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Top Tips to Boost Wi-fi Performance

Boost Wi-fi Performance

Top Tips to Boost Wi-fi Performance

Thursday February 27, 2020,

4 min Read

If your wi-fi needs are not adequately met, there are a number of things you can try out to make sure your wi-fi speed is right for you. Before ordering a new router, there are many things you can do to improve the situation.

Here are some of the things you can do to improve your wi-fi performance:

1.  Consider changing the place of your router: Not every place in the house or office is suitable for your router. Firstly, do not place the router next to metallic appliances and objects that emit electromagnetic waves. Did you know they are the top disruptors of your wi-fi signal? It can create a large dead zone! The biggest disruptors of wi-fi signals are the items found in kitchens, mostly stoves, and microwaves. Secondly, do not place your wi-fi router on the floor. They emit signals in all directions and not just horizontally, so when you place it on the floor, the ability to emit signals is diminished.

2.  Try updating your router: You must be aware of the malware attacks that are costing companies and individuals a great deal of money. This wouldn’t have been possible if the wi-fi routers had been updated. Make sure your router is running the latest firmware there is. It might take a long time to update, but make sure not to interrupt the process.

3.  Get better and stronger antenna: Many of the wi-fi routers these days comes with small and weak antennas. Instead of switching the entire router, get a stronger antenna. Even though they might be bigger in size, they are a great way for you to boost your wi-fi performance. All you have to do is buy the rubber duck antenna and nothing else.

4. Cut off wi-fi leeches: If you haven’t password protected your wi-fi then it is high time for you to do so. In the current day and age, having an encrypted, password-protected wi-fi is a must. Your neighbors will use your wi-fi if it is left unprotected. Make sure you remove these leeches. Make sure your password is difficult.

5.  You can try a wifi booster: wi-fi boosters amplify the existing signal. They do it before they rebroadcast it to create a second network. This is done as wi-fi boosters have a greater range than wi-fi repeaters. This is suitable for you in case the original signal is very weak. Mywifiext is an excellent wi-fi extender service to set up your wi-fi extender.

6.  Consider switching off Wi-Fi channels: There are multiple wi-fi channels for you to choose from. There are about 6 channels available in every country. However, most of us have adopted either channel1 or channel6. It is quite easy for you to just switch channels and thus avoid wi-fi jams.

7.  Reboot your router: When your smartphones start acting weird, we all restart them, similarly, you can reboot your wi-fi router as well. Rebooting your router helps clear cached memory and gets rid of any background processes which you don’t need helping your computer run faster. Your router, like a computer holds a small amount of memory and background processes. An occasional reset can help things get back on track.

8. You can also try switching channels: Many routers have access to 14channels. If you live in an urban community, then you do have access to a greater number of channels, to increase the performance of your internet, switch channels. Sometimes, this is all you have to do to boost the internet performance.

9.  Wi-Fi extender can be of help: A wi-fi extender sends the signal that it receives over a different channel. In other words, it switches channels for you. Mywifiext can help guide you for your wi-fi extender needs. Some network extenders also work through a wired method and allows you to extend your network signal at the same time.

10.  Try changing the place of your router: Your routers emit signals in all directions and not only horizontally or vertically, make sure your wi-fi router is located I a place where it is able to emit signals in all directions. On the floor is definitely not the place for your router. Also, make sure the path is clear, wi-fi signals are also blocked by too many objects In their path which thereby reduces your internet speed.

The Bottom Line

Do not be too hasty in jumping to a new wi-fi router. Ensure that you have tried to do everything possible and exhausted all options, then switch to a new router. It may take time, but it will be the best.