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Unique Tips and facts to consider before purchasing Wine shop management software

Unique Tips and facts to consider before purchasing Wine shop management software

Friday September 21, 2018,

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Having a wine management software in today’s times is the most vital necessity; mostly because alcoholic products are priced differently (geographically and demographically) and have different tax slabs for various products, mainly if an outlet provides alcohol and food, then there will be different tax rates in an outlet.

So, here we have come up with an article for you with almost all the points you must consider before installing software that can manage your winery for you.

1. Shelf life:

Each wine/ alcohol is brewed differently hence the shelves are designed separately to keep an account of it all a system that can account for the information of these is the one you need. 

2. Improves speed: 

wine software enhances speed along with retrieving key data and sales matrix; any unit that has wine software installed has invested in a particularity that can do everything at one go for them. It extends them multi-language support, multi-currency support, monitor real-time sales and helps in multi-company management. 

3. Reduction in Cost: 

Primarily, the task of any POS software is reduction in costs now Wine Shop Management software reduces the burden of automation, it helps to automate a business with zero hidden fees. In other words, wine shop management software leads to cost-effectiveness and also provides a company with thermal bill printing and sales customization support.

Also, it provides the following features:

  1. Management of all liquor labels
  2. Item Master Add/Edit/ pause/ terminate/ restore/ modify and Change.
  3. Group liquor based on labels
  4. Set up low inventory stock alerts (SKU)
  5. Import your existing inventory easily
  6. Brawny inventory control to understand locomotive goods.

4. Manages Liquor stock:

A Wine POS has the functionality of managing liquor stock in the following ways:

  1. POS sales entry system
  2. Scanning bar-code/ QR code 
  3. Vendor Ledger
  4. Supplier/vendor transaction
  5. Purchase Register
  6. Sales Register
  7. Sales terminal supports custom sales button with a picture

Wine - Data management system

All these are the features of Wine POS software under Liquor stock management. This way of GIGO is very evident, and there is a transparency in the stock management.

5. Generation of Reports:

Any POS system in today’s date offers the production of reports however there are specific features we can only associate with Wine POS software. For a businessperson to keep tabs on all the events and data collected with him must get tedious and a hectic job so automatically a few reports can be generated, these are as follows:

  1. Liquor Stock Register maintenance (Day wise / Brand Wise)
  2. Supplier Ledger updated on the daily and fortnightly basis
  3. Daily. Monthly/ Quarterly and Annual Sales Report (Brand / Category Wise)
  4. Regular cash register maintenance along with passing off authority (access) based on restrictions
  5. SGST and CGST Tax record maintenance
  6. Stock alert report
  7. Easily print labels for bar-code and QR codes.

6. HRM ( employee management) under a single roof:

Now, Human resources management can be done in a store with the help of POS, it provides the data of punch in and punch out time; Day End and Daybreak reports can also clarify this, the number of hours worked by an employee is evident.

7. Integration with other apps:

More than anything, what makes Wine POS software best is the integration with other apps and mobile phones in general. Integration of Flexi POS with Flexi Mobile helps the owner to control his billing software from anywhere across the globe. He can also monitor the sales and marketplace requirements from anywhere. For the customers it provides the linkage of apps with POS, for instance, says Google Tez, UPI BHIM, PayTM, etc.

Wrapping up:

These are a few ways in which a Wine Software can help the business in becoming more efficient and effective in multiple ways.