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Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies for 2020

To help you in finding the Top Flutter app development companies for 2020 among various development companies, we’re writing the best ones.

Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies for 2020

Wednesday January 15, 2020,

7 min Read

Technological advancements are consummating new heights with every passing year. At the time, when IT sectors are striving to bring the headway in software technology development, Google has introduced its brainchild. Google has brought the innovation buzz in the year of 2017 by introducing the Flutter platform in the world of tech-heads. 

In Dec 2018, at the Annual Flutter Conference, Google launched the very first substantial release of the Flutter Platform. After that many Flutter development companies arose in the market.

Many developers across the globe started using Flutter after being influenced by its agile, user-friendly, easy to implement, and multi-platform development features. The underlying cause of Flutter’s quick adoption is features like hot reloading, faster & leaner builds as compared to other cross-platform frameworks.

As you can guess, Flutter has spread like wildfire and is being hailed as The Holy Grail of cross-platform development. If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are that you need an app for your business/startup. To help you in finding the Top Flutter app development companies for 2020, we’re here writing the best ones.

Here is the list of top 10 Flutter app development companies:

1. Infobeans

Established in 2000, Infobeans has attained great heights in the past 19 years. With a skillful team and the best technology solution, Infobeans is counted as one of the leading software firms in India. Infobeans is a CMMI level 3 software firm with its area of expertise in web & mobile development. Infobeans has used the Flutter framework in many of its development projects.

Highlights of the Company

  • Awarded as ‘The Dream Companies to Work For’ in 2017 & 2018
  • Ranked amongst top 50 Software development companies in India
  • Obtained CSR award by Amity University
  • Expert in providing top-rated Flutter applications for a seamless experience

2. CIS

CIS was founded in the year 2003, the company aims to ensure the success of the industries with its highly optimized IT solutions. The company kept on growing since its inception and emerged out as the expanded software firm in the year 2010 with services like international BPO, KPO, cross-platform application development, AI and IoT solutions, Flutter development, etc.

Highlights of the Company

  • CIS has been extended to the 7 countries in the last 16 years
  • The Company has been awarded as the Gold-certified partner by Microsoft and Silver-solution partner by Magento
  • CIS became a Joomla sponsored company in 2010
  • The company is one of the top 50 flutter developers across the globe
  • CIS develops responsive, rich  user experience cross-platform application

3. CitrusLeaf Software

CitrusLeaf Software was founded in 2014 with the aim to increase the startup success rate and help businesses achieve greater heights. After realizing the significance of information-access on the move, the company adopted the mission to cater to its customers with unique solutions for their business needs. CitrusLeaf analyzed the futuristic growth in the mobile app development and built a dedicated team for the same. Within just 5 years of its inception, the team procured crowning achievements in the software development sector and Flutter app development. This Indore-based software company delivers software solutions based on different technologies like:

  • Laravel Development
  • Flutter Development
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Alexa Skill Development
  • ERPNext Development
  • Software Development

The proficient forte of the company is in the area of Flutter development. With a bunch of skilled tech geeks, CitrusLeaf is aiming to make software simpler and economical.

Highlights of the Company

  • CitrusLeaf has been featured by Business APAC as Top Futuristic Mobility Companies in the APAC region.
  • The company has served over 20+ SMEs and 15+ start-ups.
  • After accomplishing various development projects, the company is now consulting startups for their business needs.
  • CitrusLeaf delivers economical and best cross-platform applications developed using the Flutter framework.
  • The company serves its enterprise customers with software customization and software maintenance as well.

4. Brain Mobi

This Noida based software development firm was established in May 2016. Brain Mobi has its branches in the USA, Germany, and Qatar. The company has expertise in designing real-time cross-platform applications according to your business ideas. Brain Mobi develops affordable Flutter applications with end to end designing layouts.

Highlights of the Company

  • The company marks its presence globally including the countries like Germany, USA, Qatar
  • The company has created over 250+ cross-platform application
  • Brain Mobi has been featured by platforms like AppFutura and GoodFirms

5. Geeky Ants

Established in 2006, the company is counted as one of the top Flutter developers. Geeky Ants is not limited to the Flutter framework for developing a cross-platform application but they also work on frameworks like React Native, Angular JS, and Node JS. Geeky Ants has experience plus expertise in digital marketing and application development. The company’s CEO claims that the company was a part of the team which prepared an official document for Flutter.

Highlights of the Company

  • Geeky Ant was a proud member of the core Flutter team
  • The company has developed rich user experience applications like BuilderX and Native Base
  • The biggest achievement of the company is that Google itself is its client

6. Intelivita

Intelivita was incepted in 2015 in the UK. The company has struggled since then to secure the place in the top mobile and web development company. The company has its client networks worldwide. Including Flutter development Intelivita has also provided development services on the AR & VR, Gaming. With its high client reach, the company is continuously growing in the IT development sector.

Highlights of the Company

  • It is a high client base company with a huge list of Flutter development projects
  • The company has its headquarters in the UK and India
  • Intelivita has been recognized by the Clutch platform with 4.5 ratings
  • The company has satisfied over 100+ clients with its development services
  • Intelivita has developed many Flutter applications some of which are AK Microblading, Dorel Taxi, CluedUpp, etc.

7 . Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem was originated in the year  2011 and is based in Ahmadabad. From starting with 3 employees to on-boarding 25+ employees, the company stabled its growth in 2013. The ability of the company to serve with diverse software solutions allows it to be among the top leading web and mobile developers. Its skillful team offers smarter and simpler Flutter application development and experts in drawing your business ideas to reality.

Highlights of the Company

  • Hyperlink Infosystem caters its services on the latest technologies like Flutter development,  AI intelligence, Block Chains, IoT, etc
  • With a few years of its inception, the company has reached over 1800+ clients with 100% success development ratio
  • It has been ranked as the top flutter developer since 2014 by Clutch

8. Acquaintsoft

Acquaintsoft is a Gujarat-based company that was established in the year 2009. With over 200+ employees, Acquaintsoft delivers the projects with unique implemented ideas. Acquaintsoft is the top Flutter developer company with more than 500 projects delivered till now. The company assures the smart, trusted and better business solutions. Acquaintsoft develops the application by considering the implementation of creative UI/UX, productive software solutions, security concerns, and privacy protection.

Highlights of the Company

  • Acquaintsoft has been recognized globally for its mobile and web development
  • The developers of the company believe in fun, unique and out-of-the-box ideas and deliver the same in their projects
  • Its developers bring ideas to the real-time working application
  • The company delivers the best designing implementation in its projects

9. Concetto Labs

Concetto Labs was established in 2014 and since then the company is continuously discovering new heights. Concetto Labs has its dominance in delivering quality applications worldwide. Concetto Labs has over 6+ years of experience in developing the sector and secured its place in the top Flutter developers in India.

Highlights of the Company

  • The company has expertise in hybrid application development
  • The Flutter application developed by the Concetto Labs are rich user interface applications

10. Angular Mind

Angular Mind was incepted in the year 2016. The company adopted the Flutter framework quickly to make the development easier. With the innovative ideas to implement, Angular Mind is now among the top Flutter developers in India.

Highlights of the Company

  • Angular Mind develops the solution-oriented software models
  • The company has been recognized by the GoodFirms and Clutch platforms

Searching for the best Flutter Development company to hire in India? To help you opt for the best for your business, we have listed the top Flutter development companies in India.