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Top 10 Online Institutes for IELTS and English Learning

Here's the list of Top 10 Online Institutes for IELTS and English Learning that will help you to know more about IELTS(International English Language Testing System)

Top 10 Online Institutes for IELTS and English Learning

Monday September 23, 2019,

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IELTS Learning

As a student, you are ready to go abroad for higher studies. One of the primary requirements, when you go abroad for studies, is that you should have proficiency in English. English is a universally accepted language that is spoken in almost all the countries in the world. The medium of instruction in virtually all colleges abroad is English. You also need to converse with local people in English. Therefore, universities abroad require students to have a specific level of proficiency in English. IELTS or International English Language Testing System is an international standard test to judge your competence in the English language.

The British Council conducts the IELTS tests wherein students should obtain a minimum of 6 to 6.5 to have a decent degree of proficiency in the English language. The test comprises of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. You need proficiency in all the four aspects to be successful abroad. Let us now look at the ten best online institutes that offer IELTS coaching in India.

1.  Wizmantra


Source: Wizmantra

When it comes to searching for online courses that help students with their IELTS preparations, you need not look beyond one of the most popular institutes of all, Wizmantra. This institute has tailor-made courses for every section of society ranging from students, Government employees, homemakers, and self-employed professionals. The best aspect of Wizmantra is that the sessions not only improve your English and French levels but also make you an extremely confident person, as well. 

2.   Take IELTS by British Council

IELTS British Council

Source: IELTS British Council

British Council is the institution that conducts the IELTS. Therefore, can there be a better choice of institution to impart the necessary training to overcome the IELTS? British Council provides the required course material to enable you to study. They also conduct mock tests to give you a feel of what to expect at the IELTS exams. The mock interviews conducted by the instructors can help you a lot in your preparation.

3.   IELTS Ninja


Source: IELTS Ninja

IELTS Ninja is another famous online institution that conducts some of the best online coaching for your IELTS. Signing up for IELTS Ninja is a convenient procedure. This institute offers a wide selection of courses to prepare you thoroughly for the IELTS courses. The Band Predictor available on the website is the most accurate tool to enable you to gauge your overall progress and know where you stand.

4.   Magoosh


Source: Magoosh

Students pursuing IELTS would have surely heard of Magoosh. You have immediate access to the best English tutors to guide you in every aspect of the language. The simplest things are usually the most challenging to do. Magoosh offers you the best coaching, whereby you study at your own pace. Get the advantage of online mock tests to make you perfect. The best aspect of Magoosh is that you get a 7-day free trial and a money-back guarantee, as well.

5.   UrbanPro


Source: Urbanpro

Practice makes you perfect. UrbanPro believes in this concept. Hence, you get ample opportunities to practice for your IELTS. The instructors are available online to guide you whenever you need them. UrbanPro uses online tutorials and videos to explain the concepts of the language better. The more you listen to and speak English, the better you become at the language. UrbanPro offers these facilities in plenty.

6.   Udemy


Source: Udemy

Udemy is an ideal online coaching provider in almost every subject. They conduct online IELTS courses to help you master the nuances of the English language. The most significant advantage of Udemy is that you get to choose your instructor. It is one of the best avenues available for anyone to clear the IELTS comfortably.

7.   Global Opportunities

Global Opportunities

Source: Global Opportunities

Global Opportunities Pvt Ltd adopts a professional approach while explaining the concepts of the English language. It is one of the best institutes for providing IELTS coaching of the highest order. The educational consultants at this company teach you how to respond to specific situations that you could encounter at the interview. At the end of the course, you feel confident to take on the challenges posed by IELTS.

8.   IELTS Tutorials

IELTS Tutorials

Source: IELTS Tutorials

IELTS Tutorials is another online institute imparting IELTS coaching of the best quality. Apart from getting some of the best coachings from experts in the English language, you get access to try out your proficiency at the various online mock tests conducted by the institute.

9.   edX


Source: edX

One of the easiest ways to prepare for your IELTS exams is to enrol at the IELTS Academic Test – edX. This institute makes you proficient in all the aspects of IELTS like listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The adequate number of mock tests increases your confidence levels and prepares you for the IELTS.

10. SIEC Education

SIEC Education

Source: SIEC Education

SIEC Education is another place where you can get high-class coaching in English from qualified teachers and trainers. This institute believes in improving your English while enhancing your awareness levels at the same time. You need to be quick and sharp to catch the various accents you could encounter in the listening and speaking tests. This institute provides you with the best practice in this regard.

Final words

Mastering any language is not child’s play. You need to put in a lot of effort and dedication to succeed in your IELTS. Remember that there is no alternative for practice. Therefore, you should practice diligently. There is no reason why you should not achieve success.