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Top 5 Visitor Management Software's for Educational Institutions

To help your school make the right choice, we have detailed the important features and benefits of 5 top visitor management programs that are currently popular in the market.

Top 5 Visitor Management Software's for Educational Institutions

Monday December 23, 2019,

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Educational institutions need to protect their staff and students and they can do this by using a quality visitor management software solution to keep track of parents, visitors, guardians, and others who enter and exit the premises. It is also a challenging task to monitor and manage the flow of staff, suppliers, housekeeping employees, temporary workers, etc. 

A visitor management platform can help to streamline the process of managing guests and can help to relieve stress on school staff. It enables schools, colleges, and universities to efficiently control access to campus buildings and thus improves security for staff and students. 

Leading 5 Visitor Management Applications for Educational Institutions

To help your school make the right choice, we have detailed the important features and benefits of 5 top visitor management programs that are currently popular in the market.


piLOBI is a widely used visitor management system created to simplify all phases of the visitor experience from their entry to exit and all transactions in between. Besides educational institutions, this software can also be leveraged by towers, offices, hospitals, and residential and commercial properties. It eases the admin burden of front desk personnel and reception staff who don’t have to manually register the names of visitors, their purpose of visit, address, contact details, etc. 

piLOBI enhances guests’ visits with tools like automated electronic reception and advanced online check-in. The application also presents digital signatures and face recognition features. You can easily track visitors’ locations and their stay duration. 

piLOBI is simple to install and you can get started quickly with minimal IT assistance. The solution automatically notifies hosts through email and SMS about unannounced and scheduled visits. The alerts also inform hosts about the pick-up points of their guests. piLOBI’s prints a QR code on each visitor’s badge and this eliminates the need for the guest to register again during subsequent visits. 

If an employee is expecting a visitor, they can pre-register the guest to bypass the registration procedure. The staff member can name the venue and include meeting details so that their guest is guided swiftly after arrival. Further, piLOBI captures the facial images of visitors when they check into the premises. The system stores these photos securely and makes them easily accessible for later reference if needed. 

piLOBI tops our list of leading visitor management solutions for educational institutions as it offers robust yet simple-to-use features for an efficient visitor and guest management. Contact us today to install our affordable and effective software to smartly streamline the flow of guests at your school or college and improve security on the campus and in buildings. 


VisiPoint is a reliable software for effective visitor management. It modernizes the manner in which educational institutions receive and handle visitors. You can bid goodbye to conventional and dated practices like paper visitor numbers and logbooks. The program ensures guests access only authorized areas. 

Besides visitors, VisiPoint also offers features to manage employees and contractors, thus it serves as a one-stop reception management platform. The system offers an informative dashboard with a secure interface from which you can pre-register visitors and book their appointments. This functionality eases the workload of your administrative staff and speeds up the reception procedure.


EasyLobby is an automated visitor book application for educational institutions. It enables you to streamline the collection of guest info and their visit purpose. Plus, it presents custom badges to visitors to make them effortlessly identifiable on your school premises. 

EasyLobby is a visitor management software tool that digitizes the guest reception and registration processes to make them simpler and smoother. It enables your institution to project a professional appearance while protecting the premises for staff and students. The system records a list of visitors who come in and go out every day and the time and duration of the visits, and makes this data available for ad-hoc reports and security audits. 


TEMPbadge VMS is a simple-to-use visitor management system built by IDenticard for schools, hospitals, office buildings, and other premises. This powerful application offers robust features to assist educational institutions to process visitors swiftly and efficiently. Its comprehensive suite includes the VMS solution, 1000 badges that expire after visitor exit, and a thermal printer. 

TEMPbadge VMS enables schools and colleges to professionally serve all guests, meet their needs, and track all their on-site actions. You can easily customize the software for your institution’s unique requirements. The tool can be easily mastered with minimal training and your admin and security staff can get started with it quickly. 

Tech Smart Visitor Management 

Tech Smart Visitor management has been created by Secureye for colleges, schools, societies, companies, and others. This software presents fast, secure, and smart methods for on-premise visitor management. It empowers front office employees and security officers to overcome the drawbacks of uncertain and inaccurate paper-based visitor reception programs. 

With Tech Smart, schools can scan guests’ IDs, screen them on a watch list, generate visitor records, print badges, send email alerts to hosts, and efficiently handle the entry and exit of visitors. The software can seamlessly integrate with the existing hardware systems of educational institutions to provide them a comprehensive platform for visitor management