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Top Trends to expect in Magento Development in 2019

Over the years, e-commerce industry has witnessed tremendous change. It has adopted various latest technologies which are revolutionizing the way people shop online.

Top Trends to expect in Magento Development in 2019

Monday November 26, 2018,

4 min Read

In order to adapt to the ever-changing behaviour of the online customers, a software development company has to inculcate various technologies to stay ahead of the competitors. Magento is a popular framework which is quite popularly used for e-commerce website development. Over the years, it has undergone massive change. Here are the top trends to be expected in Magento development in 2019.

1.   Growth of AI and Increasing Demand of Chatbots

AI is making the lives of the people quite easier with its various exception features that it provides. Magento e-commerce is highly influenced by it. The way in which this technology is contributing to the overall growth of the online stores, we expect to see more changes in Magento development. It is being said that AI is currently the major revolution happening in the entire development generation. The sole aim of this technology is to understand the customer behaviour with the website and understand their inherent preferences. It signals the business to effectively shape their own supply chain as per the requirements.

AI is also responsible for the channelizing the entire growth of e-commerce industry. It assists the businesses to easily target the customers as per their requirements and even aid them in getting customer-centric as well as personalized shopping experience.

Chatbots are rapidly replacing humans when it comes to customer management which is rising star of Magento. However, both AI and Chatbots are at their nascent stage and their demand is growing rapidly.

2.   Creation of Personalized Experience

Magento development company is currently turning in the direction of serving their different clients with various upgraded features of this platform and personalized experience is getting high in demand. The entire e-commerce market is quite a competitive field. If the e-commerce app is not up to the expectations of the customers, it is sure to lose the race. So, personalized experience goes a long way in making the e-commerce websites to stand out of the competition.

A Magento e-commerce website needs to create customer specific discounts and coupons, and provide product recommendation on the basis of preferences of the repeat customers. This strengthens the overall client-base by means of catering the desirable products only. As companies are on verge of growing their online store, they need to heavily invest in personalized experience.

3.   Smart Organic Searches

Having an e-commerce website is only the beginning. The companies have to make way for smart organic searches. Hire Magento developer who can build smart user navigation as well as inculcate various features like breadcrumbs, filtering options and autocomplete that makes the search smarter as well as website content accessible easily.

The smart search is leading trend in current market and will continue to be the one in the 2019. Once a customer has visited a website, the smart search feature need to keep them engaged and make them dig deeper into the website.

4.   Prioritization of Push Notifications

Software development company majorly focuses on making the entire customer experiences quite tailor-made and pushes various notification which are the best features of the mobile or web app. The main goal for any type of e-commerce store is to effectively hold the grip on the various existing customers with a brand new outreach. The great benefits push notifications can lead to huge sales. As an e-commerce business owner, you cannot simply wait for the users to actually come to your website and then know about the various offers. Push notifications are significantly great ways to keep the customers informed that you value them as well as there is always something quite exciting for them whenever they revisit the website.

Website as well as mobile apps are rapidly adopting push notifications as important feature. Magento provides the same. If you hire Magento developer, you do not have to mention that you require this particular feature as they will inculcate it by themselves.

5.   Value Addition by Live Video

Live videos are rapidly becoming the most common components of the major e-commerce website. Live streaming videos effectively work quite better than any traditionally optimize video. You can use Live Videos in your website, and adopt this strategy for the future for showcasing your latest launches, products and services and even customer testimonials as quite a legit approach in order to increase sales.


No matter whatever the challenges are coming up in e-commerce sector, Magento development will always find the solution. The agility and open source features of Magento allow the businesses to adapt as well as thrive on boosting their overall online sales and even maximizing their gross margins. So, if you wish to boost your sales with quite great features, you should hire Magento developer. These are the top trends that you need to look out in Magento development in the year 2019.