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Top 10 IoT Solutions Companies For Digital Transformation

Any practice, company or business looking to create or update internet of things solutions can benefit from knowing the world’s top 10 IoT solutions providers.

Top 10 IoT Solutions Companies For Digital Transformation

Wednesday March 04, 2020,

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Custom IoT solutions empower businesses to better serve their clients in 2020. If your team is seeking a digital transformation in the new decade, consider contacting one of the world’s best custom loT solutions firms to jumpstart your journey to success.

1) Codal

Codal is a top-ranking international custom digital solutions agency with offices in the United States, Europe and India. Their teams provide mid-level businesses and enterprises with custom user-centric web and software solutions that make digital transformations easy. Data and empathy motivate the agency’s project process, which allows their design, development and analytics teams to expertly craft digital solutions that consistently simplify workflows for professionals around the world. With ten years of experience in the industry and a body of work that includes beacon technology integrations, real-time analytics, data visualization, machine learning and more, Codal has the expertise to help your organization tap into the benefits of digital transformation in 2020. Reach out to Codal today.

2) Hakuna Matata Solutions

Hakuna Matata Solutions
Hakuna Matata solutions specialize in IoT application development for industry use cases. Having worked with large companies like Caterpillar, Saint Gobain & Maersk, they have developed extensive knowledge & expertise in implementing industry IoT applications for use cases like Asset tracking, Inventory management, product traceability, Predictive maintenance, OEE, etc.

3) Lanars

Lanars is an international mobile app and web development agency headquartered in Oslo, Norway. In addition to custom hardware, web and mobile app development, their team also offers custom IoT solutions. They design and develop high-quality projects from scratch, working hard to create the perfect integrated product of your business’ dreams. Reach out to Lanars today.

4) Indeema Software

Indeema Software is a technical consultancy and IoT development firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington and Ukraine. Their dedicated teams create custom IoT and IIoT solutions, develop apps for mobile and web, provide UX/UI and Blockchain services and more. Indeema’s complex solutions deliver successful results for their clients. Reach out to Indeema Software today.

5) Reinvently

Reinvently is a digital transformation firm and consultancy with offices in Dallas, Texas and Palo Alto, California. They provide businesses with scalable products that help companies expand and re-invent their go-to-market strategies. They build custom high-performance, end-to-end infrastructure IoT solutions for any level of complexity. Reach out to Reinvently today.

6) Naturaily

Naturaily is a digital solutions firm headquartered in Poland. They provide software support, web development, mobile app development and UX/UI design for growing businesses, specializing in Shopify development, JAMStack, Cloud Adoption and IoT. Their team of designers, developers, analysts and strategists has been in the industry for nearly ten years. Reach out to Naturaily today.

7) Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media is a mobile app development agency headquartered in Venice Beach, California. Since 2011, their team of expert technologists, strategists and designers has launched over 200 products. They specialize in leveraging artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT and more to create beautiful mobile applications that solve real-world problems. Reach out to Dogtown Media today.

8) iView Labs

iViewLabs is a software innovation and product development firm headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. They offer product development services, software development services and research and development, which includes IoT innovation. iViewLabs’ tailor-made solutions foster long-term growth for their clients. Reach out to iViewLabs today.

9) Concepter

Concepter is a technology consultancy headquartered in San Francisco, California. They have helped their clients conceptualize and execute impactful IoT solutions for hardware and software design and development, mechanical design, electrical engineering, embedded development prototyping and more since 2013. Reach out to Concepter today.

10) Opengenica

Opengencia is a solutions innovations firm for Samsung SmartThings headquartered in Redwood City, California. They produce IoT apps for mobile and web-based applications and software, offering solutions for Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home kit. Reach out to OpenGenica today.

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