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Why Are UX/UI Design Services Important for Your Business?

Why Are UX/UI Design Services Important for Your Business?

Saturday September 05, 2020,

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Picture this scenario: you have a revolutionary idea that can make waves in the industry. You built the website, took care of the marketing, yet are not able to get customers. You run A/B tests, hire the best salespeople, and try your level best to spread the word, but the situation remains the same — you aren't getting any customers.

Why you ask yourself? It's because of the user experience, 87% of managers consider user experience a top priority for a business. It is no longer a good-to-have-thing. It is a necessity.

While the internet is flooded with "get your website build in 15 minutes", website builders, they don't perform remotely to what they advertise, let alone doing justice to UX/UI design.

A robust user experience design involves wearing your potential customer's shoes and gauging what they want, think, and feel. It requires specialists that know the needs of your potential customers and builds your website accordingly.

In this article, I will highlight 7 benefits of having UX/UI design services for your business.

1.    It Takes Users to the Bottom of the Funnel

An effective UX guides the users throughout their journey and convinces them to make a purchase. , there are about 30 points on your website that cause anger, frustration, and confusion to your users, eventually leading them to abandon you. Therefore, fixing these issues can lead to increased sales and repeat customers.


2.    Enhanced Accessibility and Readability

Not every user is of the same age, browses in the same pattern, perceives the same things, has the same internet connection or the same level of IT proficiency. And this is precisely where a UX specialist comes into the picture. They design responsive websites that work for all types of users and devices, thereby enhancing the visibility, consistency, and user-friendliness of the site.

3.    Reduces Development Cost

When you're building a product, you'll go through multiple stages of development. One of them is UX. It involves not only design but also research. When done properly, UX helps you carve a roadmap to build, deploy, and market your product. Moreover, it also helps in vetting obstacles as it is cheaper to know the problems while building the product than to fix it after release.

If you consider UX research and the buyer persona's pain points, you'll not have to spend tons of money on referrals, sales, and marketing. As long as they are satisfied with your product, they'll happily refer it to their friends and family.

4.    Optimizes Website's Performance

Do you know the if the page takes 1s-3s to load? This also means you'll lose a good number of potential customers. A fast loading high performing website will rank better in the search engines. Even G. UX specialist aid to your website's speed, reduces bounce rates and makes the overall development process a cakewalk for everyone.

5.    Boosts ROI

The most important benefit of a good UX is the increased return on investment. According to Forbes, you'll get $100 for every $1 spent in the US.

Let's take a real-life example of a company which used UX design to boost their ROI.

Walmart is the god of every retail store under the sun. In 2018, they underwent a significant facelift that led to the sales grew from 0 to 43%.

What did they do, you may ask?

They completely changed how shopping at retail stores feels by introducing simple navigation on their website. Moreover, they incorporated a mobile look of their desktop version by incorporating a hamburger menu in the header and included personalization that led them to offer products popular in a particular area.

6.    Gain Business Insights

Since UX specialist's primary agenda is to see the world from your user's mind, gaining insights into how they use your site is of utmost importance. However, this is tricky. Until you don't spend a significant amount of time running surveys, you'll not be able to get honest feedback.

By wearing your customer's shoes, A UX/UI designer gathers insightful data and converts it into specific, measurable goals that boost customer retention and help you stay on track.

7.    Skyrocket SEO

A well-designed website attributes to the search rankings. As I stated earlier, Google favors fast loading websites. This is because it takes (the average time a user spends on reading a page) web navigation behavior, buyer journey completion, and other important metrics into account. This means the more user-friendly your website is, the more relevant it will be for Google. Hence, having a robust UX design will help you get better search rankings.

Are You Investing in UX/UI for Your Business?

Whether you're running a startup or a million-dollar business, investing in UX design is your best bet to grow. It improves search rankings, boosts ROI, retains customers, and outrun your competitors.