Reviewed: Top 10 Live Streaming Solutions to Grow Your Business Worldwide

Here I've breakdown the list of best live video streaming platform providers across the globe.

Reviewed: Top 10 Live Streaming Solutions to Grow Your Business Worldwide

Thursday April 09, 2020,

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Best Live Streaming Solutions
Do you believe this, 80% of online audiences would love to hear from you over live streaming than reaching you over blog posts.

So, live video streaming is the next big thing for any sort of business.

With so many live streaming providers out there in the market, finding the right live streaming platform for personal purposes, it’s like closing your eyes and hoping to pick up a green candy.

But, when it comes to enterprise business, choosing an ideal live streaming solution based on some critical factors like security, scalability and content delivery management is a tougher job than cooking up a variety of dishes for dinner. 

Scouring the sites over a dozen of live streaming platforms for your enterprise business is beyond time consumption. That’s why I’ve decided to spare your time and effort by giving you a clear idea of the world’s best live streaming solution providers in the market with in-depth features and functionalities. 

Before getting into the list, let be clear on the use cases that live streaming platforms are reaping their benefits.

Top Industries That Reaps Benefits With Help of Live Streaming Platforms

Events: Broadcasting live events over streaming increases the viewers’ attendees and covers the overall geographical area. The streaming is accessible to most of the targeted audience where the conversion rate of products via events streaming is ultimately high when compared to physical events. 

Enterprise & Corporate: Live streaming paves a long run for internal and external conferencing of businesses located across geographical areas. Live conferencing has more reach and benefits for organizations to conduct conferencing over live streaming.

Sports: Live streaming for sports is another interesting factor where the profit and reaching a targeted audience is way more easier than other resources. Live streaming platforms have a huge market in sports where sponsorship, advertisement is higher when compared to other industries.

Education: Remote learning has been the easiest way for students to access education across any part of the world. Online learning has come to a brighter part during global crises like COVID-19 which gives interactive learning experience and classroom-like feeling to students. 

Media & Broadcasters: Live streaming is a great tool for different broadcasters right from events, digital satellite broadcasters and radio broadcasters. The profit and advantage of live streaming for broadcasters is extremely high where live streaming reduces cost, increases audience interaction and revenue as well.

Religious & Faith: Reaching more lives through live streaming is made easy for churches and other spiritual services. Live streaming is an open channel for collection, engagement and promoting worship services globally. 

Lifestyle and Fitness: Offering fitness services on a daily basis increases the health of people and creates an opportunity for fitness professionals to earn. During global crises like Corornavrius, streaming gym and fitness activities for followers over live streaming platforms increases reaching targeted audiences and offers comfort to audiences from overcrowding.

After a clear understanding of the various industries that can benefit from live streaming, here comes the list of top live streaming solution providers in the market to reach millions of people around the globe.

10 Best Live Streaming Solutions Review & Comparison

1. Vplayed - An Enterprise Live Streaming Solution

Vplayed is an all-in-one live streaming solution for enterprise businesses to build their own streaming on any platform (Android, iOS & Web). Their solution is completely a customizable one with end-to-end security functionality, Scalable CMS and Live to VOD features. 

The enterprise streaming solution is equipped with adaptive bitrate streaming and Content delivery network for smooth streaming of videos across devices. On top of this, the solution is configured with a variety of monetization models such as Subscription, Pay-per-view and advertisement models to increase revenue possibilities.

Some Highlighted Features of Vplayed:

  • 100% Customizable Platform
  • Live to VOD
  • Multiple Monetization Models
  • Global Content Delivery
  • Simulcasting
  • All Device Player
  • Multi-platform DRM Support

2. Livestream - Professional Live Streaming Platform

Vimeo Livestream is a video hosting and high-quality live streaming platform for professional content creators. The platform is a SaaS-based live streaming solution that broadcasts videos in HD and auto-archives up to 4K. Their platform is configured with adaptive bitrate to stream buffer-free content. 

The platform offers three subscription-based models such as Business, Premium and Enterprise which is restricted to streaming storage and the number of live streaming viewers. On the other engagement factors, the Vimeo live streaming platform offers live polls, audience chat, and call-to-action tools to keep the audience engaged. 

Some Highlighted Features of Vimeo Livestream:

  • Custom Branding
  • Up to 4K Streaming
  • Social Integration
  • Video Marketing
  • In-depth Analytics

3. Contus Vplay - Streaming Solution for Live & On Demand

Contus Vplay is a customizable live streaming solution that also offers other streaming capabilities like Video-on-demand, OTT TV and Audio streaming. Their live streaming solution is equipped with a cloud transcoder to handle a high volume of streaming and cut down the infrastructure cost.

On the other hand, the solution is capable of offering multiple monetization models for live streaming and an enriched dashboard to monitor viewers’ demography, payments and overall streaming activities. The solution is configured with streaming securities like DRM, Access control, and privacy controls.  

