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Top 20 Employee Onboarding Tools: Smart Staffing Solution

Top 20 Employee Onboarding Tools: Smart Staffing Solution

Thursday February 20, 2020,

11 min Read

Top 20 Employee Onboarding Tools | Smart Staffing Solution

Planning to hire employees smartly. Let’s look at a few employee onboarding tools that make the process way easier than you think.

Touted to be the most important part of an employee lifecycle, ‘employee onboarding’ is the process through which a new recruit socialises himself with the organisation. Involving a series of critical step-by-step processes, which take up a lot of time and comprise complicated software usage, onboarding employees is more often than not, an HR pain point. Add to that the huge cost to the organisation accrued when an employee leaves within a short interval, and you’ll know why employee on-boarding needs to be done right and done in time.

In short, the employee onboarding experience is the mirror through which a new employee looks in at and into the organisation. And what does employee onboarding entail? It satisfies the first step of Maslow’s pyramid: the Concept of Belonging.

With such an important role to play in the organisational development and carrying the weight of a huge investment, employee onboarding takes up a chunk of HR planning and analysis. In today’s digital age, while long paperwork has taken a back-seat, complicated software tools have forayed into the otherwise vacant space and vie for HR attention at every step of the way. So, how can you select the best employee onboarding tool which is perfectly tailored for your organisational needs?

Here’s a quick ‘employee onboarding software’ checklist:

  • Make a list of mandatory LMS features you’re looking at. For example, the non-negotiable attributes which are a definite must, peppered with specific app sensibilities and device compatibility that work best with your employees.
  • Alway, always opt for a trial. Never go for the direct purchase, rather give yourself sometime to familiarise with the software and acclimatise to the new features. If you find seamless compatibility, go ahead and buy it.
  • Look for the basic support facilities offered by the seller and choose the software that offers all-encompassing support system, preferably all-through your workdays in a week.
  • Read the user reviews and experiences. You’d be surprised to notice how accurate and helpful the small tidbits are and how they aid in your decision making.
  • Check out the reporting features and make it a point to learn the basics of the backend for optimum usage of the software. While most tools would offer a plethora of features, you should ideally look at the reporting features and choose the one which outstandingly fit your requirements, because only then, would you be able to put the onboarding software to best use.

Now that you know how to choose your best-fit employee onboarding software, check out this list of top 25 employee onboarding tools which might just provide you the key to higher retentions and budgetary profits to your organisation.


Packed with a variety of features that aid in employee touch points without the monotony of constant and continuous repetition, Digidesk is India’s foremost employee onboarding software kit having the distinction of serving various multinational corporations. The software is designed to offer a ‘red carpet welcome’ to new joinees and with its ‘regular updates’ feature, makes sure to award your potential employees a feeling of belongingness even before the actual date of joining sets in.

While a proper numeric analysis helps Digidesk stand out in this age of cut-throat competition, the ease of operation along with a wonderful support system has companies rolling out this software for their employee onboarding experience. Digidesk further integrates the Aadhar APIs for an easy employee onboarding experience, helps with wealth engagement and also, aids in admin management.

Adhering to the concept of automation in its true sense, Digidesk makes sure to bring in flavour and avoid monotonous drudgery in its processes. Oh! And they offer an excellent demo facility, so make sure to give them a try when you’re looking for the next big thing in HR automation in the market, next.


Digidesk - HR Transformation Tool


An integrated HR automation tool, Zoho runs the race from start to finish. This Chennai based startup provides thorough tools for onboarding, payroll management, employee performance and employee termination. Running the complete employee lifecycle management, Zoho is fast conquering the business space in the modern IT hubs across the country.




Offering the top-down advantage to HR teams with its real-time dashboard, KiSSFLOW is an integrated HR onboarding tool that allows API integrations for seamless functionings across devices. With its advantageous cloud-based skeletal structure, KiSSFLOW permits customer accessibility anytime and from anywhere.

The lucid interpretations and visual representations add on to the over all appeal of this software, but what really catches your attention, is the free onboarding templates that come with a subscription of KiSSFLOW.




Targeting small and medium scale enterprises with integrated HR solutions, BambooHR is preferred for its relatively easy-to-use backend and advanced reporting features. Giving out an user friendly interface, BambooHR perfectly manages the inconsistent graphs which are a typical HR feature in small and medium scaled enterprises.




Perfect for the 21st century stakeholders, Talmundo adds a dash of fun to onboarding processes with a special quiz creating feature. A cloud-based software, Talmundo charts out a roadmap for successful onboarding processes, helps you create fun and engaging content and lets the new hire acquaint herself with the company processes even before the joining date kicks in.




Bringing in customisation and personalisation as key features of employee onboarding programs, iCIMS branches out into employee lifecycle management as well. Although, not a user friendly interface to begin with, iCIMS makes a cut with its comprehensive details and electronic date entry and e-signature options.




A free onboarding tool, Trello is an interactive platform which mainly focuses on project-based activities. Surprised at how to shape it into an employee onboarding tool? Just take employee onboarding as a project and pick up a template from the ones found in-saved. While the dashboard raises a sense of urgency with its smart checklist-like feature, Trello allows you to simply copy-paste the dashboard and re-use it for your convenience.




