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Top Web Hosts Indian Website Owners Must Consider in 2019

Are you looking for a good web host for your blog or online store? Confused between choices? Here are the best hosting plans for Indian webmasters.

Top Web Hosts Indian Website Owners Must Consider in 2019

Tuesday March 12, 2019,

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Whether you are running your online store or planning to start your health blog, your major question will be about a good hosting plan. Although a variety of hosting servers are operating to deal with Indian webmasters in the provision of fast speed, high uptime and regular updates. However, the selection of a quality host is still a big issue for eCommerce site owners and bloggers. In this article, we are going to rank best shared and cloud hosting options with our reading by facts.

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Since 2004, SiteGround satisfies the hosting needs of its clients with galactic speed and other vital features. Gladly, I am granting the first rank to this web host because of its quality service, 24/7 support and 68ms server speed in India. Another great benefit of choosing SiteGround is the access to SSL certificate for free of cost. Yes, as many browsers including Chrome have announced that they will refer the non-SSL sites as “not secure” SiteGround started offering free SSL certificate to its users.

A2 Hosting

This is an American web host that started its service in 2011 and well-known because of its Super-fast Turbo Servers. Yes, if you are crazy about the loading speed of your blog or eCommerce site, then you will fall into the love of its speed that is around 68ms in Bangalore, India.

Moreover, if we talk about their support service, then you will find the customer support agents of A2 Hosting very friendly. Similarly, they will sort out both technical and non-technical issues quickly. In the same token, the webmasters who are looking for web hosting with some SEO help then again A2 Optimized WP is an incredible feature that you must try once.

GoDaddy India

By observing various Indian web hosting reviewers, you will be amazed that webmasters prefer to visit GoDaddy especially for the selection of domain name. Indeed, GoDaddy India is a household name in the Indian web hosting world. The speed score of GoDaddy India is A+ with 90ms that is pretty fast as compared to typical web hosts. Although it doesn’t offer free SSL certificate and the interface is a little steep but, Indian website owner still like it because of its cheap hosting plans, quick customer service and regular server updates.

HostGator Cloud

As a webmaster, I was about to give the first rank to HostGator in the list, but the reviews from Indian users made it little away from the first position. However, we still found HostGator Cloud as a reliable hosting option because of its fast speed and cheap rates.

On the contrary, if you are choosing this web host only to make inquires, then you shouldn’t expect some extraordinary or VIP treatment from the customer service staff. Nevertheless, if you are their client, then HostGator agents will give you a real protocol. All in all, HostGator Cloud could be a good option if you are bad at technical issues regarding operating a website.


Probably, most of you consider Bluehost a cheap web host because of a reasonable plan that is actually true, but in terms of quality service, web host reviewers give it little low marks. With server speed of 318ms in India, it is also a bitter reality that the live team of Bluehost doesn’t consider your request seriously in the earlier attempts to contact it. Thus, I will only recommend the Bluehost if you are not able to bear charges of other hosting plans.

On the whole, this article tried to give a fair and justified opinion of various web hosts. We hope that new website owners and eCommerce entrepreneurs will consider our suggestions while deciding on a web host.