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The Top Trending Healthcare mobile apps that you should consider in 2020

Let’s go over some different types of healthcare apps that are available for different verticals.

The Top Trending Healthcare mobile apps that you should consider in 2020

Thursday August 27, 2020,

4 min Read

Over the past few years, mobile technology has sky-rocketed in the healthcare industry and made an enormous impact on the lives of human beings.

According to global market insights, it is being predicted that industry will grow at 28.5% CAGR by 2026 which was estimated at USD 106 billion in 2019. 

Are you interested in developing a healthcare app?

Let’s go over some different types of healthcare apps that are available for different verticals. 

  • Doctor Directory & Appointment Booking App  - This will help in finding the right doctor and make an appointment online instantly. Various actions such as sorting the filter results by attributes enable to search based on different criteria. 

For instance: Someone wants to look in for a doctor who’s having well-versed knowledge about neurology and can help as an expert in the movement disorders for ruling out the problem.

The built-in features such as chat, online payments, synced calendars, real-time booking for patients, and automated emails can help in enhancing your app by making it more user friendly. Since the COVID-19 pandemic strategy is to minimize the face-to-face interactions, additional provisions such as video consultations between the doctor and patient will lead to the self-care practice. Payment gateways help in accepting online payments with the minimum development effort and easy options. After an interaction, it’s important to reflect on what happened. The situation can be formally expressed in the form of a review.

  • Medication Compliance and Tracking App - Such mobile apps provide unique insights into tracking health outcomes, symptoms, condition, medication, and important activities. Digital technology tracks the heart rate, blood glucose, steps, weight, and more on popular wearable devices. Also, fitness activities of human beings like walking, jogging, step count, calories, distance traveled and activity time can be recorded with these tracking apps.

Through these apps, the workout can be tracked which can act as the most beneficial point for athletes participating in aerobic-oriented sports activities. There are myriad of benefits provided by medication tracking apps such as push notifications that help in retaining most of the mobile users. There is another section for women to monitor their health from diet to sleep and exercise. Mobile apps tracking fertility and ovulation can assist in monitoring the details more minutely. 

  • Weight Loss and Fitness Apps - Such apps are capable of tracking the fitness regimen and specific macronutrients based on the food for both low carb & high carb diet. Some people create a picture in their brain such as losing weight is a specific goal for improving the fitness level while bodybuilders lookout for a different concept such as for building more muscles, they need to boost the intake of protein. 

Food takeaway packaging with a QR code helps in connecting with the consumers along with the supply of chain information. If the person wants to add personalized details, there is an option of customization as well which helps in saving a lot of time. 

Weight loss and fitness apps might be inclusive of the ways to execute each kind of exercise with proper videos that may in time. There are so many video formats available and it can be imparted as per the availability of the browser. Only thing is that it should feature out the progressive workout. So, while the creation of a video content marketing strategy is mandatory for attracting and retaining the goals. Apps can be customized in such a way that free, healthy, and practical recipes are easily available on the digital wallet which might appear to be very simple. 

Winding Up

Technology such as video conferencing or mobile apps is digitally transforming the healthcare industry and bringing a positive impact. The apps mentioned in the blog will serve all the information and act as aspects to develop trending healthcare mobile apps.