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Top 10 Blogging Niches to Earn Money Online

Top 10 Blogging Niches to Earn Money Online

Monday March 30, 2020,

3 min Read

Those were the days when people used blogging as a passion. Time has changed over the period and a mass majority of people all over the globe have started blogging professionally to earn money onlineNiches to earn money online require special attention to maximizing the revenue benefits of the bloggers and web developers.

Top 10 Blogging Niches to Earn Money Online

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There exist several profitable monetization options for the websites and blogs which pay the bloggers and webmasters handsomely. Google Adsense,, Infolinks, Direct Advertising, Affiliate links are few of the monetization option who prefers to prioritize the niche selection for maximum earnings.

Let us discuss the top 10 niches to earn money online and maximizing the online earnings:-

FinanceThe finance niche has a huge potential for maximizing the earning potential of the bloggers. Google Adsense and other monetization networks pay handsomely to the bloggers working in this niche. The niche is even favorable for bloggers to join several affiliate programs. Proceeding forward with teaching processes like how to stock trade, how to succeed in the forex market etc can maximize the profits.

Make Money OnlineThis is one of the most competitive niches but prioritized in the eyes of the monetization networks. Every single click generates added revenues in association with various monetization networks. In addition, the bloggers can even publish their e-books, get direct sponsorships and advertisements for multiplied revenue generation. Affiliate links yet play the most vital role in this niche.

Health and Fitness: Every single person nowadays is cautious regarding health and fitness. Following the same, crores of people all over the world use to query regarding their health issues. As a result, the niche is guaranteed to drive traffic and generate maximized revenues.

InsuranceInsurance based niche is given top priority by the top-level monetization networks. Every single click generates multi dollars of revenue with a provision to get proceeded with the affiliate links as well.

TechnologyTechnology is the evergreen niche chosen by the bloggers all around for getting maximum pay per click by their monetization networks.

Hosting: With the Hosting niche, there is a provision to grow a network with affiliate marketing as well, in addition, to drive lots of blog traffic and maximizing the earning potentials. Hostgator like biggest hosting companies pays handsomely with their links.

Food: This niche even has a huge potential to drive traffic. The monetization networks pay handsomely for every single click. People can even sell their cooking recipes and e-books using the niche.

Self-improvement: People keep on searching for self-improvement based ideas over the internet. It is, therefore, one of the best blogging niches to maximize the earnings and proceed to earn exceptionally with affiliate links as well.

Business solutions: This niche is one of the best niches for getting maximized revenues from the monetization options. In addition, business solutions like website creation, social media management, consulting services, virtual assistance services, will drive added traffic and direct advertising facilities as well.

Lifestyle: Well established bloggers are earning over $3000 to $5000 per month using the lifestyle niche. Earning potential is unlimited with multiplied sources of monetization facilities. Start a blog, monetize it and generate affiliate links to multiply the earning profits.

To sum up, the bloggers must consider any of the above-mentioned niches to start their blogging journey and make their blogs successful. The high potential niches will help achieve success in the least possible duration. Other than getting approval from Google Adsense like best advertisement networks, one can easily get sponsored ads. Generating income from affiliate links will not even be the biggest challenge.