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Types of Web Developers and Their Skills

Some Essential Skills That a Developer Should Possess

Types of Web Developers and Their Skills

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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We are living in an era where technology is making turns every now and then. With such fluctuations, it becomes crucial for app development companies to stay updated with the market. Well, it is only possible once these companies rely on highly dedicated individuals, and hiring web developers would be a great feat to start things with.

Whenever you are on the lookout for web developers, you’ll get to know that there are so many different developers available and that too with various skills to their names. Having web developers in a mobile app development company is quite important as they can use the latest tools and techniques to carry out the work in no time. Since we are talking about tools and techniques, it would be the right time for us to enlist some of the skills that a developer should have.

Types of Web Developers and Their Skills

Some Essential Skills That a Developer Should Possess


If you are a developer or just an aspiring individual, then it is quite important for you to understand the basics of coding and markup language. HTML being a standard language, you need to have a clear knowledge of this language in particular. However, if you want to make your website look like a “website”, then you need to get a hold of CSS.

  • JavaScript

Once you master HTML and CSS, it’s time for you to move past them and set your goal to learn JavaScript. If you are looking forward to make your website more interactive and functional, then JavaScript is the need of this hour.

  • WordPress

Being a free content management system, most of the websites on the internet operates on WordPress alone. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a well-established web developer, the system can benefit you no matter what. Being quite an easy system to use, WordPress can help you modify pages, add plug-ins, and even lets you run tests for bugs.

So, these are some of the skills that you a developer or an aspiring to become one has to develop. Now that we are done with discussing the skills, it’s time for us to enlist the type of web developers you can find. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Types of Web Developers

  • The Ones Who Are Deep Into Designing

These are the ones you just love experimenting with colors, designs, and themes. They are often known as designers, who like to code and play with different languages like CSS, HTML, JQuery, etc. 

  • The Ones Who Create Blogs

Whenever WordPress is involved, there are good chances that you’ll think of blogs at first. Being an easy to use system, WordPress is a very good platform to develop blogs and websites.

  • The Ones Who Develop Back-End

The back-end system is considered to be the core of development. These developers are the ones who take care of the database. With the help of SQL, MsSQL, Oracle, and more, they transfer data to front-end.

  • The Ones Who Test

These are the ones who test out stuff to check whether there are any issues with the finished product or not. They often come after the development process is done to debug. They make sure that there are no bugs left before executing the product.

  • The Ones Who Are Masters in Open-Sourcing

These people can work with almost all the open-source languages including PHP, Laravel, and so on. These are the ones who can create custom websites with ease and that on client’s demand using different web frameworks of open source.

  • The Ones Who Plan A Lot

These people believe in finishing the project on time. How do they achieve it? Well, it’s quite simple; they make flow charts, SDLC, and deadlines, and that’s it. Since they work as per the deadline, they make sure to assign, allocate work, and keep their proposed plans in mind.

  • The Ones Who Code

Coders are the ones who spend most of their time coding and nothing else. These people can make things happen with just some keyboard taps and running the code. You’ll mostly find them stuck in between codes, libraries, frameworks, modules, and anything technical.

  • The Ones Who Make Smart Apps

These are the ones who are indulged in developing mobile apps. Goes by the name of mobile app developers, they make apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Wrap Up

Developers come in various varieties, and we, being an android app development company, have listed all of them. Keeping them in mind, you can easily choose a web developer in literally no time. However, you need to make that choice as per your needs.