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Top 10 Project Management Software & Tools for 2020

If your team juggle deadlines, resources, and deliverables, you need a dedicated project management tool. Compare the top project management software & tools to keep it all on track.

Top 10 Project Management Software & Tools for 2020

Friday May 22, 2020,

6 min Read

Project Management Software & Tools

If you are also one of those businesses, who are bothered with the mismanagement of lots of projects and are looking for a good solution to it. Well, being a project manager, it is important for you to deliver the projects on time, and this cannot be done without the help of project management software.

According to statista.com,  The statistic shows the market share of project management technologies in the United Kingdom (UK) as of January 2020. During the survey period, project management software Jira accounted for approximately 39.95 percent of the project management software market in the UK.

Now we will quickly jump to the various types of the best project management software which may benefit small and the big business. Let’s look at them:

LiquidPlanner is one of the best, simple, and affordable online project management software which is really beneficial for project planning.

Some of the features of a Liquid Planner are:

  1. A realistic range of time to complete tasks
  2. Integrated time and budget tracking
  3. Task-specific collaboration boards
  4. Adding notes to projects
  5. Cross-project visibility

Jira is also a good management software which helps the developers to plan, track, and release software. This tool is specifically designed and is used by agile teams. This tool is not only beneficial for creating stories, planning sprints, tracking issues, and shipping up-to-date software, but the user can also generate reports which are useful for improving teams and creating their own workflows.

Being a part of Atlassian, it is able to collaborate with other tools that enable teams to manage their projects and products from end to end.  Basically, this software is helpful for each and every member of the team in order to track, plan and release great software. It is obvious that there are different processes of the shipping of every team.

With the help of Bridge24, you can export and report an application which helps in enhancing the functionality of Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject. There is only a need of one click, with the help of which users can get to access powerful and flexible tools that enable them to extract greater value out of their project data. This tool is able to access, organise, and categorise valuable and sometimes hidden information as this tool is having a variety of views, filters, advanced reports, interactive charts. It is able to make timely and informed decisions for the managers with the help of new perspectives and insights.

Here is another project management tool that is Buildertrend which is beneficial for home builders, contractors, and modellers. This construction app is really good as it is one in all solution. You can find each and everything in this app related to construction.

Trello is one of the simple and free tier software which is based on the Kanban card-based management system. This software is really helpful for individuals and small teams to make an accurate environment so that they can get started with their basic project management.

Kanban based apps like Trello are more free-form and flexible and these tools are not only limited for managing resources and tracking progress like traditional tools.

With the help of this tool, you can manage both individual projects as well as ongoing workflows equally.

Basecamp is also one of the best project management software which is ruling over the customers for years of time.

This is also seen that this software replaces several other paid monthly services, from Slack to Dropbox. But still, this is not a complete replacement as the software takes many of the features of those tools and rolls them all into one system. There are many more features are included such as  Scheduling and calendars, real-time chat, private messaging, file storage, and more.

There is an uncluttered interface and powerful search tools which helps it make it straightforward in order to find the task, image, or message as well as a strong reporting suite allowing you to go as wide or deep as it is needed.


(source: https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/best-project-management-software/)

Well, this WorksZone project management software serves the purpose of marketing, agency, and operations teams of at least 5+ users. Although it is powerful you can easily learn and adopt it. This software has been in use for at least 20 years, that is why this brand has adopted some amazing features which are really helpful for real-world problems.

Some of the features of WorkZone are:

  1. Get top-level reports so everyone knows what’s next on the list
  2. Makes way for faster communication
  3. Features like creating tasks, to-do lists, sharing files easily improves collaboration
  4. Set permission for different users including clients

WorkZone is indeed the best choice for those who are not used to working with project management software. This software is the best choice for those people because it helps in making you learn various basics of project management which other software may not. Apart from this, it helps in learning  discipline. You need to get the most out of the software and use it to manage projects successfully.  This tool offers facilities like assessment, success planning, setup and customisation, training, and ongoing coaching.

One of the major importance of this tool is that it integrates with standard industry software which consists of various kinds of software such as  communication, IT, file sharing, time tracking, accounting, marketing, and CRM software. With the help of APIdeveloper AP and Zapier, you are allowed to enhance the Workzone’s functionality.

Talking about the Workzone pricing, it starts with  $40/user/month for up to 5 users. As the number of users rises, price per user starts lessening. Let’s take an example  for 15 users the price per person starts at $24/user/month.


(source: https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/best-project-management-software/)

This platform is being used in more than 40 countries by agency, software, and consulting companies around the world and is an all-in-one platform that is used for resource and project management. This tool is based on AI so it offers intelligent automation which is really helpful for predicting project delivery dates,  forecast capacity needs, and become more efficient. Their AI uses cumulative learnings from hundreds of thousands of projects and creates rules based on that user data.

Build Tool is a fully-fledged construction project management software. This software works as a modular construction management platform which is helpful to manage back-office processes of custom builders and re-modellers. 

Summing it up

Have you gone through all of the above-given best project management software? If yes, then you may be aware of the benefits of each one of them. All platforms are specialised for specific areas and management.

So, if you are also looking for the development of project management software or tool that will prove it's worth in the future, do contact a software development company which can provide you the best service in developing one.