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5 Innovative Products that Changed Customer Experience for the Better

In this article, we review 5 other products and technologies that businesses are utilizing to boost customer experience.

5 Innovative Products that Changed Customer Experience for the Better

Friday January 10, 2020,

4 min Read

Until recently, companies were not paying much attention to the customer experience. They simply provided answers to consumers’ queries and were not concerned about the process. However, this has changed of late and offering a good customer experience has become essential for any organization to become successful. A recent Oracle study shows that 86% of consumers are willing to shell out more for a better buying experience, but just 1% said brands are meeting their expectations

Another survey found that even a slight improvement in customer experience can produce an average sales rise of $823 million across 3 years for a firm with annual revenues of $1 billion. Therefore, it makes sense to leverage customer experience software to learn about customers’ needs and fulfill them.

In this article, we review 5 other products and technologies that businesses are utilizing to boost customer experience. 

In-app On-boarding: It is natural for your business to lose a percentage of your consumers to regular churn. However, you can reduce this by using in-app on-boarding to guide your buyers towards the successful utilization of your product and retain them for the long term. With in-app on-boarding, you can coach your users on your product’s best practices. And, you can perform this within your website’s context. 

By providing needed guidance to users, you can offer immediate and impactful assistance to them. For this purpose, you can use any good customer experience app such as Intercom, Pendo, Chameleon, or Appcues

Artificial Intelligence (AI): To deliver a great customer experience you need a large number of employees which increases costs. A Forrester study indicates that global contact centers predict a growth of 5% to 10% which means hiring and training staff will be unsustainable to meet this expansion. The solution lies in using a customer experience software solution with AI capability to boost your support services.   

AI can help your customer support agents to direct consumers to documentation as well as gain more context when handling a ticket. This feature is very helpful in saving time and your agents can focus on more important and priority tickets and queries. For this reason, a good customer experience app has AI designed into its contact form and chat features. 

Omnichannel Systems: Today, customers use multiple devices and platforms in their buying process. A Google study reveals that 98% of Americans use multiple devices every day. In addition, 50% of buyers use greater than four touchpoints to purchase. The need of the hour, therefore, is multichannel or omnichannel customer support platforms. They can help you to provide assistance to your consumers on their preferred devices and touchpoints, and thus enhance their experience and satisfaction levels. 

Customer Journey Mapping: According to a Gartner forecast, by 2020 over 40% of all data analytics projects will be related to customer experience. An interesting data analysis type that has become popular of late is customer journey mapping. This map visualizes all your captured customer data from their first visit to your website to their churn point. The advantage is it gives your customer support agents insight into where a consumer is in the different stages of the buyer journey map. 

Your agents can use this knowledge to provide proactive information and support to your customers so they can better utilize your product. For instance, if a consumer is at the stage where they are including new team members to work collaboratively, your agents can offer them pertinent information like documentation or FAQ about team administration that is a feature of your product. For customer journey mapping, you can use tested tools like Omnigraffle, Uxpressio, Canvanizer, Gliffy, or Microsoft Visio

CX Software: piHappiness is a customer experience and feedback management tool offered on Android and iPad tablets. You can use it to easily create attractive and customized feedback forms to obtain consumer comments, reviews, and opinions both in-person and via a survey kiosk. Further, you can utilize the response inbox and review detailed reports to assess and act on buyer feedback.

piHappiness offers real-time alerts and reporting to help you closely track each customer’s review and feedback. You can leverage the data and insights to understand consumer needs and demands, and effectively fulfill them by providing relevant and efficient services. 

piHappiness is a resourceful and affordable customer experience software in Dubai that can help to boost your company’s customer support quality. Contact us today to get information on how to install and use this platform to improve your business prospects and reputation.