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Top 10 Real Estate CRM Software that lets You Access Your Business Anytime

List of top 10 Real Estate CRM software for real estate agents and businesses

Top 10 Real Estate CRM Software that lets You Access Your Business Anytime

Wednesday December 04, 2019,

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A good real estate CRM helps you attract customers, streamline transactions, and close deals on time. It is designed to seamlessly manage your real estate business and allowing you to generate more leads in a short period. The best rental property management software helps agents to effectively coordinate with the clients and improve communications while wasting minimum time.

Are you ready to use CRM for real estate? With continuous increasing demands, there are both desktop and mobile CRM solutions, enabling you to get in touch with the potential clients on-the-go.

Why a Real Estate CRM Software is Right for your Business?

  • Builds a Legitimate Database

With top property management software, you can track huge amounts of data and business, while keeping everything organized and in-sync. Using the software, agents can stay organized and easily find data regarding properties, current & past clients’ information, transaction details, and much more.

  • Helps in Responding Immediately

Many real estate CRMs have customization auto-response functionality that enables quick response to customer inquiries automatically. Being responsive is the key to foster positive relationships with your customers.

  • Monitor Lead Status

Incoming of multiple leads together increases the chances of losing out opportunities to other competitors. With the help of property management software, you can communicate effectively with all the potential buyers. Moreover, it allows keeping track of every client, enabling you to close the deals faster.

Besides, it has many more benefits that help your real estate business grow at scale. To make this happen, all you need to pick the right real estate CRM for your business.

Here is a list of top CRM software for real estate agents that maximize growth, improve lead generation, foster relationships and automate their marketing strategies.

  1. BidHom – Innovative & Ready-to-Go Real Estate Management Platform


An ideal solution who wants to take real estate experience to the next level, instantly. It is a one-stop real estate platform for Realtors, Auctioneers & Brokerage Firms. With smarter search capabilities, BidHom is one of the Top 10 Real estate CRM software that has everything you need at cost-effective prices. From listing management to map search, e-mail marketing, and auction management, it helps you engage and retain customers in real-time. With a user-friendly dashboard, real estate professionals can manage a huge repository of listings without any hassles. Unlike traditional ways of selling real estate, BidHom provides exclusive features like lead management, listing management, customer relation management, detailed reporting, document management, and much more at lesser prices.

2. Capsule – Make More Sales with Simple Smart Online CRM


Capsule CRM is beneficial as it gives you a complete overview of your business. It helps you manage contacts, leads, and customers all it one place. Through the sales dashboard, you get a complete opportunity to easily track your potential sales. From bidding to closing the deals, Capsule CRM generate reports and gain insights on your sales pipeline to drive better business outcomes. Features like daily alerts and reminders don’t let you miss a single proposal deadline or customer call. Being a top property management software, it helps you focus on tasks at hand more efficiently.

3. ZOHO - Easy & Personalized CRM to Grow Your Sales


Zoho empowers small to large-sized organizations to run their sales processes. With its excellent features and intuitive user interface, automating the entry of time-consuming data has become seamless. Using the software, you can easily tackle the inefficiencies of your business processes and focus on other priorities that enhance the company’s growth and productivity. Tightly integrated with other apps like LinkedIn, Zapier, and Slack, enabling improved sales, lasting relationships, and faster growth. No matter how big or small your company is, Zoho real estate CRM offers best-in-class features like campaign management, referral, tracking, interaction tracking, and contact management to improve the effectiveness of customer communication.

4. Freshsales On-Stop Solution to Complete Essential Sales Activities


Freshsales is free cloud-based software that can track customer behavior and view the progress of deals from start to finish. It helps you in making calls, prioritizing leads, visualizes sales pipeline, create sales reports, and automate repetitive actions. With a highly intuitive UI, Freshsales gives everything they need to manage their sales in a smarter and hassle-free way. The software is used by various Fortune 500 companies including WallyPark, Haymarket, Joblift, etc.

5.  Nimble – Simple, Robust Real estate CRM for office 365 & G Suite


Nimble is a game-changer for CRM competitors. With the single intuitive dashboard, you can organize your sales pipeline, take appointments, and respond to customer queries. With access to customer engagement history to current trends, this CRM helps in updating deal status, assigning tasks and meeting your business goals. Practicing the to-do list feature, you can easily take follow-ups and cultivate the right deals and connects at scale.

6.  Pipedrive Easy-To-Set Up Yet Top-Rated CRM

pipe drive

Get more hot leads fed to your sales around the clock with Pipedrive CRM. It is a web-based sales CRM that enables businesses to monitor sales and plan sales activities accordingly. It streamlines the real estate processes and the software can be accessed from anywhere 24*7 using a web browser or mobile apps. Through the platform, you can log calls made to your sales contacts and see the status of current lead and future prospective. 

7. Propertybase Cloud-Based Global Real Estate Platform

property base

Recommended in the top 10 real estate CRM, Propertybase allows users to manage leads via lead routing, drip campaigns, and other automated processes. It is designed to automate your real estate activities thus agents can focus on more profitable activities. With a simplified dashboard, agents can get real-time insights for your business, enabling you to make better and faster decisions.

8. LeadSquared Generate More Leads and Sell More Homes

lead square

LeadSquared is a trusted real estate platform that helps in maximizing sales with end-to-end execution. Using the platform, agents are assured that there is zero lead leakage and it effectively manages and engages potential buyers until they become future customers. The platform reduces response time by distributing property inquiries automatically to the related team of agents. For instance, distributions happen based on property type, location, agent availability, etc.

9.  RealSpace Essential Tools Empowering Your Real Estate Business

real space

A centralized and simple-to-use platform, RealSpace is a unique cloud-based real estate platform that helps in attracting, nurturing, and managing multiple leads from different locations and lead generation sources. With this, you can effortlessly track and control your deals to completion. It is a cost-effective & feature-rich software designed for industry and brokers. RealSpace offers intuitive, organized, and integrated tools to grow lead pool and improve sales pipeline, seamlessly.

10.  RealtyJuggler Turn Leads into Deals with the best CRM software for real estate

realty juggler

RealtyJuggler real estate software that helps in coordinating multiple real-estate activities with ease. It is the best solution for managing contacts, follow-ups, contact import and more with database sharing, bulk e-mail, & automatic reminders. The platform includes transaction management features that allow you to track deals, show feedback, closings, etc.

There are several real estate CRM in the market, however, we have featured the best and ready to use property management software that helps you achieve the best possible outcomes. All you need is to pick the right software for your business and get started with closing more deals from anywhere, from any device.

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