#5 The undying thirst to learn:

People learning from everyone.

The skill of learning is very crucial for your career. Yes, you heard that right! Learning is a skill. The way your mind grasps the knowledge at first defines everything. Like all the other skills, master the art of learning effectively. The curiosity to learn new skills will help you achieve unstoppable growth.

Learning is the foremost step prior to the practice of any other skill. If you are always open to learning, you will always be better than the previous ‘you’. You can learn from your boss, chief executives, friends, colleagues, and even your juniors.

Everyone has something which you can learn. Be it any career you choose, you have to hustle a lot. And to stand out of crowd you need to be master specific skills.