Some Highlighted Features of Contus Vplay:

  • Whitelabel Platform
  • Inbuilt Video CMS
  • Cloud Transcoding
  • Customizable Video Player
  • Six Revenue Models
  • Access Control and Security

4. Brightcove - Live Event Streaming Platform

Brightcove is another industry-leading live streaming provider in the market. The platform offers an intuitive interface solution to build live streaming applications to stream events to global users. Their platform offers geographically distributed cloud architecture to scale streaming across multiple devices and deliver high-quality live streaming without buffering. 

Brightcove platform provides monetization models such as advertisement and subscription models to increase revenue for businesses. The platform also creates immersive live video experience with the integration of live streaming platforms on any platform.  

Some Highlighted Features of Brightcove:  

  • Live DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Server Side Ad Insertion
  • Live Stream to Social
  • Video Marketing Suite
  • Developer Friendly API

5. IBM Cloud Video - Live Broadcasting Software

IBM offers a set of video streaming products for owners to stream live content to a massive number of audiences across geographical areas. IBM live video platform offers products to embed the streaming service on a website or application or a content portal.

Their product enables broadcasters to integrate browser-based solutions with real-time analytics to track and monitor streaming performance. Their live streaming products come with audience engagement tools like Live polling and HD live streaming to offer an impressive viewing experience. 

Some Highlighted Features of IBM Cloud Video:    

  • Webcasting
  • Enterprise CDN
  • Content Management System
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Single Sign On & Password Protection

6. Dacast - Live Video Streaming Services

Dacast is a leading live streaming platform provider in the market. Their platform offers a video broadcasting and secure streaming platform that runs on Akamai’s CDN with the highest streaming capability. Their platform offers low-latency streaming capabilities with an HLS encoder for an immersive viewing experience. 

The solution offers content owners to build or embed live streaming on any platform configured with real-time analytics to optimize and track the streaming performance across devices and geographical areas. 

Some Highlighted Features of Dacast: 

  • Video API Access
  • HTML5 Video Player
  • Monetization Through Subscriptions, Advertising & Pay-per-view
  • Multi-bitrate Streaming
  • Social Playback

7. Panopto - Secure Live Streaming for Businesses

Panopto is a secure one-click webcasting live streaming provider for organizations. Their professional video streaming software helps businesses to stream lectures, events in high-definition with minimal buffering.

Their streaming software offers a recording feature where the live streaming content can be viewed as video-on-demand content. Panopto live streaming architecture delivers the highest possible video quality to viewers across devices. As a security infrastructure, their software is integrated with single sign-on ID management, Active directory. LMS authentication and much more.

Some Highlighted Features of Panopto: 

  • Live Video Recording
  • Video Content Management System
  • Webcast to Mobile Devices
  • Integration With APIs
  • Analytics & Monitoring

8. Wowza - Powerful Live Streaming Solution

Wowza is another interesting interactive live streaming solution provider in the market. Their solution offers immersive interactive experience by synchronizing timed metadata. With low-latency, they deliver reliable and lightning-fast streaming content for absolute viewing experience. 

Wowza’s streaming solution offers optimized device streaming that enables content owners to stream content across any device and any geographical area. Their live streaming solution supports major industries like Esports, Auctions and Gambling. Wowza’s streaming solution providers buffer-free viewing experience to all types of industries to experience absolute viewing experience and reach audiences right from their own devices. 

Some Highlighted Features of Wowza: 

  • Low Latency Streaming
  • Live Stream Recording
  • VR & 360° Streaming
  • IP Camera Streaming
  • Video Security

9. Kaltura - Live Streaming & Webcasting

Kaltura enables businesses to easily create events through live streaming platforms. Their platforms enable content owners and businesses to live broadcast events to unlimited audiences across any devices. Their platform comes with an enriched dashboard to monitor, optimize and track the overall streaming and viewing audience based on demographics, registration and a number of participants.

Their platforms also offer Live to video-on-demand functionality where the content owner or broadcaster can record the live streaming event and later publish it as an on-demand video. The platform supports departmental meetings, town-halls or international conferences.  

Some Highlighted Features of Kaltura: 

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Live to VOD
  • Multi-screen Support
  • Robust Security
  • Content Delivery Network   

10. Streammonkey - All-in-one Live Streaming Solution

Streammonkey is a SaaS-based live video streaming platform provider in the market. Their platform offers absolute compatibility and a quick delivery system to any platform to stream content across devices. Steammonkey offers a customizable streaming experience with HTML5 players that adjust to any bandwidth and screen size.

They rely on Akamai’s content delivery network to scale audience size and geographical location without any compromises. They have a flexible transcoding process to stream from one source to multiple devices. On the other hand, they provide a Geo-blocking system to restrict viewing of live streaming content and other security features like Password protection, etc.,       

Some Highlighted Features of Streammonkey: 

  • Customizable Player
  • Encoding & Transcoding
  • Geo-blocking
  • Simulcasting
  • Password Protection

Wrapping Up

Every live streaming provider in the market offers its own unique features based on the availability of technology and streaming infrastructure, businesses have to consider the purpose of streaming requirements to choose the providers in order to build a live streaming platform. However, businesses should opt for an enterprise streaming solution that offers high scalability, monetization models, security and customization to the business requirements to boost your live streaming business in the entertainment and multimedia market.