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12 AI Based App Ideas For Startups That Will Make Money In 2020

AI-based apps are creating a storm. They have come as a boon for both users & businesses. The users are getting a better experience & businesses are laughing their way to the bank.

12 AI Based App Ideas For Startups That Will Make Money In 2020

Saturday May 30, 2020,

8 min Read

AI based app ideas

In 2020, the demand for new app ideas is increasing. This demand increase is also boosted by the introduction of new or improved technology every day. More and more businesses are building lightweight apps, in trend, tech-savvy and fast.

As per the latest stats, 2.8 million apps on Google play store and 2.2 million apps on Apple store, the trend of traditional and ordinary mobile apps seem to be fading away. 

Here, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning continue to open up new opportunities in the business world. AI and ML are the two technologies that, if adopted in the right way, will benefit your business, making you more efficient in your operations and ultimately help you in making money.

The enormous capability and increasing availability stand of no use if you are unable to come up with an exciting idea for your mobile app. The Artificial Intelligence software market is expected to grow approximately by 154% year-on-year, reaching a forecast of $22.6 Billion. 

Keeping this in mind, I present you a list of some fantastic AI/ML-based app ideas that will make money in 2020-21.

1. App for Retail Brands:

If you own an eCommerce site or are planning to own one, then you need to post pictures of the products on your website. For this, you mostly need to search for the images over the internet. 

To avoid this, you can ask the software development company which is working on your mobile app, to incorporate an on-device recognition tool for the admin. This tool is based on Artificial Intelligence. It merely scans, organizes and categorizes all the images in your smartphone based on the items given in the picture.

Having such a tool, your business could obtain an incredible range of photos relevant to their geographical location, product type, and potential markets.

2. Cyber Security Apps:


Artificial Intelligence being so smart, it is evident that it will win over traditional firewall rules or AV data. This is because it works automatically without the firm’s prior knowledge of finding anomalies. 

With traditional security measures, it is good to adapt Artificial intelligence/ Machine Learning apps to help with the defense of cyber security. The AI systems are capable enough of constantly analyzing our network packets and map what is regular traffic. It is aware of more than 102,000 patterns in the network.

3. App for Journalists:

Journalism is a stream where you need to be aware of all the latest happenings going around you. It takes a lot of effort for respondents to collect data and information. 

The thing that can work most efficiently is to provide a journalist with real AI experience. You must hire software developers to create a mobile application that is capable of auto-generating a report by asking for vital information

The information can be provided in the form of voice commands too, and the journalist can review the article later. 

4. Vulnerability Prediction App:

Use of Artificial Intelligence-based applications is a great idea to predict when a vulnerability in a part of the software will end up being attacked by hackers. This will allow you to be ahead of the digital attacks before they happen.

Such software can prove to be very powerful. We have to concentrate on the simple classification of “will be attacked” or “will not be attacked”, we can train accurate models with a great reminder.

5. App for Writers:

Imagine you are a business which deals into content writing but being an SME or startup, you are unable to afford many writers. This simple AI-based app can save you the cost of hiring writers.

What such an app does is it converts what you say into writing. The idea behind this is to eliminate the use of pen and hands to write new stories, newsletter, documents etc. Such apps eliminate the need of keeping your hands busy in translating the words and allow your thoughts to be quickly converted as you speak.

6. Storytelling Apps:

The use of artificial intelligence in reading out a story or reciting a poem can be an excellent user experience. This storytelling AI-based mobile app ensures that you can listen to your favorite novels, poems or books while doing other stuff. The AI will read out the book in an exact storytelling format.

What the user needs to do is paste the word or pdf file or link of the book in the app, and it will read it out to you not as a dictation but as a professional narrator. The Artificial Intelligence of this app can pre-determine the tone of the received story based on the hierarchical analysis.

7- Roadside Breakdown or Car Accident App:

We are all aware of the SOS system by now. This app is almost similar to SOS apps. Roadside breakdown or car accident app helps you get connected with the nearest garage, offering you real-time roadside assistance by just tracking your location.

With the help of an excellent mobile app development company, you can get this app developed using Artificial Intelligence. The role of AI will be to list down all the reputed car service companies and users as per their location. You must take care to list only 24*7 mechanics or mention their working hours. 

If you want, you can even make it a one-stop solution for car owners by adding all the required features for the maintenance of a car—for instance, insurance reminders, service reminders etc.

8. Online Recruiting Automation:

ai app idea

Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial for online recruitment processes like screening of resumes, job profile matching, and candidate sourcing. This app idea can be helpful for your business as AI-based technology focuses on various other recruitment tasks and reduces your efforts by scanning the internet and giving you the right candidate.

Smart employers are widely using AI-enabled recruitment mobile applications for finding the right candidates. The latter has not been considered for job roles in the past for not being able to appear in the search results and not because of lack of qualifications.

9. Delivery App Based on Subscription:

There are specific orders which are repeated, for instance, monthly medicines. To avoid this stress, an AI-based mobile app can be made. Whether it would be food, medicine, water, or milk, users can select the option that suits them the most to get the delivery of products at their doorsteps.

With Artificial Intelligence, you can collect the data and provide a common platform to the users and service providers and service providers to meet the weekly, monthly or yearly basis according to the individual’s subscription plan.

10. e-Learning Apps:

With the rise in the domain of Artificial Intelligence tools, the way we read, search or write text has changed. There are advanced AI-based mobile applications that understand, search and read for you helping researchers to learn about the development of the latest technology, tools and information.

An AI can easily help students in finding solutions to their problems by searching through all the possible websites.

11. Augmented Reality Based Jewellery Store App:

Incorporation of Augmented Reality in eCommerce mobile app is in trend these days. This can be used in jewellery selling eCommerce stores too. Enhancing the sale of your store with an AR driven application that enables customers to take a 3D trial with the piece of jewellery they like will be an excellent point for your app. 

12- Cloud-Based Attendance App:

A cloud-based attendance app can be considered as a significant relief for employers. The employer can get all the detailed information of the employee through this app. Information of clock-in or clock-out using punch cards or bio-metric everything can be stored over cloud memory.

Another feature that can be added to such an application is real-time tracking of employees during working hours. For this, the employee will be required to install an app on their mobile phone. This will give the employer more control over their employees while working remotely. It can also be seen as a safety feature as you can track in real-time whether your employee is not violating the premises rules.


Final Words:

With this, we come to the end of this article, but the list of AI-based mobile apps is endless. These ideas will help your business to grow well & make money. In the year 2020, artificial intelligence has become powerful tools for all types of companies. Though large companies have been leading in the use of AI-based software, a large number of small firms have also started investing in Artificial Intelligence to enhance their competitiveness through efficiency, innovation, and productivity. 

Once you finalise which idea you will be working over, the next step is to get in touch with the best mobile apps company who will design and develop a mobile application, keeping in mind the latest market trends and analysing future trends.