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Top 10 IP PBX Software That Make the Cut in Covid 19 2020 Era

Top 10 IP PBX Software That Make the Cut in Covid 19 2020 Era

Sunday May 10, 2020,

5 min Read

Every year we must have our Top 10 of everything…cars, mobiles and software. This time, however, there is a twist to the tale. In the routine course of things IP PBX software would be evaluated on various key parameters and assigned a rank. However, Covid-19 creates a parametric shift in how one evaluates IP PBX solutions. Are they factoring in this new normal? Take a look. 

1. 3CX

3CX pushes its IPPBX software as a tool built for teleworking with an included app for web/videoconferencing. Users can signup and use it free for the first three years. 3CX runs as an on-premise solution or in the cloud and it offers self-installation and management feature. You have unified communications to help you keep communication lines open and humming during the lockdown and beyond. 

2. Axon Virtual PBX

For NCH software it is business as usual. Its Axon virtual PBX does not seem to have offers for businesses affected by Covid-19 lockdown. It is a compact Windows based solution with the standard PBX feature set, 64 extensions, voice mail and predictive dialing. You can use it with VoIP and PSTN lines and there is support for video. If you want something neat, compact, functional and easy to learn, this could be it for keeping business communications open during the current crisis. 

3. Mitel

Mitel offers 6 months free video conferencing with Miteam meetings as its gesture to help businesses facilitate remote working. It also offers free all-in-one phone and collaboration solution in the form of Micloud Connect. It is free till 2021 so take advantage and establish remote working as a new normal. 

4. Elitetel

 Elitetel partners with Mitel but also offers its suite of products. In the current atmosphere you have its Gamma Horizon Collaborate, a unified communication system that facilitates remote conferences, team work and communications. The solution works from any device and is touted as the choice of Gen-z and millenials. It has voicemail, video calling, hot desking, home working module, remote office module, IPPBX and call recording among others. 

5. Xorcom

Xorcom’s VoIP VNF PBX operates under a different architecture, Network Function Virtualization. You can add or remove services and redistribute resources. It works on premise and in the cloud. Obviously, this NFV PBX is for larger enterprises and you can expect all the bells and whistles with appropriate cost of ownership or subscription. 

6. Vodia

Vodia PBX is 15 years old and has undergone several revisions along the way. Vodia IOP is its version of PBX in a PBX and Vodia PBX is the on-premise and hosted solution. Vodia boasts some big names as their clients and offers enterprise grade unified communications at commensurate prices. There is no word on the website about any special offer related to Covid19. Vodia’s solutions integrate with Freshbooks accounting, mongoDB, SalesForce, Office 365 and Hobspot. 

7. Innovaphone PBX

Innovaphone is modular PBX with unified communications that runs on-remise or in the cloud. It is all in one box including SIP, ISDN and analog telephony as well as UC. You have unlimited scalability and smooth migration to an all IP technology in this total CTI solution. It is worth a look but be prepared to pay for a quality German product. 

8. Avaya

Avaya stands tall in the VoIP segment and with good reason. You get good set of features, smooth functionality and solid support. The company lives up to its reputation by offering Avaya Covid-19 hotline and free 60 days usage for its Avaya Spaces cloud based conferencing solution. Avaya enjoys a unique reputation in the VoIP space and it has responded admirably with a series of offers for its various products. Still, you must consider payments after the free period expires. 

9. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

As befits its reputation, Cisco offers a feature rich unified communications manager. You get IP telephony, HD video, unified messaging, presence and enhanced mobility. You do not have to worry about security or protocol mismatches when you opt for Cisco but then you should also expect to pay more. 

10. Hodusoft IP PBX

Compared to the giants like Avaya and Cisco, Hodusoft is a relative new comer and you may simply not give its IP PBX the attention it deserves. The baby, however, has quite a few tricks up its sleeves. You get the option of hosted IP PBX and multi-tenancy. You can have prepaid and postpaid plans if you go the latter route. Importantly, this IP PBX is multi-lingual and has least cost routing. You have SMS broadcast facility and full featured Fax server integrated into the IP PBX. Importantly, for the current Covid-19 hit times you have features that facilitate remote work collaboration such as video calls and conference, voicemail broadcast, DND and Zoho CRM integration. Hodusoft’s plans are attractive and you get solid support, which is so necessary. Give this one a close look. 

This is no time to be complacent or simply let the lockdown lock you down. Instead, get an IP PBX like Hodusoft, get working, keep your team working and your business operations in full health.