Deriving its name from the ancient science of yoga, Asana helps segregate tasks and respective assignees with a primary focus on project management schedules and deadlines. However, employee onboarding management has gradually turned out to capture the spotlight and at present, Asana is a versatile employee onboarding tool used by organisations for seamless onboarding process facilitation.




An all-encompassing employee management tool, Zenefits is an in-demand software for employee onboarding in major companies all over the world. Favoured due to a plethora of cut-throat features, Zenefits is also suitable for a remote working force. Maintaining an employee directory, integrating with range of other office tools and providing painless management solutions for out of the office and remote employees, Zenefits is suitable for small and large scale organisations.




Going by its interesting namesake, Lessonly takes employee hiring solutions to a whole new level. Designed to not only manage employee database and preliminary hiring processes, Lessonly carves out simple lessons and detailed video tutorials to acquaint the new joinees about organisational culture and team goals.

Acting more like a training software than an employee onboarding tool, Lessonly also comes handy in keeping track of new joinees and their designated training kits. Educating the audience is the main idea behind the formation and success of Lessonly as an employee onboarding tool.



Click Boarding:

Designed to be a mobile-first employee onboarding software, Click Boarding excels in its strategic role as a facilitator of employee lifecycle management as well. With an array of activities planned in the initial few days, the mantra by which Click Boarding swears is: Employee on-boarding should not only reinforce the newbie’s belief in the company but also act as the strategic bridge to convert the incumbent from a successful interview candidate to a well-performing employee of the organisation.


Click Boarding


Believing in personalised employee onboarding solutions, UltiPro bundles in gamut of HR functions in its kitty for an all-inclusive HR experience. More than 25-year-old, UltiPro gives the new companies a run for their money by concentrating on a handful of employee management processes with people-centric concepts. While reporting and analytics still are a pain-point for UltiPro, its mark in the industry and regular feature upgrades has still managed to keep this old giant in the game.


Formed from a desire to manage time and aid in proper organisational planning, Scoro is ideally cut-out to manage your team assignments, employee engagements and initiating a structural approach to HR management and employee lifecycle management.

Favoured for being a pro-active software, Scoro also draws you in with its comprehensive analytical algorithm, ideal to rewind past lessons and learn from the historical data available on this employee management solution.




Dream of a video chat app that can help you host informal video conferences? Say hello to Slack, a state-of-the-art modern software that packs in a punch of employee-friendly features for the new rookie in the block.

And to top it all, Slack also helps you launch coworking spaces, perfect for those rainy days when remote working spaces are quickly filled up towards the very beginning of the day.



A chatbot oriented employee onboarding tool, acts as your digital butler ready to guide you in and around your new office to check out the surroundings and answer fresh-face queries.

Plus, also helps in keeping workplace emails and SMSes to a minimum to avoid attention fragmentation and output inefficiency.




Again a cloud-based software, Gusto comes with a wide ranging array of HR functions and processes crafted to make both the employer and employee’s lives easier.

Kick-starting with effective employee onboarding automation software, Gusto also aids in payroll management and medical urgencies, plus excels in handing out friendly customer support system bots as well.




What if we say that you can save time and roll out various employee engagement activities at once? Surprised? Treat yourself to a refreshing demo of Namely, a cutting-edge employee management software offering best in the class employee onboarding services.

How do they do it? Easy-peasy. Namely follows in the UI/UX of popular online platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which aids in giving out an air of relaxation while actually getting around tension-free in the workplace. So the next time you feel like checking out your social media handles, you can fathom the popularity of  Namely as a user-friendly employee onboarding solution.




A popular and free employee management solution, Sentrifugo is an easy-to-use one-stop shop for everything HR. Right from aiding in onboarding new employees to carrying out performance appraisal, Sentrifugo does it all. Wondering what makes Sentrifugo gain a place in this list?

It is a free software with lifetime access once it is downloaded in your device. While the dashboard scales up the software usage with real-time updates, the analytics section aids in critical thinking and decision making for all stakeholders.




Another free delight, Boardon is a web-based platform which believes in mobile-first operations. With its interesting Youtube linking facilities, Boardon actually helps share relevant videos and other stuff right before your joining to help keep you engaged and up-to-date with company policies and terminologies.

While employee onboarding is definitely a major chunk of HR process management, the curious usage of technology to optimise employee onboarding solution is worthy of a round of applause.


Inexplicably easy-to-use, Rippling aims for a one-click initiation, appraisal and dismissal as and when it happens. While Rippling is a process oriented automation tool, the stacking of data and its convenient access makes locating minute details in just one-click. Moving away from the tiredness of filling up the same for repetitively, Rippling aids on proper data insertion as and when asked, thereby facilitating employee onboarding processes.

Rippling-Employee-Onboarding Solution


With the ever increasing diversity in the workplace and the continuous shrinkage of the world into one large global village, the need to zero in on an ideal employee onboarding tool is mandatory. Studies claim that the failure of a company to initiate healthy onboarding practices can lead to new prospects jumping ship in less than three months. Which would result in huge costs incurred to the company. 

So, to avoid undue expenses and improve employee retention rates, choose a suitable employee onboarding tool and get started to conquer the world one idea, one employee and one project at a time!